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LILJ Epoch Madden Game of The Week Preview between the Manhasset Indians and the Cold Spring Harbor Seahawks

Here we are again!  After a statement win by Manhasset’s  Marco “GR8 WITE FALCON” Falcone on the 17th, he returns for another LILJ EPOCH Madden Game of The Week this Friday, May 1st, 2020 @7 p.m on LoveTheGameMedia’s Twitch account. It is here that two lacrosse heavyweights will go head to head, bringing their talents from the lacrosse field to the console. Last time, Falcone played as Kansas City and upended Mount Sinai’s Brandon Ventorola in spectacular fashion.  Now he will face off against a new opponent; Cold Spring Harbor’s Caden “JUDGEXJUDY69” Hawkinson who will be playing as the Bills. Before the big game, let’s look at what each gamer brings to the table. 

Marco Falcone is a proven offensive catalyst on and off the field. The senior plays a large role on his Manhasset team and won our first EPOCH Madden Game of The Week. The “GR8 WITE FALCON” will now rely on his gaming abilities once again to bring on another Manhasset victory. In his second interview with the LILJ, he reaffirmed his dominance; so much so that he even forgot the name of his next opponent. “The competition was mediocre last time, and I felt I didn’t need to unleash my wrath,” he explained. “I’m the LI Madden Champion. The belt rests proudly around my waist and no one will be able to take it. Not even Cody. Or was his name Chris? Maybe Kyle? Whatever this kid’s name is; No one.”

“Bring the clip back empty.” That’s what Cold Spring Harbor’s Caden Hawkinson told the LILJ before the Madden game Friday. The defensive powerhouse is more than confident that his abilities on the playing field will easily match those in the game. This is a classic case of an underdog team for an underdog gamer. Hawkinson’s 78 rated Bills team will certainly have a challenge up against the 85 overall rated Chiefs. Still, “JUDGExJUDY69” is planning for a victory against the Manhasset team. When we asked for his player ratings, he gave us a sea of twos and threes. And after telling him that his opponent was rated significantly higher, the defender still insisted that we leave them low. Strategy? Possibly. We will have to see on Friday to find out.

Make sure to go to LoveTheGameMedia’s Twitch account on Friday, May 1st, 2020 @ 7 p.m to check out this epoch match up 


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