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Emily and Hannah Heller; Twin Connection

Photo courtesy of Timothy Butler

Hannah and Emily are two of the most dynamic players to ever come through West Babylon, and they just so happen to be twins. The Heller girls  were sensational during their time as Eagles, and the twins comprised one of the most feared midfielder duos in Suffolk County. Years of hard work came to fruition during their season when the girls combined for an astonishing 122 points. Emily lead the way in goals with 47 and the twins had 23 assists each. Hannah had 49 goals during the girls’ junior season and that is the family record. Last year Hannah just barely edged out Emily in ground balls  and Emily bested her in draw controls. The two girls were a match up nightmare in all aspects of their game.

With the twins running the show the Eagles went an impressive 14-4 in 2019 including a 12-2 mark in Division 2 games. The swan song season for the Heller twins resulted in yet another playoff appearance. In the Class B semifinals they breezed past West Islip and it was Emily who shined. She netted two goals, dished out two assists, and controlled 10 ground balls in the 16-9 victory. Hannah put one in net and had two helpers herself. In the finals against Eastport South Manor, the twins combined for six goals and added one assist. Unfortunately the team was overwhelmed by an ESM squad that went on to win the Class B state championship. The finals loss was the last time the twins would represent the same school, as Hannah is now at UMASS and Emily is at the University of Florida. The girls took some time to speak with LILJ about playing with a twin and how they’ve been adjusting to life apart.

Q: What was it like being able to play together?

Emily; I loved playing with Hannah because I always knew where she would be and I was able to tell what she was going to do before she did it.

Hannah; Playing together was one of the greatest things I ever got to experience. We were competitive with each other and always pushed each other. On the field we always knew where the other would be.

Q: Why did you go separate ways for college?

Hannah; We always thought we would go together. During our visits we were always asked “do you plan on going together?” and without hesitation we would say “Yes!”. It just worked out that we wanted different things.

Emily; We weren’t planning on going separate ways but it was the way things happened. It honestly ended up working out for the best cause now we get the chance to do our own thing at different schools. The schools we both chose turned out to be the perfect fit for us.

Q: Was there ever a moment in a game that caused a fight between you two?

Emily; I wouldn’t really call it fights but we would argue every game, but it wasn’t a big deal because we would both get over it right away.

Hannah; We never really fought, just an occasional small disagreement. If one of us messed up we would get mad at each other because we know what we are capable of on the lacrosse field.


Q: How have you been adjusting to college?

I adjusted pretty quickly. I never really got homesick. My teammates are the best, they are so much fun and so nice that they made it super easy to adjust quickly. I absolutely loved it right away. I am having so much fun and I could not see myself going anywhere else. 

Q: Why did you choose Florida?

I chose Florida for the great athletic and academic programs they provide and the warm weather. 

Q: What are you missing most about Long Island?

I miss my family, friends and the beach. Even though I am in Florida, the closest beach is like an hour and a half away which is weird for me because at home I live across the street from the water.

Q: Describe your sister’s game, her strengths and weaknesses?

Hannah plays extremely fast. Her strength is her speed and stick skills. In high school I had full trust in her running the ball up the field because she was always in control and she would just blow by people. I would say her weakness is probably when she makes a mistake she gets in her head

Q: What was the highlight game of your high school career?

My highlight game of my high school career would probably be counties my senior year. It was definitely not the whole game but the last 3 minutes of it.

Q: Where do you see yourself after college, and does lacrosse play a role?

 After college I don’t see myself having anything to do with lacrosse. Ideally, I would love to travel and live somewhere out west or in southern Florida.




Q: How have you been adjusting to college?

It has certainly been a huge adjustment, not being home and not being close to my family. It took me a few weeks to get used to it, but now I absolutely love it here. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


Q: What are you missing most about Long Island?

I miss the beaches a lot. I love just taking a quick drive down to the beach. 


Q: Describe your sister’s game, her strengths and weaknesses?

She has strengths all over the field. On defense I have all the trust in the world in her. Whether it is face guarding or l v l defense, there’s no one I’d rather have back there. Offensively she is so dynamic, she can score from anywhere. On the draw circle she is a magnet to the ball. No matter where the ball goes she will find a way to get it.  One of her weaknesses is that she is easily tempered, but she has definitely worked on that aspect of her game.


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