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Madison Alaimo and Eva Ingrilli: Wantagh’s Trick Shot Duo

Madison Alaimo and Eva Ingrilli have come up with a way to spread their love of lacrosse. The two of them recently started @eva.maddie.laxx, an Instagram account that showcases the player’s trick shot abilities. The Wantagh duo are confident that the team’s offseason training has prepared them for a successful 2020 season. Their team went 9-9 last year, and lost a crucial game to Cold Spring Harbor in 2019. With a new year in the midst, they are excited and optimistic about whats to come.

Q: How did you come up with the idea to start the Instagram trick shot account?

Madison: We came up with the idea to start our Instagram because we always go to the wall to shoot and try new stick tricks and routines. When we went to the wall, our parents would record us so we had a lot of film and decided to make an account.

Eva: Yeah, one day we were down at the field and we decided to video tape shooting drills and wall ball. We thought of making an Instagram account to show everyone different things that we can do.

Q: Who comes up with the trick shots? What have been some of your favorite shots to do?

Eva: Both of us create the stick tricks but older players inspire us by turning their stick tricks into harder ones. Also, our club coaches Andrew Smith and Sam Apuzzo always gave us different stick tricks and different plays on the field to do. My favorite sticks tricks and shots are BTBs , Around the Worlds, Between the Legs, BTB Fakes, and Two-Stick Wall Ball.

Madison: Most of the time, both of us come up with the trick shots but we usually have an idea and go off of that. My favorite trick shots to do are BTB, Around the World, Twizzler, and Fake Through the Leg into a BTB.

Q: Wantagh went 9-9 in 2019? What is the team doing to improve their record in the new season?

Madison: Last season, our record was 9-9 from losing that game against Cold Spring Harbor in the playoffs. This was very sad considering that we had comeback and only lost by 3 goals. To prepare for this upcoming year, our team did a winter league on Monday nights where we would verse other teams that we usually don’t play in season. We have also had some team wall balls, captains practice, and some people trained on their own. During the quarantine, our coach put together a workout challenge against other teams including Mount Sinai, Syosset, Long Beach, and more. We do runs, burpees, pushups, jumping jacks, yoga, and more.

Eva: Playing in the indoor winter league in Brentwood was a big thing for us. It improved our game by playing tough teams from Suffolk and Nassau County. We wanted good offseason practices and to start setting goals early.

Q: What are some of the strongest aspects of your team?

Eva: I think we are a strong team throughout all the positions on the field, I think we have a good upper class to help the younger players who will be playing varsity this year.

Madison: I think the strongest aspect of our team this year is going to be our offense. We have a lot of good players in the midfield and attack.

Q: How does it feel that the 2020 season may be cancelled?

Madison: It is really upsetting to think that the season is going to get cancelled. It just started and we didn’t even have our first game yet. I hope the season is still on.

Eva: I’m very upset about the possibility of not having a season but I’m especially sad for the seniors. I hope that we have an opportunity to play with them.  The team has been looking forward for this season and we have been working hard for it.

Q: What are some personal goals that you want to achieve in the new season?

Madison: I hope to play and help the team out going forward.

Eva: I would like to be able to contribute and help the team do well throughout the season and to go far in the playoffs.


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  1. Jerilyn says:

    Wow! These girls are incredible! So skilled at such a young age! I foresee hearing a lot more about them in the future! Go Maddie and Eva!!

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