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Florida’s Emily Heller on a Lacrosse Journey

Florida’s Emily Heller has come a long way since her time playing lacrosse on Long Island. She attended West Babylon High School, where she played catalyst in many of the team’s wins. In her senior year with the school, Heller led her team to a 14-4 record while finishing Top 5 in all major offensive categories. 2019 marked the year she would finish her career at WB and venture south to Gainsville, taking the next step in her lacrosse journey. During her freshman year at the school, the LILJ spoke with Heller on her personal lacrosse journey. Click below to read the full interview!

Q: Congrats on your first season at Florida. Why did you choose the school?

A: I chose this school for the warm weather, the great academics, and the amazing lacrosse program. When deciding on Florida I made sure that I would want to come to this school even if I didn’t play lacrosse and I think that is an important concept to consider.

Q: We’re there any other schools you were considering?

A: I was looking at a bunch of other schools but I was mainly considering UVA and also UMASS so I would be able to play with my sister.

Q:What do you want to get most out of your first season with the team?

A: This season I hope to become a better lacrosse player. I also would love to make it to the final four with my team.

Q: How did you get started playing lacrosse?

A: I started playing lacrosse in third grade. My mom signed me up for it after being influenced by my uncle who coaches college lacrosse.

Q: Can you give any advice to those who want to make it as far as you have in the sport?

A: I would say just to work hard and always compete. Hard work goes a long way.

Q: Do you have any advice for West Babylon team as they go into the new season?

A: I would tell the girls to work hard at practice because you have to be there regardless. I would also tell them to just have fun with it and enjoy what you are doing, you only get to be on the team for a short time and once it’s over you can never get it back.


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