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LILJ’s 21 Male Players to Watch for the 2021 Season

Photo of Jezayd Hall (2021, FOGO, William Floyd)- Albany. Photo Credit: (LI Sports Photos).

What sucks about the 2020 season getting cancelled is the fact that Long Island Lacrosse fans were robbed of seeing some great talent, especially seniors. It’s unfortunate that we are not going to be able to see some of these Seniors finish what they started in their high school careers, but the positive impact they have made on their programs will be felt for years to come.  There were a lot of players that the fans were looking forward to watching in 2020, including some players who were playing varsity for the first time, and players who were primed to have a breakout season in 2020. Now that the 2020 season is something that everybody wants to put behind them, let’s look forward to 2021. Going into 2021, there are a lot of players who have interesting situations going into next season that people might not be aware of. There’s also players who you might not be too familiar with you, but in 2021, you very well could be. There is also a player on Long Island who has a chance to become the all time leading point scorer, and the 2021 season will become a huge factor on whether or not that player breaks the record.  Here are the 21 Male players to keep an eye on for the 2021 season. Click on each kid’s name to view their highlight tapes.

Alex Zepf (2021, Goalie, Chaminade)- Notre Dame: 2020 would have been Zepf’s first year on Chaminade’s varsity, and he was going to be the guy to replace Liam Entenmann. Zepf was one of the most highly touted prospects in the class of 2021 for goalies, and it’s going to be interesting to see how he will be able to fill the void that Liam Entenmann left. 

Andrew McAdorey (2021, Midfield, St. Anthony’s)- Duke: Is Andrew McAdorey a stud?  Yes. Has he proven himself so far?  Absolutely, but when he steps back on the field in 2021, things are going to be much different for him. Now that Brennan O’Neil, Jake Naso, Aidan Danezna, and the rest of the Friars heavy Senior class are now gone, it’s McAdorey’s team, and he’s the star of the show at Cy Donelly field. What makes McAdorey a player to watch in 2021 is if he will be able to take his game to the next level and will he be the guy to put the Friars on his back and lead them to a parochial championship 

Brady West (2022, Midfield, South Side)– West is a star in the making. In 2019, West had an excellent freshman season for the Cyclones as he had 10 goals and 7 assists, and he was ready to do some big things in 2020.  People in the Long Island Lacrosse world are very high on West and they think he is going to be a superstar, and I agree with them. Also, people in the Rockville Centre community are very excited to see what West is going to do in the next 2 seasons.  Look for West to become the face of South Side’s program and he very well could be the superstar that replaces Nick LiCalzi. 

Charles Balsamo (2022, Attack, Chaminade) Charles Balsamo has been one of the most talked about high school players in not only Long Island, but in all of the country. Balsamo is one of the top prospects in the class of 2022, and when September 1st hits, his phone will be buzzing off the hook. Balsamo is going to be a must see player in 2021, and we will see if he will become the next great star of Chaminade. 

Christopher Cappelman (2021, FOGO, Smithtown East)- Navy: What makes Cappelman an interesting player to watch in 2021 is that he’s going back home to Smithtown after he decided to transfer out of St. Anthony’s.  If the 2020 season would have happened, Cappelman might not have played as much as he would have liked to because of Chris Acerci, but now in 2021, the faceoff x is all his for Smithtown East. It’s going to be interesting to see how Cappelman will adjust from a private to a public school setting. 

Jack Cascadden (2022, Midfield/FO, Garden City)– Cascadden has a very interesting story that some people in the Long Island Lacrosse community may not know. Cascadden went to Chaminade his freshman year, but this current school year, he decided to come back to Garden City. Cascadden made an impact immediately on the Garden City community as he helped the Trojans win a Nassau County Championship in football, and he definitely would have had a huge impact on the Trojans lacrosse program in 2020. Cascadden has untapped potential in the game of lacrosse as he is a freak of an athlete and he is listed at 6’2” and he weighs 200 pounds, which puts him at a big advantage on the faceoff x. Cascadden will be a must watch player in 2021. 

