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Top 10 Public Long-pole Defensemen on The Island

Intelligent. Tough. Selfless. Unappreciated at times. The key to winning championships. Defensemen don’t have the most glorious jobs in lacrosse. Typically assigned with the most difficult task. Required to undergo the most preparation, thinking, and visualizing. This category of athlete has to take their job seriously and assume tremendous responsibility to be successful. Reason being, if mistakes are made, the ball is in the back of their net. When the scoreboard changes after a mistake is made, there is inherently an elevated sense of responsibility that exists. For the LILJ, there are a few defensemen amongst the rest who assume responsibility, have no problem taking on the biggest challenge, and will do whatever they can to protect their team. Check out our pre-season Top 10 long-pole defensemen going into 2020 below.

  1. Nick LiCalzi (2020, South Side)- Navy
  2. Tyler Schwarz (2021, SWR)- UNC
  3. Jojo Todaro (2021, Carey)- Johns Hopkins
  4. Jake Wilson (2021, SWR)- Duke
  5. Nicholas Caccamo (2020, Harborfields)- Yale
  6. Ethan Larson (2020, Ward Melville)- UNC
  7. Trevor Kessel (2020, SWR)- Michigan 
  8. Billy Kephart (2020, Garden City)- Cornell 
  9. Jack Graffagnino (2020, Islip)- Ohio State
  10. Jack Schirtzer (2020, Mount Sinai)- Maryland

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