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LILJ 2022 Open Boys All Tournament Team

Matt Caputo (2022, Attack, Lutheran).

On Saturday September 19th, the Long Island Lacrosse Journal ran it’s first ever annual event called the “LILJ 2022 Open”.  The top players from the Island came out to Cedar Creek Park in Seaford to showcase their skills, and these boys did not disappoint. With 37 high schools being represented in this tournament, here is the first ever LILJ 2022 Open Boys All Tournament Team!


Joey Spallina (2022, Mount Sinai, Syracuse)- The Nations number 1 ranked recruit in the class of 2022 did not disappoint! He was the leading point scorer in the LILJ 22 Open, and he constantly made jaw dropping highlight reel plays. Look for Spallina to have his best high school season yet this spring.

Joey Spallina (2022, Attack, Mount Sinai)- Syracuse.

Brock Behrman (2022, Niskayuna, Notre Dame)- Although Behrman does not play for a Long Island High School, we had to make an exception by putting him on our All tournament team, because he’s that good!  Behrman has unbelievable chemistry with his club teammate, Joey Spallina on attack, and he is an unstoppable playmaker. Behrman is no doubt one of the top 22’s in the country.

Matt Caputo (2022, Lutheran)- Caputo played out of his mind during the LILJ 22 open. This kid is very talented! Caputo is a big time finisher, and he plays with fire and passion on the field. Caputo was one of the most impressive offensive players in this tournament.

Matt Caputo (2022, Attack, Lutheran).

Tyler Martini (2022, Wantagh)- Martini was a player that I was not too familiar with before Saturday, but he was a player who really impressed me on the day. He was one of the leading goal scorers in this tournament, and is a straight up playmaker on offense. Wantagh has a good one in Martini.

Henry Haberman (2022, Port Washington)-Haberman was another attackmen who put on a show on Saturday. Haberman plays very smart, and he lets the game come to him. He is also a very shifty playmaker on offense, and he is also a dual threat as well.


Alex Pfeiffer (2022, Sachem North, Albany)- Pfeiffer played excellent on Saturday. He was the leading point scorer out of all of the midfielders in this event, and he’s all around great offensive middie. Sachem North and the Great Danes have a great player in their programs for the next couple of years.

Alex Pfeiffer (2022, Midfield, Sachem North)- Albany.

Christian Alacqua (2022, Chaminade, Cornell)- The first words that come to mind when you see Alacqua play is that he has lightning like speed. This kid has unbelievable quickness, and he has the ability to blow by his defender from up top every time he dodges to the cage. Alacqua’s upside is through the roof. He has the potential to be a very special player at the next level.

Christian Alacqua (2022, Midfield, Chaminade)- Cornell

Brady West (2022, South Side)- West is one of the top midfield prospects in this class by far. This kid is special. He has great size, he is as tough as nails, and he is a phenomenal offensive threat. Look for West to be the next superstar to come out of South Side, and college coaches should have their eye on this kid.

Brady West (2022, Midfield, South Side).

Kevin Dolan (2022, Ward Melville, Fairfield)- Dolan had some jaw dropping goals throughout this event, including a buzzer beater in one of his games. What makes Dolan special is that he is a spectacular athlete with great size, and he is a playmaker offensively. He is very tough to guard. Look for Dolan to have a breakout season this spring for the Patriots.

Leo Hoffman (2023, Brunswick School)- Hoffman played  a year up in this tournament, and he did more then just hold his own. This kid plays at full speed all the time, and he is one hell of a dodger.

Leo Hoffman (2023, Midfield, Brunswick School).


Dylan Sageder (2022, Mount Sinai)- Sageder arguably could be one of the top LSM’s on the Island. What impresses me about Sageder is that he has great stick skills, and he has a threat offensively with a pole in his hand. He also plays great 1 v 1 defense, and he also plays great on the faceoff wing.

Dylan Sageder (2022, LSM, Mount Sinai)

Tristian McMahon (2022, Commack)- Like Sageder, McMahon is a threat offensively with a long pole in his hand. He made a ton of plays in transition for his team, and he was dominated in the ground ball game.


