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Garrett Gibbons: LI Lacrosse Star Begins New Chapter at UMD

For years, Garrett Gibbons has been a household name on Long Island Lacrosse scene. During his senior year, the Midfielder led his Massapequa team to a stunning 18-2 regular season record along with a 2020 State Championship win. It is no surprise that the Maryland freshman remains as one of the most talked about prospects in the country. Gibbons recently spoke with LILJ about the decision to attend Maryland and his hopes for the 2020 season. Click below to read the full interview! 

Q: What interested you the most about The University of Maryland?

A: For me, Maryland was always a dream school of mine given the fact that they have both a rich tradition of lacrosse and great academics. Coach Tillman and the rest of the coaching staff made me feel at home, and the culture they’ve built here is amazing. It seems (that) they are always winning, and I think that stands for how things are done here. When you come here, you need to be ready to work to the best of your ability all the time and be competitive. That’s something I really wanted to be a part of. 

Q: What are you most excited about for your freshman year?

A: I am most excited about making a new transition. Being here for a little while now, you realize the speed is a lot faster and the game changes. Change is a good thing, and I am still just really excited for the challenge. Being able to form new relationships and bonds with a great group of guys is something I dont take for granted. I cant wait to see how this season finishes up. 

Q: Is there any advice that you would like to give the Massapequa team in 2020?

A: Yeah, definitely. A lot of those guys were my teammates last year and I know they’re ready to carry on the torch of winning tradition in the Massapequa program. They’re not only a great group of lacrosse players, but a great group of guys that I really enjoyed being around. (They are) my brothers forever, and I’m excited to see them prove people wrong. Coach Radomski, Coach Powers, and Coach Maloney will have them ready to play. I cant wait to see them turn some heads and defend the state crown! 

Q: What made you start playing lacrosse?

A: My dad played high school and college level lacrosse, so he was the first guy to put a stick in my hand. I grew up with a lifelong friend, Sam Lutfi, and his dad was involved in the youth programI got to get started at a very young age and play up an age group. Ive been playing with Coach Lutfi, Coach Brower, and Coach Caramelli since Kindergarten up until this year. 

Q: Who had the greatest impact on your sports career and why? 

A: This is a no brainer, one hundred and ten percent my dad. Growing up, we were a big sports family with both my sister and brother playing sports, and my dad being a college football coach. My dad has constantly been in my corner since day one, getting me involved in multiple sports since a young age. He has helped me train, coached me, and driven me all throughout the country to compete against the best athletes in my sports. The biggest thing he taught me was how important being competitive was. Competition was an everyday thing in my household. We are true believers in playing multiple sports and he instilled that in me from day one. I’m so grateful for him and he deserves all the credit for the athlete that I am today. Shoutout to my mom too, she gives up tons of her time to support me as well. 


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