Jalen Seymour (2021, Midfield, St. Anthony’s)- Notre Dame: Throughout the offseason, a lot of lacrosse media outlets had a lot of high praise for Seymour, and we were looking forward to seeing him play in 2020. Seymour is a big athletic midfielder with wicked dodging ability and can get to the cage at ease. Seymour should have a bigger role in 2021 then he would have had in 2020, and it’s going to be interesting to see what he can do. 

Jezayd Hall (2021, FOGO, William Floyd)-Albany: Over the last couple years in high school lacrosse on Long Island, one of the best feel good stories has been the rise of William Floyd. William Floyd has gone from a prestigious football school, but as of the last couple years, Coach Dez Megna has built them into a respectable and competitive lacrosse program, and Jezayd Hall is a big reason why. Hall is a special talent. His athleticism is through the charts, and he keeps on improving each year. I hope that Hall gets to end his Senior season on a positive note. 

Jimmy O’Connell (2021, Attack, Carey)- Boston University: When the 2019 season ended and we looked toward the 2020 season, Jimmy O’Connell was one of the first players that came to mind when we thought about who  we were most excited to see in 2020, and we feel the same way going into the 2021 season. O’Connell was big time in 2019 as a sophomore for the Seahawks as he scored 30 goals and dished out 34 assists. 2021 is the year that the Franklin Square community has been waiting for, and we are very excited to see what O’Connell and the Carey Seahawks  will have in store next season. 

Joey Spallina (2022, Attack, Mount Sinai)– There’s a ton of reasons why Joey Spallina is a player to watch in 2021, but the one that is most interesting to me is that he has a shot at being Long Island’s all time leading point scorer once his high school career is over despite not even stepping on the field in 2020. Spallina has only played two years on varsity. His first year was when he was in the 8th grade, and he had 84 points that year. His second year was when he was in 9th grade, and he had 131 points. Spallina is currently ranked 49th all time on Long Island ‘s career point list with 215. The record is held by West Islip’s Nicky Galasso, who had 500 points in his career from 2006-2010. That’s means Spallina would have to score 286 points in the next two years to become Long Island’s all time leading scorer. Will have a much better idea if Spallina will be at the top of the record books in 2021.

Johnny Schwarz (2021, Midfield, SWR)- UNC: Johnny Schwarz is in a similar situation as Andrew McAdorey is at St. Anthony’s. What makes it a similar situation is that the both of them are looking to fill the void of a generational type talent. McAdorey is looking to fill the void of Brennan O’Neil, and Schwarz is looking to fill the void of Xavier Arline. When you look at SWR on offense, there are a lot of good candidates to step up and be the guy who replaces Arline, but in my opinion, Johnny Schwarz is the best candidate because he has accomplished a lot in a short time in his career at SWR, and he has proven he can get it done on the big stage. It’s going to be exciting to see how Johnny Schwarz will respond to being the top guy on offense for SWR. 

Liam Gregorek (2024, Midfield, SWR)- Liam Gregorek is going to be an interesting player to watch and he will be someone you should keep your eye on. Liam would have been involved on SWR’s varsity team in 2020 despite only being in 8th grade. Liam has accomplished a lot so far in club lacrosse and has achieved a ton of accolades at a very young age. I know it might be a little early to start talking about the top kid’s in the class of 2024 as their only in 8th grade, but so far, Liam’s name is near the top of that list. Liam will continue the legacy of the Gregorek name in Shoreham.

Lorenzo Ramos (2021, Defense, Farmingdale): In my mind, Ramos was a kid who was going to  have a breakout season in 2020. What makes Ramos special is that he has incredible athleticism combined with an Aggressive and relentless mindset all over the field. What makes Ramos so valuable to the Dalers is that he is very versatile as he can play both LSM and Close. Ramos is one of the top uncommitted 2021’s on the Island, and he’s a guy that not only the Long Island Lacrosse community should keep their eyes on, but college coaches should as well. 

Luke Dellechichi (2021, Attack, Locust Valley)- Brown: Dellechichi is one of the most underrated kids on Long Island. He has unbelievable quickness, with a change of direction that can break ankles, and is a very lethal 1v1 player. Dellechichi can also find open men after drawing slides, which happens consistently. A lot of people in the Long Island Lacrosse community might not be too familiar with him, but I think once the action starts again in 2021, he will become a household name. Coach Mike Daly at Brown has a good player coming to his program in a couple of years.  