Brendan Staub (2022, Garden City)- Staub has really made a name for himself this summer. This kid has all of the tools of a great long pole. Staub is a lockdown 1 v 1 defender, he plays great team defense, and his stick skills are excellent. Staub is in the conversation when it comes to the top long pole in the 2022 class on Long Island.

Brendan Staub (2022, Defense, Garden City)

Max McCarthy (2022, St. Anthony’s)- McCarthy is a special defensive talent. He has great size as a defender, and any attackmen who goes against him will have a tough day ahead of him. Look for McCarthy to have a big role for the Friars this spring.

Max McCarthy (2022, Defense, St. Anthony’s).

Griffin Cole (2022, Chaminade)- Cole had himself a day on Saturday! This kid is the real deal as a defenseman. He has great size, he is a great athlete, and his stick handling is very good. Look for Cole to make some noise for the Flyers in 2021.

Griffin Cole (2022, Defense, Chaminade).

Patrick Pisano (2022, Cold Spring Harbor, Dartmouth)- Pisano is a player who continues to impress me. He is a lockdown defender who is aggressive, but also throws smart checks. He also handles the ball very well and he creates opportunity’s for the offense. The Dartmouth commit will be up to big things for the Seahawks in 2021.

Patrick Pisano (2022, Defense, Cold Spring Harbor)- Dartmouth

Jesse Phelan (2022, Cold Spring Harbor)- Phelan has a huge upside. This kid has all of the tools to be a great defenseman at the next level. What impresses me about Phelan is that he has great posture, and when you combined that with his size, and his stick checking ability, Phelan could be a big time player.


Luca Accardo (2022, Syosset)- Accardo had a monster day at the faceoff x. He dominated almost everybody who he went up against, and he also had the highest faceoff % out of any kid in this event. Look for Accardo to have a big year for the Syosset Braves this spring.

Austin Oppenheim (2022, Mount Sinai)- Oppenheim also had a tremendous  day at the faceoff X. What impresses me the most about Oppenheim is his hand speed, his athleticism, and his size. Look for Oppenheim to be a top FOGO in Suffolk County.

Richie Rindos (2022, Islip)- Rindos was a player who really stepped up and put on a show on Saturday. He went up against some of the top FOGO’s on the island, and he did more then hold his own, as he went over 60% at the faceoff x. Keep an eye on Rindos this spring.

Rich Rindos (2022, FOGO, Islip).

Jack Cascadden (2022, Garden City, Cornell)- The first thing that pops out at you when you see Cascadden play is his size. Cascadden is over 6 feet tall and he has freakish athletic ability. He also plays extremely tough and physical. Sky is the limit for Cascadden.

Jack Cascadden (2022, FOGO, Garden City)- Cornell.


Kevin Barrett (2022, St. Anthony’s, Boston University)- Barrett played like an all star on Saturday. The recent BU commit is the real deal in the net. He plays very tough in the net, he has quick hands, and he has an extremely high lacrosse IQ. The Terriers are getting a special talent.

Kevin Barrett (2022, Goalie, St. Anthony’s)- Boston University

Will Snyder (2022, St. Anthony’s)- The St. Anthony Friars might have the top 2 goalies on Long Island in this class. Snyder has great size as he is listed over 6 foot tall. He stays strong in the net, and he made a ton of great saves on the day. He is also excellent in the clearing game as well.

Will Snyder (2022, Goalie, St. Anthony’s).

KJ Graham (2022, Goalie, Babylon)- Graham played out of his mind on Saturday. He had the most saves out of anybody in this tournament as he had 23 on the day. Look for Graham to improve on his impressive performance.

Notable Performers


  • Jameson Smith (2022, Attack, Bayport)
  • Anthony Mollica (2022, Attack, Massapequa)
  • Christian Rodriguez (2022, Attack, Chaminade)
  • Michael Leo (2022, Attack, St. Anthony’s)- Syracuse

Michael Leo (2022, Attack, St. Anthony’s)- Syracuse

  • CJ Sanchez (2022, Attack, Archbishop Stephanic)
  • Aaron Cho (2022, Attack, Herricks)
  • Jack Lepore (2022, Attack, Islip)
  • Matt Perfetto (2022, Attack, Manhasset)- Cornell

Matt Perfetto (2022, Attack, Manhasset)- Cornell.

