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BYG Hosts A Long Island High School Lacrosse Tribute

Hope. Anticipation. Nerves. Words to describe the state of so many Long Island High School laxers prior to last week’s disappointing news. Today, the Long Island air is filled with sighs of defeat. When High School Spring sports got officially cancelled, the local lacrosse community read this news  as “lacrosse season has been taken, my heart is close to being broken.” While not an easy pill to swallow, there are bigger things happening that earn the right to be considered devastating.

Today’s BYG episode is meant to pay tribute to all the great people in the Long Island lacrosse community. The players. The coaches. The programs. The fans. We want to promote the hard working people, cherish the memorable moments of the past, and keep things in perspective as we move through this crazy time in history.

We will most definitely be talking about the Seniors. However, there is a great impact at player here on the other classes as well. Recruiting will be impacted. The landscape will change. Long Island High school lacrosse as we knew it, will no longer be the same.

We hope you join Corey and Mike Winkoff at 2pm as they discuss everything lacrosse on Long Island. Please join the conversation via Facebook and Youtube by clicking the buttons below.

Show notes include:

  • Which teams did we NOT get a chance to witness ‘break-out’ in 2020
  • Paying tribute to the 2020 Seniors
  • How recruiting will be impacted for all High School lacrosse players
  • Best match-ups witnessed in 2019
  • Match-ups missed from 2020
  • The top players, coaches, and teams in 2021
  • The Epoch Games of the Week go Virtual!

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