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Top Performers from Long Island in the Big X Classic

On Saturday, August 1st, the 5th annual Big X Classic took place at the Capelli Sports Complex in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. Plenty of talent from the Island made their way to the Garden State, and some of these kids put on spectacular performances in front of the lacrosse world. Here are the top performers from Long Island in the 2020 Big X Classic:

2021 Division

Jezayd Hall (2021, FOGO, William Floyd)- Albany: Hall is a stud! He has tremendous athleticism and he is one of the top FOGO’s in the class of 2021 in Long Island. Look for Hall to do big things in 2021 for William Floyd.

Jezayd Hall (2021, FOGO, William Floyd)- Albany.

James Araneo (2021, Midfield, Ward Melville)– Araneo is a big-time wrestler for Ward Melville, which easily explains his toughness on the lacrosse field. Araneo is a great two-way midfielder, who has a very pretty shot. He is also a good defensive midfielder as well.

Anthony Caputo (2021, Goalie, Riverhead)- Caputo played great in this tournament. He is a very coachable kid, he is a good communicator, and he has great agility and quickness.

Jackson Maher (2021. Defense, Mount Sinai)– Maher is an extremely hard-working kid. He is very coachable, he is a great teammate, he has great athleticism, and has a high lacrosse IQ.  Maher will have a big role on the Mustangs defense in 2021.

Derek Takacs (2021, Attack, Mount Sinai)- Stony Brook: The Stony Brook bound lefty attacker is strong, fast, and has an extremely high lacrosse IQ. Takacs also has great athleticism and will have an increased role with the Mustangs in 2021.

Griffin Chernoff (2021, Attack, Kellenberg)- Binghamton: Chernoff is a big lefty attacker who dodges with force. He is a big-time goal scorer, who has great vision. Look for Chernoff to have a big season in 2021.

Griffin Chernoff (Attack, Kellenberg, Binghamton).

Thomas Decker (2021, Midfield, Farmingdale)- Decker is big athletic midfielder who has great dodging ability. He does a great job of getting to the cage and creating his own shot. He also has a laser of a shot as well. Decker could be one of the top uncommitted midfielders in the 2021 class.

Luke Dellicicchi (2021, Attack, Locust Valley)- Brown: Dellicicchi has had a fantastic summer so far. This kid continues to improve each time he steps on the field. His quickness is unbelievable, and he is great at beating his defender 1 v 1.

Ward Tucker (2021, Goalie, Harborfields)- Like Dellicicchi, Ward Tucker has had a fantastic summer as well. He gets better after each outing and has really made strides this summer to improve his game. Tucker is a great athlete, who has quick hands, and has no fear when in the net. He is also a good communicator and good at clearing the ball.

Ward Tucker (Goalie, Harborfields). Photo Credit: Daniel DeMato.

Christian Lembo (2021, Defense, Farmingdale)- Lembo has great size as a defender. He is a big physical defender who has great footwork and can also throw great checks. Lembo is an uncommitted 2021 defender that college coaches have their eyes on.

Ian Votta (2021, Attack, Division)- NJIT: Votta is an attackman who has a high lacrosse IQ. He makes great decisions; he has great field vision and he does a great job creating his own shots. Votta is also a tough kid who is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Daniel McLoughlin (2021, LSM, Farmingdale)- McLoughlin is a fun defender to watch. He has a great combination of athleticism and size who can cause turnovers at a moment notice. He also has great speed as well.

Sean Miller (2021, FOGO, SWR)- Miller is a scrappy player at the faceoff X. He gives it his all when he gets on the field and has a cannot lose mentality. He also plays hard on the defensive end.

Will Spehr (2021, Midfield, Cold Spring Harbor)- Spehr has great size for a midfielder. He can dodge effectively from anywhere on the field and is very versatile on offense. Spehr is also a tough kid that can scoop up groundballs and play defense.

Will Spher (Midfield, Cold Spring Harbor).

Ben Ferrara (2021, FOGO, Locust Valley)- Boston University: Ferrara is legit at the faceoff X. He is a great athlete, who also has a great build. Ferrara is not your typical FOGO since he can be effective on both offense and defense This kid has a bright future in the game of lacrosse.

Lorenzo Ramos (2021, LSM, Farmingdale)- Binghamton: Ramos is a phenomenal athlete, who is an extremely versatile defender. He does everything right as a lacrosse player. He plays smart and aggressive, he plays well in transition, and he plays with high energy.

