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Committed Corner

Johnny Maccarone (2021, Attack, St. Anthony's)- Ohio State.


Johnny Maccarone (2021, Attack, St. Anthony’s)- Ohio State: Maccarone is super quick with the stick. He has the ability to elude defenders and shoot from anywhere on the field. When he doesn’t have the ball he always seems to find himself in the right spots so that when the ball finds him, he’s in position to score. Look for Maccarone to have a huge scoring season in 2021.

Jordan Gangaram (2021, LSM, Manhasset)- Amherst: Gangaram has the physicality and the will to go after the ball. He isn’t afraid to get rough and when he has the ball in the open field, look out. Playing for a great team like Manhasset means they’ll have high expectations going into the 2021 season.

George Panagopoulos (2021, Defense, Friend’s Academy)- Tufts:  Panagopoulos is what you call a shut down defender. He is ranked as one of the top players in the region. When facing the oppositions top goal scorers, he makes it incredibly difficult for them to score. Panagopoulos is physical, tenacious, and has a high IQ for the game. Friend’s Academy will look to have a strong defense next season with Panagopoulos leading the way.

James Laudenslager (2021, Attack/Midfield, Chaminade)- Middlebury: Laudenslager is one with great speed. He has the ability to blow past defenders and also score in traffic. Laudenslager should be able to put up some high scoring totals next season for Chaminade as they try to win another league championship.

Albert Paniccia (2021, Midfield, Friends Academy)- Binghamton: Paniccia is a dual threat offensive player that can score and facilitate. He has great vision on the field and seems to always know when it’s the right time for him put the ball in the net himself or find the open man. He’s been a starter for Friend’s Academy since the eighth grade and should once again have another stellar season in 2021.

Alex Fascilla (2021, Goalie, Huntington)- Babson: Fascilla is very skilled at protecting the net. He always finds himself in the proper stance ready to make a save. Look for Fascilla to be the starting goalie for Huntington next season and be the anchor of their defense.


Anna Spehr (2021, Midfield, CSH)- Middlebury: Spehr is a fierce competitor who is willing to put in all of the work to be the best that she possibly can. She has a knack of knowing where to be on the field to put herself in position to score. At Cold Spring Harbor she has competed in practice with and against some of the best players on Long Island which will help her moving forward as she continues to elevate her game. We hope Anna has continued success at Middlebury.

Isabelle Palladino (2021, Midfield, Pat Med)- Mercy:  Palladino’s great scoring ability always has defenders on edge. She is always active on the field and her high IQ allows her to make quick decisions. The Mavericks will be thrilled to have her on their team.

Alexa Corbin (2021, Midfield/Attack, Miller Place)- Rutgers: Corbin makes scoring look so easy. She is extremely quick and flashy when she has the ball. When she is out in the open field, good luck trying to stop her. Miller Place has a great one in Corbin, and soon Rutgers will too.


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