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Jay Mauro is Back in Sachem.

With a lifelong commitment to the game of lacrosse, Head Coach Jay Mauro has made a profound impact in the world of Long Island Lacrosse. As the new season approaches, he is prepared to once again coach his Sachem North team. In an interview with LILJ’s Ryan Myers, Mauro discusses his coaching philosophies and goals for the 2020 season. Click below to read the full interview!

Q: What is your lacrosse background?

I have been involved in the game of lacrosse since 4th grade when I began playing. My father played at SUNY Maritime where he also played football. My mother encouraged me to play and then I fell in love with the game.

Q: Why did you decide to get into coaching?

The game of lacrosse has given me many things. I got into coaching to give back to the younger generation and hopefully influence them like my coaches did to me. From the youth league like Dave Aronow to high school like Fred Fusaro, Mark Wojciehowski, Rick Mercurio and Tony Petillo I want to give back. Developing the relationships is the best aspect of coaching. Obviously winning is great but the relationships are what are most important for me as a coach.

Q: What made you want to come back and coach at Sachem North?

I came back to Sachem because I love coaching the Sachem kids. They have been great so far. The seniors reached out to me when the job opened and I thought it would be a lot of fun. I am in a different stage of my life now with my own kids but I’m going to enjoy this year. I know a lot of the kids because even though I was away for five years when I was the head coach I knew all the kids in the program. This senior group is a great group to be around and I’m excited for the season.

Q: What is your goal for the flaming arrows in 2020?

The goal for Sachem in 2020 is to win a county title. In my opinion if that’s not our goal every year then we are not pushing ourselves to be the best in the best public school league in the country. To get there will take a lot of work. Each team we play is coached well and talented so it will be very tough. We will do our best to work hard, improve each week and hopefully get to a spot where we have the opportunity to reach our ultimate goal.


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