Mac Rodriguez (2021, FOGO, Chaminade)- Yale: Throughout the offseason, multiple sources constantly told the LILJ that Mac Rodriguez is a kid you must watch, and he’s primed to be one of the great FOGO’s to come out of Long Island. Rodriguez was one of the first 2021 boys to commit once September 1st hit as he decided to take his talents to Yale. Rodriguez will be the main guy at the faceoff x for the Flyers, and we all are very excited for this kid to showcase his skills on the varsity level for the first time in 2021. 

Matt Perfetto (2022, Attack, Manhasset)– 2020 was supposed to be the first time that Matt Perfetto was going to step on the field for Manhasset on the varsity level, which is something he has been waiting for a long time. This kid is a special talent, and he very well could be just as good as  his older brother, Louis, who is now at Boston University. Despite not stepping on a varsity field yet, Perfetto has made a name for himself as an elite young talent in the  Long Island Lacrosse world. He has a great lacrosse IQ and he has the ability to score in close quarters. It’s going to be interesting to see how Perfetto will start his varsity career at Manhasset in 2021. 

Mikey Trepeta (2022, Defense, Mount Sinai)- Trepeta is regarded as one of the top defensive prospects in the class of 2022. Trepeta would have had an increased role in 2020 then he did in 2019, but now, Trepeta is going to be one of the anchors for Mount Sinai’s defense in 2021 and he will look to replace the production of Trevor Marsala (Siena) and Jack Schirtzer (Maryland).

Shane Murphy (2021, Attack, Long Beach)-Rutgers: Shane Murphy is definitely in the conversation when asked who’s the best attackman in Nassau County. This kid is a stud!  What impresses me the most about Murphy is that he is a kid that the LILJ has been tracking for a couple of years now, and each time we see him play, he takes his game to a whole new level. Without a doubt, Murphy will be the leader on Long Beach next year, and I’m sure he will show the Long Island lacrosse World what he’s all about in 2021. 

Tyler Gatz (2021, Midfield, Mount Sinai)- Utah: Heading into the 2020 season, Gatz was coming off a gruesome knee injury he suffered during the summer of 2019. Gatz did a great job rehabbing and getting himself ready for the 2020 season, but unfortunately, he’s going to have to wait for 2021. 2020 was supposed to be the year where the Utah bound midfielder took his game to the next level, but the future’s still bright for this kid. Now that Russell Maher is off to Virginia, look for Gatz to be the guy on offense that steps up for the Mustangs. 

Ward Tucker (2021, Goalie, Harborfields)– Ward Tucker had a very interesting season in 2019 for a Harborfields team that won the Suffolk County Class B Championship. He was named the starting goalie midway through the season and he was lights out once he got the starting role as he finished the 2019 season with 98 saves. Tucker made a name for himself in the Suffolk County Championship against East Islip where he made some jaw dropping saves. Tucker was ready to take his game to the next level in 2020 as he had great momentum heading into the season, but I’m confident he will be able to pick up where he left off in 2021. 

Will Lynch (2021, Midfield/FO, Chaminade)- Notre Dame: Out of all of the kids on this list, Will Lynch is near the top of kids I was looking forward to watching play the most in 2020. This kid can flat out play! What makes Lynch intriguing to watch is the fact that 2020 was supposed to be his first year on varsity. What makes Lynch special is that he can do a lot more than just face off, as he can pretty much do anything you ask him to on offense. In 2021, Lynch will have a bigger role then he would have had in 2020 now that James Ball is heading off to Yale, and I am very excited to see what this kid can do. I think Lynch is a star in the making, and I think he will be one of the top 2021’s on Long Island when it’s all set and done. 


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  1. Send us players with 3.9 gpa, 8 AP classes 2021 that have interest in Engineering or Computer Science; minimum high end D3-2 or players considering NJIT, Lehigh, Bucknell, Drexel

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