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Charlotte Verhulst; Adding to Stony Brook’s Winning Culture

The Stony Brook Women’s lacrosse team is loaded with talented players from all-across Long Island. One of those talents is freshman midfielder Charlotte Verhulst. Charlotte played high school lacrosse at St. Anthony’s and helped lead the Friars to the league championship in her final year. Now, as a freshman at Stony Brook, Charlotte looks to contribute as much as she can to help the Seawolves on their quest to win the National Championship. Read more about Charlotte’s lacrosse journey in a recent interview with the LILJ.

Q. How did it feel being able to end your St. Anthony’s career as league champions?

A. Ending my career with a league championship was the best feeling ever. Being a senior and being able to put my all into it and have it pay off at the very end against our biggest rival was definitely thrilling, and of course winning the Catholic School title with my teammates and best friends topped it off.

Q. Why did you pick Stony Brook to continue playing lacrosse?

A. I picked to play lacrosse at Stony Brook University for many reasons, not only academically being great for my major in health sciences, but the lacrosse that is played here at Stony Brook is nothing like any other school for sure. The respect this school has in the field of lacrosse is to such a level and that is all because of our coach, Coach Spallina.  I feel like I’m excelling greatly here and that’s not only from the amazing leadership we have here that spans from the coaching staff to the captains, but the intensity that is expected each day.

Q. Have you learned anything playing for St. Anthony’s that you have taken with you to Stony Brook?

A. Coming from St.Anthony’s and going to Stony Brook there has definitely been things I have taken along the way. St Anthony’s taught me many things one being how to play as a family and how important that is. I think what really sank in and left an impression on my life was the losses that happened while I was there. They taught me many lessons, on little things that make the big picture. There’s a cohesiveness that needs to be evident on a field and everyone on that field needs to know it’s there, I think that’s something people on the team began to realize and it helped us greatly. Here at Stony Brook it was even more evident that family and “buying in” as our Coach would say, makes the team the way it is, and will always come through in the end, so I think what I learned in high school only grew when I got here to SBU and showed me how it can bring success like it has for Stony Brook many times.

Q. How has the transition been going from high school to college?

A. The transition from high school to college has been different than anything I have experienced. Academically and lacrosse wise it’s been elevated in every way and I think the most changes I have gone through correlates to just doing what you came here to do and doing it the best you can on the field and in the classroom.

Q. What goals do you wish to accomplish in your first season?

A. The goals I look to accomplish in my first season here at Stony Brook would be to not only contribute to the team as much as I can, I hope to play, make a difference and I really want nothing more, just like all the other girls do, to go to the national championship and win the whole thing like I know we can.

Q. Do you envision lacrosse being part of your life after college?

A. I definitely think after college that lacrosse will be a part of my life. With the help of Stony Brook and the coaching we have here by Coach Spallina I think I’ll be more then ready to take on that part of lacrosse, hopefully in the pros and certain things like that!


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  1. Mary Vize-Verhulst says:

    Atta Girl, #86!!!

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