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Xavier Arline Talks to LILJ About His Recent Commitment to Navy

Xavier Arline sent shockwaves through the sports community after decommitting to North Carolina’s highly touted lacrosse program. The Attackman made the decision to instead attend The United States Naval Academy earlier this week, where he will be playing both lacrosse and football. After making the decision, Arline talked with LILJ’s Ryan Myers about reasons for the move, and gave advice to his Shoreham Wading River team. Click below to read the full interview!

Q: When did you decide that North Carolina wasn’t the right fit for you?

A: I realized it was not the right fit near the end of my football season this past year. I opened up my recruitment on December 19th, however when the process started coming down to what I thought was the end, I realized it wasn’t the best opportunity for me to pursue my dreams at the time.

Q: Were you ever offered  the opportunity to play football at North Carolina?

A: I talked to a football coach once and that was it. The interest level wasn’t very high on their part which was okay, I didn’t want anything that wasn’t real.

Q: Why Navy?

A: Navy felt like home! Loved the area of downtown Annapolis, the coaching staff was special, the great education, and the big time sports.

Q: Were there any other schools you were considering besides Air Force, Virginia, and Army?

A: Michigan was in the mix as well as Virginia

Q: When deciding which school was the best fit for you, how important was it to you that you had the opportunity to play lacrosse along with football? 

A: It was important for me. Having the opportunity to play football and lacrosse was the reason I opened up my recruitment. So, when I went on my football visits and these schools lacrosse coaches reached out to me and told me I could play both, it was music to my ears to have the opportunity to pursue that.

Q: Did you ever consider just playing football in college and giving up lacrosse?

A: I did for sure. There was one point when I was unsure of what I wanted, but god called to me and guided me to this path where I can accomplish my dream to the fullest which i’m grateful for.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you think you are going to face trying to play both football and lacrosse at Navy?

A: Time management. The academics at the academy are so rigorous, and the sports teams are both played at very high levels. Being able to manage my time will be key to my success while i’m there.

Q: Are you playing quarterback at Navy?

A : I am playing quarterback

Q: What does Shoreham Wading River have to do to repeat as state champions in 2020?

A: To repeat, we have to stay true to ourselves, stay humble, keep our heads down and grind. We have to block all the outside noise and just worry about ourselves. We have the talent, we have the experience. We can’t get complacent and entitled, we just have to work.


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