Lorenzo Ramos (LSM, Farmingdale, Binghamton).

Mac Rodriguez (2021, FOGO, Chaminade)- Yale: Machine is the best word to describe Mac Rodriguez. This kid is a work horse! When it comes to the faceoff X, not too many 21’s on the Island do it better then Mac. He has rapid hand speed, and he has toughness and grit on the faceoff X. He also can be an asset on the defensive and offensive ends.

Mac Rodriguez (2021, FOGO, Chaminade)- Yale

Robert Pisacani (2021, Goalie, Chaminade)- Pisacani played very well in the net for his club team. Pisacani has quick hand speed and is a good communicator on the field. Pisacani could be a good pickup for college coaches.

Kieran Mckenna (2021, Midfield, St. Anthony’s)- Mckenna is a dynamic midfielder who has great athleticism and toughness. Mckenna, who is also a good football player for St. Anthony’s is a dual threat to either feed or score while on the field. He is a good dodger, has great vision, and is a good shooter as well.

Devin O’Sullivan (2021, Attack, Chaminade)- Wesleyan: The recent Wesleyan commit is a well-rounded lacrosse player. O’Sullivan has a strong lacrosse IQ, plays well off ball, has great speed, and a great change of direction. Wesleyan got a good one.

Matt Byrnes (2022, Attack, Chaminade)- Byrnes did a fantastic job in this tournament by playing up in the 2021 division. Byrnes is a dynamic playmaker, who is a good shooter. He is also a very shifty dodger and a big-time finisher. He also rides extremely hard.

Justin McFaul (2022, Midfield, St. Anthony’s)- Like Byrnes, McFaul also did a great job playing up in the 2021 division. McFaul is a legit midfielder who does a great job shooting on the run. He is also exceptionally good at dodging from up top.

Ryan Behrens (2021, Midfield, West Islip)- Brown: Behrens has had a great summer so far. This kid’s toughness is unbelievable. Behrens is also quick and is a quarterback on the field, and he also has a high lacrosse IQ. His dodging ability and vision is tremendous, and he’s an overall team player.

Ryan Behrens (2021, Midfield, West Islip)- Brown. Photo Taken by Ed Bell.

Christian Maisel (2021, Midfield, St John the Baptist) – Rutgers: Maisel is an athletic midfielder who is having a breakout summer.  Maisel is super athletic in the middle of the field with the ability to run by short sticks at well, sling shots on the run, and dish when he draws the slide. Maisel is ready to have a big season for St. John the Baptist in 2021.

Christian Maisel (Midfield, St. John the Baptist, Rutgers).

Jake Demert (2021, LSM/Defense, Bay Shore)- Brown: Demert has all the intangibles of a great long pole. He is big, he’s physical, and he is tough as nails. Demert is also a great athlete, who has great footwork and stick skills. Demert is in the conversation as one of the top long poles in Suffolk County conference A going into 2021.

Mikey Heller (2021, Midfield, West Babylon)- Mikey Heller is one of the top 2021’s on Long Island that people don’t know about, but I got a feeling that they soon will. Heller is a strong 2-way player who just keeps getting better and better every day. 2021 could be a coming out party for Mikey Heller.

Robbie Trovato (2021, Goalie, Islip)- Trovato is a 2021 goalie that college coaches should have their eye on. This kid is legit! Trovato plays the game with passion and is a great communicator on the field. He also has quick hands and great reaction time, and he also has no fear when he is in the net.

Connor McCormick (2021, Defense, Bay Shore)- Quinnipiac: When you first see McCormick on the field, the first thing that will pop out to you is his size as he is listed about 6’5”. McCormick is a huge athletic weapon for getting in passing lanes, and his head is always on a swivel. Connor also likes to time up his slides, force double teams, get the ball on the ground, and push transition. McCormick also plays great off ball.

Connor McCormick (Defense, Bay Shore, Quinnipiac).

Matthew Coleman (2021, Defense, Connetquot)- Coleman is a leader on the field. He does a trendmous job communicating with his teammates on slide packages. Coleman is also having an extremely high lacrosse IQ and plays with a lot of intensity. Coleman is one of the most underrated 21 long poles in this class.

Daniel Mercado (2021, FOGO, SWR)- Wagner: Mercado has had a great summer so far. Mercado will now have an increased role for the Wildcats now that Gavin Gregorek is off to the Naval Academy. Mercado is super athletic, and he has great hand speed on the faceoff X. Mercado can also be an asset on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.

