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Chloe Hoschel Pursuing Her Dream at ‘The Brook’

Northport girls lacrosse had a storybook run last year. The 2019 class for the Lady Tigers was one to remember. Of all the greats coming out of that class, there was one fearless leader, who served as the backbone of their Championship defense. Chloe Hoschel was known for her leadership, gritty, and tough style of play. Her role on the team was an enforcer who kept top opponents at bay and offenses scared to enter the ‘8’. After graduating this past Spring, Chloe pursued her dream of playing lacrosse at Stony Brook University. This past week, the LILJ caught up with Chloe to see how she was adjusting.

Q: How has the adjustment been to college?

I was so excited to attend Stony Brook in the fall but was not exactly sure what to expect. I had little to no idea how this whole college thing worked. As soon as I met my new teammates, the transition from high school to college was easy. They have been so helpful and supportive along the way, I’m thankful for that.

Q: What’s the biggest difference between the high school game and the college game in your eyes?

The most prominent difference is how fast the game is played at the college level. Not only do you have to be fast, but strong as well. At SBU we have very intense conditioning and lifts to prepare our bodies for the game. Fueling your body with the right nutrition plays a crucial role in being a D1 athlete.

Q: Why Stony Brook?

Playing lacrosse on the Stony Brook Women’s Lacrosse team has always been a dream of mine. Watching the Seawolves light it up on the field as a young player, I yearned to be apart of this program. The coaching staff is sick, all great coaches and motivators. I love how Stony Brook represents and protects Long Island’s legacy of unmatched talent and hard work in lacrosse. Many role models of mine have worn a SBU jersey and I’m ecstatic to be following in their footsteps.

Q: What other schools were you considering?

Some other schools I was considering throughout my recruiting process were Towson, Bryant, Marist & Jacksonville.

Q: What is the goal in your freshman season at Stony Brook?

My goal in my freshman season at Stony Brook is to help my team in any way possible to get the the NCAA Championship!!

Q: Where do you see yourself after college and does lacrosse play a role?

I see myself coaching high school girls and college lacrosse in the future. I have been coaching younger girls for a few years now, and I feel very passionate about it. Lacrosse is definitely going to play a role in my life after I finish my senior season.

Q: What was the biggest challenge in your state championship run last year?

My biggest challenge was 100% holding it together on the field. Winning that State Title was a dream come true, and playing every game knowing in the back of my head that it could be my last time playing as a Lady Tiger with my lifelong teammates and best friends was very overwhelming. We had our moments where emotions just exploded, but in the end we were all in it together and winning was the only option.

Q: What’s your favorite memory from High School?

My favorite memory from high school is winning the State Championship. At the end of the bus ride home, we were escorted to our home field, Northport High School, to find an enormous crowd of people cheering with signs and taking pictures of us pulling in. We arrived in the middle of our Relay for Life event, so there was actually a stage for us to go on and celebrate. I felt like I was dreaming and will never forget that feeling in my heart and soul. Best day ever!


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