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Tess Ferguson; Coming Back Better Than Ever in 2021

Junior attacker, Tess Ferguson has dramatically improved her game over the past few years. She has been playing at the varsity level since she was in eighth grade and was ready to have a breakout 2020 season. With no season this year, Tess is going into the 2021 season with the same mindset, and is going to leave everything on the field as it will be her last year wearing a Bruins uniform. While Tess is still deciding where she will playing college, she says that she’s narrowed it down to her top 3, but is consistently exploring new opportunities. Continue reading about Tess down below in an interview with the LILJ.

Q. What have you been doing to stay active during quarantine?

A. I’m definitely staying as active as I can! Whether it’s running the neighborhood, working out, or working on my skills in my backyard. I intend on coming out of this a much stronger player than I was before.

Q. How has your game gotten better from your first year on the team to now?

A. I’ve had the privilege of playing for both FLG and the Baldwin varsity lacrosse team since the eighth grade and I believe that since then, I’ve grown tremendously as a player. Constant exposure to a more fast paced, advanced game has done nothing but help me improve my skills and gain more confidence on the field.

Q. Are there any schools in mind that you’re considering playing for in college?

A. I’m beginning to narrow down my top three college options, but my window definitely hasn’t shut yet, and I’m consistently exploring new opportunities.

Q. How would you describe yourself as a player?

A. I consider myself a very knowledgeable and unselfish player. Whenever I have possession, my eyes are always up and to the inside, looking for the right play to make. I used to play very timidly, but as I’ve gained confidence throughout the seasons, I’ve become much more of a risk taker and somebody who leaves it all out on the field.

Q. How much are you looking forward to getting back on the field next year for your senior season?

A. I’m looking forward to getting back on the field more than anything! I was ready to make my junior season my biggest season yet, and I’ll absolutely be heading into 2021 with that same exact energy. Expect big things from Baldwin! I’ll definitely be leaving my heart out on the field.


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