Daniel Mercado (FOGO, SWR, Wagner).

Ryan Smith (2021, Midfield, East Islip)- Hofstra: The recent Hofstra commit plays with passion and high energy. He’s a team first player and he does a great job moving the ball around and getting his teammates involved. He also has a laser of a shot, and he also shoots with accuracy.

Ethan Scully (2021, FOGO, Bay Shore)- Scully is one of the most under the radar FOGO’s in the 2021 class. While at the faceoff X, Scully puts himself in great position to gain possession of the ball. He is also a top-notch wrestler as well.  Scully had a great season for Bay Shore in the 2019 and look for him to breakout in 2021.

James Laudenslager (2021, Midfield, Chaminade)- Middlebury: The recent Middlebury commit has great speed. He can blow by his defender and score on the run. Look for Laudenslager to have an increased role for the Flyers in 2021.

Jeffrey Lachenmeyer (2021, Attack, SWR)- Lachenmeyer is one of the top uncommitted 2021 attackmen on the Island. He has great size, he is a grinder, and he is a wicked dodger. The lefty also has a laser of a shot.

Brendan McCrary (2021, Defense, Comsewogue)- Army: McCrary is a big physical defenseman, who is great at covering his opponent 1 v 1. He’s tough and can cause turnovers at a moments notice. Look for McCrary to be one of the top Long Poles in Suffolk county next spring.

Brendan McCrary (2021, Defense, Comsewogue)- Army

Jack Beck (2021, Defense, Comsewogue)- Beck has great size for a defenseman as he is over 6 feet tall. When playing defense, Beck stays disciplined, but also plays smart and aggressive. Look for Beck to be an impact player for Comsewogue in 2021.

Vincent Tirino (2021, Attack, Comsewogue)- Tirino played very well in this tournament. He had a couple of nice goals and he shot the ball well all day long. Tirino did a great job cutting and getting open for shots.

Ryan Kalberer (2021, Goalie, Comsewogue)- Kalberer played out of his mind in this tournament. He made some jaw dropping saves and stayed strong in the net all day long. Look for Kalberer to do damage for the Warriors next spring.

Vincent Herbstman (2021, Attack, Comsewogue)- Herbstman is a very unselfish player, who is always moving his feet on the field. He is a great shooter, and he has great vision.

Jake Deacy (2021, Attack, Comsewogue)- Marist: The gun-slinging southpaw played awesome in this tournament. Deacy will be the quarterback of the Comsewogue offense in 2020, and they could be Championship contenders.

Ryan Mimnaugh (2021, Defense, Comsewogue)- Mimnaugh is a big hitter on the lacrosse field, and he’s great at slide packages. Mimnaugh is also a stud football player for Comsewogue.

CJ Harris (2021, Midfield, Hicksville)- Athlete is the best word to describe CJ Harris. He is 6’4” and has great stick skills and he is a very tough kid as well.

Michael Cassano (2021, Midfield, Plainview)-Arcadia: Cassano is a great two-way midfielder. He is a very smart player, he is very gritty, and he plays great off the ball. Look for Cassano to be the guy next spring for the Hawks.

Michael Cassano (2021, Midfield, Plainview)- Arcadia.

Andrew Borum (2021, Attack, Hicksville)- Arcadia: Borum is a workhorse on the field. He is always moving his feet to get open, and he is a great shooter.

Mason McClay (2021, Defense, ESM)- McClay is a good athlete, who has great stick skills. He also has great ability to transition the ball swiftly.

Donald Woods (2021, Attack, Rocky Point)- Woods had a very impressive day in this tournament. Woods played hard and fast all day and put the ball in the back of the net a ton.

Matt Levonick (2021, Goalie, Rocky Point)- Levonick played hard in the net all day long. He showed great athleticism and has great stick skills.

Chris Annitto (2021, Attack, St. John the Baptist)- Annitto lit It up last year for St. John the Baptist as he was one of their leading point scorers. This kid is a very underrated player in the 21 class. He is good at dodging to the cage, he is a good shooter, and he does a great job at finding cutters.

Brendan Pedisich (2021, Goalie, East Meadow)- Pedisich had an unbelievable 2019 campaign for the East Meadow Jets as he had 155 saves on the season which earned him All conference honors. Pedisich played strong in the net all day long and look for this rising Senior to be the focal point for East Meadow in 2021.

