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George Searing; Never Getting Outworked.

If you simply take moment to read the coaching resume of the current Northport Boys Varsity Lacrosse Coach, you will begin to appreciate the level of coaching which exists in Suffolk County. George Searing has State Championship rings as a High School coach in both Section I (Yorktown High School, 4X State Champs) and Section XI (Northport, 2001 State Champs). On top of winning 5 State Championships and participating in 3 more, Coach Searing also contributed to an NYIT staff that won two Division 2 National Championships. Aside from Coach Searing’s coaching resume being virtually unmatched, he has found a way to conduct himself with class, pride, and appreciation. In a recent interview with the LILJ, Coach Searing talks about his coaching background, a special family who is the optimal representative for Northport Lacrosse, and what it will take for Northport to climb back to the top of Suffolk County.

What is your coaching background? 

Coached at Yorktown High School from 1986-1997. Very fortunate to be part of a staff that won 4 NYS Championships, and went to 2 other State Finals. 

Coached at Northport High School 1998 – 2002, 2006 – present. We were NYS Champions in 2001, and State finalists in 2002. 

Coached at NYIT 2003-2005. Part of staff that won NCAA Division 2 Championship in 2003 & 2005. 

Why did you decide to go into coaching? 

I felt it was a way for me to stay involved in the sport since I was starting a career in teaching. It provides a different venue to be a part of the student’s experience in the school, as well. Coaching and teaching are the same as far as I am concerned, and I find them very rewarding experiences. 

What has been key to building successful program at Northport? 

Successful programs need 3 things: a solid youth-level system, stability/consistency in the HS coaching staff, and dedication of time outside of the spring season.  • We are very fortunate to have the Northport Lacrosse Club serving the youth in our community. Without that program, we wouldn’t be where we are at today. • Staff stability – my current assistant coaches have been in our program for a good stretch of time. Kip Lukralle will be with me for the 9th year in 2020, and Larry Cerasi has been with Northport 10 years, as well. Our middle school coaches have been with us for over 20 years each! • Our staff works with our players in many ways outside of the spring:  Coach other sports with these players, Run a Strength & Agility training program during the winter months in our HS & Coach our players in summer tournaments and leagues 

Who is the one player that best represents Northport? 

I am not sure that I can answer this one because we have had several dedicated young men with us over the years. Rather, my answer is the family that best represents Northport is the Acompora Family. Their dedication and perseverance despite the tragic loss of their son in 2000 serves as a daily reminder to our players about what being a Northport Lacrosse player is about. Our players all emulate the values of the Acompora Family – which are the values that best represent Northport. 

Any teams that stand out more than others?  

At Northport, I would say the 2001 team stands out because of its dedication to their fallen teammate, Louis Acompora. They made it their mission following his death in 2000 to go out and win the State Championship in 2001, which is exactly what they did. 

What is your motto? 

Never allow yourself to be outworked by your opponent, whether it be on the field, in the weight room, watching films, planning practices, etc. 

What does Northport need to do this year to win the county championship? 

Our individual skills need to improve as the winter progresses, then when spring arrives the focus for improvement must happen on a team level. We have a good nucleus of the attack, defense and goalies returning in 2020, however we need the development of the newcomers at the midfield to evolve to be a very competitive team in 2020. Obviously, minimizing injuries and distractions is also key for our success


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