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Nick LiCalzi; Electric

Photo Courtesy of Myles Tintle

Nick LiCalzi is simply electric on the football field. The senior wideout is leading a Southside team that has never had expectations this high.

The Cyclones are coming off an improbable run that got them all the way to the semifinals of Nassau Conference III. That momentum has carried Southside through the early part of this season, already 6-0 the Cyclones are looking tough. LiCalzi has been vital to his team’s success, 17 catches, 263 yards and six touchdowns during the team’s first success outstanding production. On top of his receiving excellence Nick busted out of the gates with 230 yards and a rushing touchdown in the team’s first game of the season. 

Nick is truly an amazing football player, but he is a lacrosse player to his core. Next year he will be playing lacrosse at Navy, but LiCalzi has work to do on Long Island before heading to Annapolis. Last year the Cyclones lacrosse team lost to Garden City in the Nassau county semifinals. LiCalzi- a defensive wizard- registered 68 ground balls as junior, that total was good for sixth in all of Nassau. He only looks to improve this season as the Cyclones as a whole should be getting better.


Q: How have you been enjoying senior year?

Senior year has been great so far. Even though the work load is piling up I am still enjoying all of my classes and teachers. It is definitely a different feeling from walking down the halls as a freshman to walking down the halls as a senior. It’s unbelievable how fast my high school career has gone by. I remember like it was yesterday being able to play lacrosse and football with my older brother for the high school team. Now I am taking on that role as an older brother figure to the younger kids and I love being able to help them whether it’s sports related or just every day problems.

Q: Why did you choose Navy?

When I visited the Naval Academy I instantly knew this is the place where I want to go. Just the way the midshipmen carried themselves compared to students at other schools. My cousin attended the Naval Academy and graduated in 2004. He had shortly passed away after he graduated but I was always eager to listen about his experiences and opportunities he was given because of the Naval Academy. I have always wanted to serve in the military and I have always wanted to be apart of something much bigger than myself. I enjoy helping and serving others. Whenever I get the opportunity to help others in a time of need I try to help as much as possible. The alumni and lacrosse program is extraordinary and I am really looking forward to being part of that family.

Q: Will it be tough not playing football in college?

Not being able to play football in college will definitely be different. I have been playing football my entire life and to think that it is coming to an end soon is unbelievable. I will definitely miss strapping up a football helmet but there is nothing I love more than being able to go out and strap on a lacrosse helmet.

Q: What are your expectations for both the football and lacrosse teams this season?

This year for football we have had a great start. We are 6-0 right now striving to be 7-0. What I expect is for my team to go out onto the field and play their absolute hardest on every snap. I’m not saying I’m expecting my team to win a championship but I’m definitely expecting my team to work hard every single day during practice so we can have the opportunity to win a championship. I feel the same way with our lacrosse team. We have players that know the game well and know how to play.  It’s just a matter of working hard enough and I expect my team to work hard and want it more than anyone else.

Q: How do you wish to be remembered when you graduate from Southside?

When I graduate from South Side High School I want to be remembered as someone who works hard, on and off the field. I don’t want to be remembered by the result or ending, I want to be remembered by the journey or process. I want to be able to encourage others through dedication. I wish to help change the culture of athletes at South Side. Having  the mentality of being a winner and more importantly knowing what it takes to become one.

Q: Favorite song?

Right now I have to say my favorite song to listen to is Bad Boy For Life by Black Rob, Mark Curry, and P.Diddy. After every win for football we always play this song in the locker room.


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