Steven DiCarlo (2021, Midfield, Farmingdale)– DiCarlo plays very well from up top as he is a dangerous threat to either score or feed. DiCarlo will have a bigger role in 2021 for the Dalers.

Steven DiCarlo (2021, Midfield, Farmingdale).

2022 Division

Matt Perfetto (2022, Attack, Manhasset Perfetto is a special talent, and he very well could be just as good as his older brother, Louis, who is now at Boston University. He has a great lacrosse IQ and he has the ability to score in close quarters. Look for Perfetto to have a huge 2021 campaign for the Manhasset Indians.

Matt Perfetto (Attack, Manhasset).

Brendan Staub (2022, Defense, Garden City)- Staub is a player who impress me every time I see him play. He is fun to watch. Staub can do it all with a long pole in his hands as he a great cover guy, he plays aggressive, and he moves the ball in transition extremely well. Staub is going to do big things for the Garden City Trojans in 2021.

Brendan Staub (Defense, Garden City).

Anthony Bilello (2022, Defense, Farmingdale)-Similar to Staub, Bilello is a player who continues to impress me every time he steps on the field.  He is an excellent 1 v 1 defender, he is incredibly good at clearing the ball, and he is also very good in transition.

Gavin Jacobsen (2022, Midfield, Port Washington)- Jacobsen is an extremely skilled player. He has a great lacrosse IQ along with great hands, and he does a great job at finding room to shoot.

Gavin Jacobsen (Midfield, Port Washington).

Jay Ottomanelli (2022, Attack/Midfield, Garden City)- This kid is a stud! Ottomanelli had great chemistry all day long with his teammates. He is a very dynamic player on offense who has great vision. Ottomanelli also had a great day putting the ball in the back of the net.

Will Peters (2022, Defense, Garden City)- Peters is an all-around great defenseman. He has incredible athleticism, he is a great 1 v 1 defender, and he is incredibly good in transition.

Chris Allen (2022, Goalie, Chaminade)- Allen is a very underrated goalie in the 2022 class. This kid can play! Allen made some big saves on the day, and he also did a nice job clearing the ball.

Joseph Scandalious (2022, Attack, Portledge)- Scandalious has developed into a very nice player. The rising Junior put up big number for Portledge in 2019, and there is no reason why he should not improve in 2021. Scandalious did a nice job in this tournament finding his open teammates for a goal.

Francisco Cortes (2022, Midfield, SWR)- Cortes is a do it all midfielder. He is an old fashion type player who is effective at playing both offense and defense. Look for Cortes to have a big role for the Wildcats in 2021.

Francisco Cortes (Midfield, SWR). Photo Taken by MaxPreps.

Aaron Cho (2022, Attack, Herricks)- Cho is a great X attackman. He is a dangerous threat at any time to either score or feed. Look for Cho to have a big Junior season Campaign for Herricks.

Pete Theodoropoulos (2022, Midfield, ESM)- Theodoropoulos is a legit prospect in this 22 class. This kid is a stud! Pete has lighting quickness and is an unbelievable dodger. Look for Theodoropoulos to be a big-time player on the Island.

Peter Theodoropoulos (Midfield, ESM). Photo Credit: Timothy Butler

James Tyras (2022, Defense, Chaminade)- Tyras is a big, strong, and physical defenseman. He puts himself in great position when guarding his attackmen, and he is always staying poised.

Doug Rabin (2022, Defense, Bay Shore)- Rabin has all the tools of a great long pole. He plays with grit, he is big, he is physical, and he is a takeaway machine. He can also push the ball well in transition. Look for Rabin to have a huge season this upcoming spring for Bay Shore.

Dougie Rabin (Defense, Bay Shore).

Jack Lepore (2022, Attack, Islip)- Lepore had a couple of nice goals in this tournament. He is a playmaker, who can make highlight reel plays.

Owen Carroll (2022, Attack, Smithtown East)- Carroll has an unbelievable freshman season in 2019, and he was a big reason why Smithtown East was able to make it to the playoffs. Carroll is a quarterback on offense as he can feed, shoot, and dodge at ease.

Jake Whitney (2022, Defense, SWR)- Whitney is a tall defenseman who creates havoc for opposing offenses. He is always moving his feet and does a good job of scooping up the ground ball.

Kevin Dolan (2022, Midfield, Ward Melville)- Dolan is big midfielder who dodges with force. He uses his frame to his advantage, and he shoots hard.

Tyler Ruffini (2022, Midfield, Ward Melville)- Ruffini was a player I was extremely impressed with at this tournament. He plays great both ways and showed great athleticism throughout the day.