  • Jack Cenci (2022, Attack, West Islip)
  • Michael Meyer (2022, Attack, Northport)
  • Ronnie Trebing (2022, Attack, Smithtown West)

Ronnie Trebing (2022, Attack, Smithtown West).

  • Colin Hansen (2022, Attack, Smithtown West)
  • Christian Baldi (2022, Attack, Commack)
  • Curren Johnsen (2022, Attack, Bellport)
  • Dylan McNaughon (2022, Attack, Northport)
  • Jason Monopoli (2022, Attack, Ward Melville)
  • Will Danowski (2022, Attack, Bay Shore) 



  • Gavin Takacs (2022, Midfield,  Mount Sinai)
  • Jack Flaherty (2022, Midfield, Chaminade)- Navy
  • Marcus Wertheim (2022, Midfield, Smithtown East)- Brown

Marcus Wertheim (2022, Midfield Smithtown East)- Brown

  • Gavin Locascio (2022, Midfield, Bayport)
  • Jaden Baldwin (2022, Midfield, St. Dom’s)
  • Eamon Doyle (2022, Midfield, St. Anthony’s)
  • Drew Morris (2022, Midfield, Trinity)
  • William Cargiulo (2022, Midfield, Manhasset) 
  • Colin Delay (2022, Midfield, Wheatley)- Binghamton
  • Robbie Smith (2022, FOGO/Midfield, Huntington) 
  • Hunter Panzik (2022, Midfield, Manhasset) 
  • Luke Schmitt (2022, Midfield, Garden City)
  • Peter Theodoropoulos (2022, Midfield, ESM)- Lehigh 

Peter Theodoropoulos (2022, Midfield, ESM)- Lehigh

  • Tyler Ruffini (2022, Midfield, Ward Melville)
  • Jay Ottomanelli (2022, Midfield, Garden City)
  • Charles Whitman (2022, Midfield, Phillips Academy Andover)
  • Jason LaMay (2022, Midfield, Commack)

Jason LaMay (2022, Midfield, Commack)

  • Timothy Kirchner (2022, Midfield, Northport)
  • Luke Derosa (2022, Midfield, Harborfields)
  • Anthony Bartolotto (2022, Midfield, Miller Place)- Cornell 

Anthony Bartolotto (2022, Midfield, Miller Place)- Cornell

  • Tyler Flynn (2022, Midfield, Ward Melville)
  • Shaun Hill (2022, FOGO/Midfield, Connetquot) 
  • Max Esposito (2022, Midfield, West Islip)
  • Nate Nagengast (2022, Midfield, Bay Shore)


  • Jack Sandrib (2022, LSM, Northport)
  • Thomas Ricciardi (2022, LSM, St. Anthony’s)
  • Jake Halpin (2022, LSM, Bellport) 
  • Jordan Smikle (2022, LSM, Farmingdale)


  • Daniel Eagers (2022, Defense, Northport)
  • Kevin Kearns (2023, Defense, St. Anthony’s)

Kevin Kearns (2023, Defense, St. Anthony’s)

  • Doug Rabin (2022, Defense, Bay Shore) 
  • Matthew Zusi (2022, Defense, Chaminade)
  • Anthony Billello (2022, Defense, Farmingdale)
  • Will Peters (2022, Defense, Garden City)
  • Maxwell Weisman (2022, Defense, Miller Place)- Lehigh


  • Jake Spallina (2023, FOGO, Mount Sinai)
  • Matthew Tervana (2022, FOGO, Smithtown East)
  • Max Hawinkson (2022, FOGO, Cold Spring Harbor)
  • Max Hawkinson (2022, FOGO, Cold Spring Harbor).


  • Timmy Vine (2022, Goalie, Lindenhurst)
  • Nate Moran (2022, Goalie, Islip) 
  • Owen Connolly (2022, Goalie, Walt Whitman)
  • Matthew Nilan (2022, Goalie, Bayport)  
  • John Baslie (2022, Goalie, West Islip)
  • Cristian Scaffaro (2023, Goalie, Center Moriches) 

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