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Who Recruited Long Island Boys The Best?! Top 20 Recruiting Classes for the 2020s.

Long Island is one of the the largest hotbeds for lacrosse at the High School level. Each year, the Island produces top talent who elevate their lacrosse careers to top collegiate lacrosse programs. The 2020 class is no exception. After sitting down to discuss all the top 20’s from around the Island, we decided to evaluate which college programs recruited the Island’s best. In making our Top 20 recruiting classes from the Island, we had one requirement: college programs must have at least 2 recruits from the Island in their 2020 class, and they must attend a high school in Long Island. After accumulating the data, and comparing 2020 classes, we had a unanimous number 1: the Duke Blue Devils. Picture this, Duke University recruited seven players in the 2020 class from across North America. That’s right, only seven players! Of those seven, three are coming from the same school. Jake Naso, Brennan O’Neill, and Aidan Danenza all play for St. Anthony’s. Before elevating their career to Duke, the Big Three will seek another Parochial Championship for the Friars. Check out our complete Top 20 by reading below.

1. Duke

Brennan O’Neil (2020, Attack, St. Anthony’s)

Jake Naso (2020, FOGO, St. Anthony’s)

Aidan Danenza (2020, Midfield, St. Anthony’s)

2. Navy

Robbie Booth (2020, Defense, Chaminade) 

Tyler Cordes (2020, Midfield, Connetquot)

Nick LiCalzi (2020, LSM/Defense, South Side) 

Caleb Gross (2020, Defense, St. Anthony’s) 

Bobby Kittelberger (2020, LSM, St. Anthony’s) 

Gavin Gregorek (2020, FOGO/Midfield, SWR)

3. Yale

James Ball (2020, FOGO/Midfield, Chaminade) 

Kevin Kuttin (2020, Attack, Chaminade) 

Nicholas Caccamo (2020, LSM/Defense, Harborfields) 

Justin Carroll (2020, Midfield, Smithtown East) 

4. Cornell

Billy Kephart (2020, Defense, Garden City) 

Hugh Kelleher (2020, Midfield, MacArthur) 

Marc Psyllos (2020, FOGO, Manhasset) 

5. North Carolina 

Colin Krieg (2020, Goalie, Ward Melville) 

Ethan Larson (2020, Defense, Ward Melville)

6. Michigan

Brendan McCabe (2020, Defense, Chaminade) 

Caden Hawkinson (2020, Defense, CSH) 

Justin Brown (2020, Midfield, Hills West) 

Trevor Kessel (2020, Defense, SWR)

7. Boston University

Timmy Barrett (2020, LSM, Manhasset) 

Zander Stapleton (2020, Midfield, Port Washington) 

Christian Quadrino (2020, Attack, Sachem North) 

8. Army

Johnny Devino (2020, Midfield, Chaminade) 

A.J. Pilate (2020, Defense, Massapequa) 

Dylan D’Agostino (2020, Midfield, St. Anthony’s) 

9. Albany

Patrick Mai (2020, Attack, Islip) 

TJ McNicholas (2020, Defense, South Side) 

Tyler Shook (2020, Midfield, West Islip) 

Kevin Groom (2020, Defense, Bethpage) 

Logan Tucker (2020, Midfield, Massapequa) 

10. Siena

Jack Cavaioli (2020, Midfield, Farmingdale) 

Trevor Marsala (2020, Defense, Mount Sinai) 

Jack Erb (2020, Midfield, SWR) 

Andrew Arcuri (2020, Goalie, Westhampton) 

Sean Jeffrey (2020, Defense, Northport) 

Brian Mack (2020, Defense, Manhasset) 

11. Virgina

Russell Maher (2020, Attack, Mount Sinai) 

Jack Walshe (2020, Midfield, St. Anthony’s)

12. Harvard

Andrew DeGenarro (2020, FOGO, Cold Spring Harbor) 

Jaden Jernigan (2020, Defense, St. Anthony’s)

13. Brown

Kevin Sweeny (2020, FOGO, Mount Sinai) 

Curtis Russo (2020, Attack, Sayville)

14. Upenn

Matthew Wang (2020, FOGO, Ward Melville)

Chris Arceri (2020, FOGO, Smithtown East)

15. Fairfield

Brady Strough (2020, Midfield, CSH) 

Nick Giardina (2020, Defense, Islip) 

Mikey Beil (2020, Midfield, Port Washington) 

16. St. John’s 

Jake Oemcke (2020, Midfield, Farmingdale) 

Jack Lutfi (2020, Attack, Massapequa) 

Michael Efron (2020, Defense, Sachem East) 

Ron Durante (2020, Goalie, Lindenhurst)

Caleb Zuhoski (2020, Attack, Riverhead)

17. Stony Brook

Danny Alnwick (2020, Attack, Harborfields) 

Dane Reda (2020, Midfield, Mattituck) 

Liam Daly (2020, Goalie, SWR) 

Jesse Alfano St. John (2020, LSM/Defense, Westhampton) 

Quentin Sommer (2020, Attack, St. Anthony’s) 

Sean Conk (2020, Defense, St. Anthony’s) 

Tommy Dolciotto (2020, Attack, Syosset) 

Will Henry (2020, Defense, West Islip) 

Kent Sato (2020, Midfield, Syosset) 

18. Amherst

Jacob Bruno (2020, Defense, CSH) 

Corey Capri (2020, Attack, John Glenn) 

Ethan Gatto (2020, Attack, Roslyn) 

19. Binghamton

Robert Kreush (2020, Midfield, East Islip) 

Ethan Insigna (2020, Attack, Wantagh)

Trey Sofield  (2020, Midfield, Long Beach) 

20. Geneseo

Robbie Boniello (2020, Midfield, Division) 

BB Syrop (2020, FOGO, Sachem East) 

Evan Stallone (2020, Goalie, Hills East)

Harry Carswell (2020, Attack, CSH)

John Kippley (2020, Defense/LSM, Northport)

Bryce Robertson (2020, Attack, Bayport)

Kevin Mouton (2020, Attack, Bethpage)

Mike Corwin (2020, Defense, Sayville)

Joe Weidel (2020, Defense, Oceanside)






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