Owen Duffy (2023, Attack, St. Anthony’s)- Duffy creates opportunities for himself and teammates on offense. He is extremely crafty, he has a high lacrosse IQ, and he plays like a point guard whenever he is on the field.

Owen Duffy (Attack, St. Anthony’s).

Dan Naglieri (2022, Attack, Westhampton)- The lefty attackmen has an impressive tournament. Naglieri is an accurate shooter and had a couple of nice goals on the day. He also did a nice job playing off ball.

Brock Behrman (2022, Attack, Niskayuna)- Behrman made a guest appearance in this tournament, and he put on a show for the fans. Brock has unbelievable quickness, he is a lethal dodger, and he has a beautiful shot. Behrman should be one of the top prospects in the class of 2022.

Max Esposito (2022, Midfield, West Islip)- Esposito had a couple of nice goals on the day. He is a good shooter and he made plays all day long.

Jack Kleinman (2022, Midfield, Center Moriches)- Kleinman is a big athletic midfielder who had some clutch goals for his team throughout the day.

Jack Kleinman (2022, Midfield, Center Moriches).

Nate Nagengast (2022, Midfield, Bay Shore)- Nagengast was one of the best players on his team. He lit it up all day long. He does a great job strengthening the field and he is a big-time finisher.

Cristian Scaffaro (2023, Goalie, Center Moriches)- Scaffaro played up a division in this tournament, and he did more then hold his own. Scaffaro was lights outs on the day. He made a ton of big saves and was a huge reason for this team’s success.

Brian Luzzi (2022, Attack, Bethpage)- Luzzi is a strong left-handed attackman. He is very versatile, and he is a pure goal scorer.

Brian Luzzi (2022, Attack, Bethpage).

Adrian Nowak (2022, Attack, Kellenberg)- Nowak plays best from behind the X. He has great vision, and he is a strong finisher.

Vincent McDermott (2022, Midfield, Massapequa)- McDermott is the ultimate initiator. He does a great job getting to the goal and scoring, and he also does a great job drawing a slide when he dodges.

Matthew Papach (2022, Midfield, MacArthur)- Papach is a good step-down shooter. He is also a playmaker and a particularly good athlete.

Carson Healey (2022, FOGO, Chaminade)- Healey was great at the faceoff X all day long. He had great hand speed, and he was a player who really impressed me.

Cameron Connolly (2022, Attack, Seaford)- Connolly had a great tournament. He plays well from up the hash and scored a couple of goals on the day.

Michael D’Alessandro (2022, Defense, Massapequa)- D’Alessandro plays great off the wing and is very athletic. He also does a great job at scooping up the ground ball.

Connor Abrahall (2022, Attack, St. Anthony’s)- Abrahall is a great heads up dodger and feeder. Abrahall played very well in this tournament.

Connor Collett (2022, Defense, Chaminade)- Collett is a great one on one defender. He does a great job taking the ball away and moving the ball up field and creating offense for his teammates.

Aidan Reese (2022, LSM/Defense Chaminade)- Reese is a Ground ball machine and can take on any match up. Reese was very impressive in this tournament.

Peter Wetter (2022, Midfield, St. Anthony’s)- Wetter is a very versatile offensive player. He is an excellent passer and can finish from anywhere.

Ryan O’Rourke (2022, Midfield, Chaminade)- O’Rourke is a strong downhill dodger and is an equally skilled shooter from either hand.

Tyler Davide (2022, Defense, Sachem North)- Davide has all the attributes of a shutdown defenseman.  He has the size, ability, and stick skills to compete with anyone. Davide could be a high prospect in this class.

Anthony Munro (2022, Midfield/FOGO, Seaford)- Munro is a great two-way midfielder with top notch speed and athleticism. Munro is an all-around talent with the ability to be a great dodger and goal scorer. He is also very good at the faceoff X as well.

Dominick Zigon (2022, Attack/Midfield, Sachem North)- Zigon is a strong hard finisher with unselfish tendencies.  He is a gritty player with a cannon of a shot, and he also has phenomenal field awareness and knows when to make the right play whether it is a dodge, pass, or shoot.

Josue Cruz (2022, Midfield, Lutheran)- Cruz possess pure strength and athleticism. He has great size and strength dodging down both alleys with great ability to feed and shoot on the run.  He also plays very tough especially when it comes to scooping up ground balls.

