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Top Boys & Girls Private Games to Watch in 2020

As the new season approaches, Long Island Lacrosse is coming back in full swing. While Chaminade vs. St. Anthony’s (Epoch Game of the Week) is set to once again make a splash, the Parochial Conference will see some incredible matchups league-wide going into 2020. After much debate, we’ve decided on the BEST games to look out for during the new year. Click on the article below to read our full list!

Gender Date Time Home Team Away Team
Boys 4/3 4:30 PM Lutheran Portledge
Boys 4/7 4:15 PM Kellenberg St. Anthony’s
Boys 4/8 4:30 PM St. Anthony’s Chaminade
Boys 4/22 4:15 PM St. Dom’s Lutheran
Boys 4/23 4:15 PM St. John the Baptist Kellenberg
Boys 5/5 4:15 PM St. Dom’s Kellenberg
Boys 5/6 4:15 Kellenberg Chaminade
Boys 5/7 4:30 PM Holy Trinity St. Mary’s
Girls 3/25 4:30 PM Our Lady of Mercy St. John the Baptist
Girls 3/30 4:30 PM St. Dom’s Holy Trinity
Girls 3/30 4:30 PM Kellenberg St. Anthony’s
Girls 4/8 5:00 PM St. Anthony’s Sacred Heart
Girls 4/8 4:30 PM St. Dom’s Our Lady of Mercy
Girls 4/21 4:30 PM Holy Trinity Sacred Heart
Girls 5/8 4:30 PM St. John the Baptist Kellenberg

The Parochial Conference is expected to have another great year. We highly encourage all lacrosse fans to check out these games, along with the countless others taking place around the league. The Epoch Game of Week is a fan voted title that goes to the week’s most anticipated game. You can cast your vote and more @LILAXJOURNAL on Instagram!


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