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Katie Goodale; Looking to Finish Her High School Career on Top

The Riverhead Blue Waves have continued to rise over the past few years and are now one of the top teams on Long Island. Senior defender Katie Goodale is one of the leaders of the Blue Waves defense and has high hopes of finishing her high school career on top. She has been on the team since she was in eighth grade and has seen the team get significantly better each and every year. Despite the season being currently put on hold, it hasn’t stopped her work ethic and determination to making sure that she puts herself in the best position possible to succeed when the season begins. Katie is wrapping up a tremendous five years playing for Riverhead, and her next stop will be up north in Syracuse where she will continue to show off her amazing talents and skills. Read more about Katie as she talks about her time playing for Riverhead in an interview with the LILJ.

Q. What were some of the deciding factors in choosing to play lacrosse at Syracuse?

A. I decided on playing lacrosse at Syracuse for many reasons. Syracuse University is a strong academic university which was very important in my decision as the education I am gaining is always very important. Coach Gait is one of the main reasons why Syracuse was my number 1 choice and ultimately my decision. He treats all his players with respect and makes sure everyone is comfortable and at home on the team. I also decided on Syracuse because I wanted to play lacrosse at a competitive school and Syracuse is a very strong school athletically speaking.

Q. How can you and your team build off of last seasons success?

A. The past two seasons we have made it to the semifinals and lost, this season we don’t want that to happen. We as a team are keeping a positive mindset and treasuring every possibility we will be able to continue this season. As of right now. we are off of school due to the coronavirus,  but I know we each individually are continuing to keep our bodies in shape and sticks in our hands.

Q. What goals do you wish to accomplish this season?

A. This season is very special to me and all my teammates. We have a team of thirteen seniors who don’t want to leave without a county championship. That’s being said,  our goal this season is to win a county championship and go further. Despite the circumstances we have right now,  the goal still stays in mind,  but I also appreciate the practices and time I have spent with my team and hope we can continue this season.

Q. Are there any specific teams you’re looking forward to playing against this season? Or do you look at each game the same?

A. Going into the season or any game, we always try to look at each game the same. We are always looking to win and play our best, but I think some of the bigger games for my team this season would be Northport, Ward Melville, and Middle Country.

Q. As you enter your final season, what has it been like playing lacrosse for Riverhead?

A. Playing for Riverhead these past years and entering my fifth year on varsity, I have had so much fun and created so many memories with this team. From my first year in 8th grade, not making the playoffs and falling short of it by 1 game, to a year later my freshman year making it to the second round of playoffs, and to last year making it all the way to the semifinals. I am so proud of what this team has accomplished and grateful I got to spend my high school years on this team

Q. What have you learned while playing for Riverhead that you can take with you to Syracuse?

A. Being in my final year at Riverhead,  I have learned so much about positivity. My coach, Ashley Schandel has implanted the idea of keeping a positive mindset no matter the circumstances in my head since stepping onto this team. It is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned and I know going to play at such a competitive school next year that the mindset will be needed. Lastly, the idea of not taking anything for granted is such a big lesson that means a lot especially this season. Nobody expected this pandemic to occur and to postpone our season so it goes to show that every practice, meeting, or game you can’t take for granted because one day it won’t be there so to always play with same grit is something I am taking with me to Syracuse next year.


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