Rocco Sergio (2022, Goalie, Lutheran)- Sergio played very well in this tournament.  Rocco is a goalie who is always on the correct line and never gets beat twice to the same spot.  He also has excellent clearing ability and a high lacrosse IQ.

Rocco Sergio (2022, Goalie, Lutheran).

Nick Elarde (2022, Goalie, Sachem North)- Elarde is a leader on the field. He does a great job communicating with his defense, he stays strong in the net, and he does a great job saving shots from a couple of yards away.

2023 Division

Matthew Cangelosi (2023, Attack, Farmingdale)- When you watch Cangelosi play on the field, you can tell he is an extremely hard worker. Cangelosi played very well in this tournament and scored a couple of big goals in some of his games to help his team win.

Alex Siegel (2023, Attack, Roslyn)- Siegel had a great performance in this tournament. He is an excellent dodging attackman from the X and he has great field vision.

Alex Siegel (Attack, Roslyn).

Eric Hennessey (2023, Attack/Midfield, Shaker)- Eric has a super high Lax IQ, he is very skilled, and he has tremendous vision. Eric has tremendous upside and has all the tools to succeed in the game of lacrosse.

Hayden Calabretta (2023, Attack, Cold Spring Harbor)- Calabretta is an all-around great attack man. He has great vision, he plays well with both hands, and he can shoot the lights out of the ball. Calbretta also has great dodging ability and he plays well off ball.

Trevor Gayron (2023, Midfield, Farmingdale)- Gayron is a phenomenal athlete. He has great speed, he is super strong, and he can play two ways. Trevor also has toughness, discipline, and all the intangibles to be a great lacrosse player.

Trevor Gayron (Midfield, Farmingdale).

Chris Bergersen (2023, Attack, Farmingdale)- The lefty attackman from the Dale has an incredible lacrosse IQ. He was a juggernaut on offense, and he played tough all day long.

Matt Pantorno (2023, Defense, Farmingdale)- Pantorno could be one of the top defensemen on Long Island in his class. He is fundamentally sound, he has great feet, plays smart off-ball defense, and he is always playing hard.  Pantorno also has a great stick which gives him confidence in the clear and in Ground ball game.

Matt Pantorno (Defense, Farmingdale).

Tomaso Ramos (2023, Midfield, Farmingdale)- Ramos played very well in this tournament. He shot the ball well all day long and played very smart.

Brady Dolan (2023, Attack, Lindenhurst)- Dolan has great size, speed, and awareness. He always dodges with his head up and he is a catalyst for any offense he is on.

Connor Dobson (2023, Goalie, Islip)- It is early, but Dobson could be one of the top goalies in this class. He has fantastic hand speed, he has quick feet, and he is fearless in the cage.

Connor Dobson (Goalie, Islip).

Chase Rogers (2023, Defense, Islip)- Rogers plays the game the right way. He plays smart, he is fundamentally sound, and he is physical. He has never been afraid to slide with the body, and he is really developing into a nice player.

Drew McKittrick (2023, Midfield, West Babylon)- Drew is a super athlete. He is a great dodger, he has incredible quickness, and he has a cannon of a shot. This kid’s speed is through the roof. McKittrick might be one of the best athletes in this class.

Steven Cain (2023, Attack, SWR)- Cain’s lacrosse IQ is off the charts. Steven does a great job protecting his stick and he plays mistake free lacrosse.

Charlie Cavalieri (2023, Attack, Middle Country: Cavalieri was money in this tournament. Cavalieri is a dynamic playmaker who makes highlight reel plays. He is flashy and he is fun to watch.

Dillon Osorio (2023, Attack, St. Anthony’s)- Osorio is a lights out shooter. He is a big-time finisher, he has chemistry with his teammates, and he is overall a well-rounded attackman.

Dylan Rail (2023, LSM, Smithtown West)- Rail throws great checks, and he is a great cover man from up top. He has great stick skills as well.

James Kelton (2024, Midfield, Sachem East)- Kelton is a dynamic midfielder. He is Strong with both hands, he can shoot on the run, and he can shoot with time and room. Look for Kelton to be one of the prospects in the 2024 class.

Zach Maggiacomo (2024, Defense, Pat Med)- Zach is big, strong, athletic, and mean. He is also a great cover guy.

Liam Kershis (2024, Attack, SWR)- Kershis might be the next great attackmen coming out of Shoreham. He plays great behind the X, and he has the athletic ability and lacrosse IQ to be a top high school player on Long Island.




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