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Cassidy Moore; Leading the Growth of Hampton Bays

Junior midfielder Cassidy Moore has been part of Hampton Bays’ lacrosse team since she was in the 8th grade and is seeing the team continue to grow a little more each year. She is still going through the process of where she will continue her lacrosse journey in college. Cassidy led the team in scoring last season and was hoping that this season she would surpass 150 goals. If there aren’t any games this season, it will only motivate her even more to come back for her senior year and dedicate her play to all of this years seniors who didn’t get to have their senior season. Read more about Cassidy and how she’s continuing to stay active in a recent interview with the LILJ.

Q. Do have any schools in mind that you’re considering playing for in college?

A. I’ve still been deciding what division would be the best fit for me. I have had a lot of phone contact with many coaches and gone on many school visits but still haven’t found the best place for me.

Q. How have your first few seasons been playing for Hampton Bays?

A. I have been playing on our new lacrosse program since 8th grade. It has been very challenging playing schools that have much stronger programs than we do. I have seen us grow a little bit more each year and I was very much looking forward to this season as a junior.

Q. Is there anything that you’ve been doing to stay active since there aren’t any games right now?

A. I have been trying to stay outside as much as possible by going for runs, doing wall ball, and having a catch with my freshman sister.

Q. Are there any goals that you wished to accomplish this season that you can carry into next season?

A. I was hoping to surpass 150 goals this year and keep improving on my game and getting better.

Q. If the remainder of the season is canceled, will it add extra motivation to come back next season even stronger?

A. If this season gets cancelled it will definitely motivate me more next year knowing that we missed a whole season and it will be my last season of high school lacrosse. I will play for all of the seniors who lost their senior season.


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