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Matt Perfetto Plans On Taking Manhasset Lacrosse To Next Level

Photo Credit: Kristen Perfetto.

Matt Perfetto can play. The sophomore has made a name for himself as an elite young talent in Long Island Lacrosse despite only being on JV in 2019. Throughout his short high school lacrosse career,  Perfetto demonstrated an impressive playing IQ and ability to score in close quarters. At a young age, he has shown a tremendous amount of dedication, a great work ethic, and so far it is  paying off for him. He will surely be an asset when he comes up to the varsity level on a prestigious Manhasset program. With the departure of key scorers including his older brother, Louis Perfetto (Boston University) in 2019, the attacker will look to continue the Perfetto family legacy in Manhasset in 2021 and for years to come.  He credits Louis and his family for much of his success, and is confident that he and his teammates can step it up in order to keep the wins coming. See below to read the full interview!

Q: How did you get started playing lacrosse?

A: I started playing lacrosse at the age of 5. My older brother had been playing for a few years and it really started to appeal to me when I would go watch him play at games or even around the house. Ever since then, I’ve had the stick in my hand. On top of this, growing up in a town like Manhasset, where lacrosse is very popular, you are basically born with the stick in your hand.

Q: Who has been the most influential in your success in the sport?

A: My family would probably be the most influential people in my success. Everyday they push me to be the best possible on and off the field. My parents are constantly stressing the importance of working hard in the class room and on the field. The values my parents have raised me with have led me to develop a mentality to never take a day or even a play off. They always tell me to play each and every day like it will be my last. I would never be able to get to the places I am now or the places I strive to be without my parents by my side. With my siblings, everything is a competition which pushes me to get better and beat them.

Q: What would you say are your strongest playing attributes?

A: I think my strongest playing attributes are my balance between strength and speed. I value my vision and having the ability to constantly get my teammates involved. I am constantly working to improve on these strengths, and to turn my weaknesses into strengths as well.

Q: You graduated some key players in 2019 including Louis. How are you and your teammates preparing to step up in 2021?

A: Not getting a chance to play with my older brother Louis was really unfortunate, but luckily I was able to watch him play at the high school and collegiate level and learn so much from him. My teammates and I are striving to win the State Championship. Manhasset serves a high standard for championships and we are looking to exceed that. We are looking to do this by playing unselfish lacrosse and making sure that everyone is involved.

Q: Where do you see the program going in the coming years?

A: I have very high expectations for Manhasset Lacrosse in the next coming years. I want to be competing for a State Championship every year, and expect nothing less than that. We have a very talented roster and a bright future and we should be able to achieve these goals.

Q: What does the cancellation of the season mean for you and the team?

A: The news of the season being cancelled was devastating. We were all so excited to go out and have a very successful season. I feel awful for the seniors after all the hard work they put in throughout the offseason and the first few weeks of the season. To end their high school career like this can’t be an easy thing. Even though the cancellation was awful to hear, the team will prepare for next years season as soon as we can get back together as a team.


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