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LILJ Top 100 Boys Rankings from 2022 Class: 100-23

Welcome to the top 100 men’s players on Long Island! Today we are going to showcase the first 77 of the most impressive juniors playing on the island. Our group of talent evaluators received over 200 names of just juniors who could have appeared on this list. In a sandlot format, the LILJ took the time to decide which players should be selected. The first player picked would be the best recruit from the class of 2022 and the second pick would be number two and so on. Not only did the LILJ take some of the best lacrosse players, but they looked at intangibles like leadership, toughness, as well as ground ball play.

You can listen to the LILJ’s Top 100 discussion here. We will not reveal players 22-1 until next Friday, so make sure to keep and eye out for that. For this week, we will look at players 100-23. All these picks are a matter of opinion and not fact, so we welcome all snubs with open arms, comment to let us know what you think of the list, enjoy!

In the ranking, we will give you the players name, position, high school, and where they committed if applicable.

#100: John Raucci, Midfield, Seaford

#99: Noah Whitehouse, Defense, Islip

#98: Dawson Reilly, Attack, Manhasset, Bryant

#97: Vincent McDermott, Midfield, Massapequa, Hofstra

#96: Patrick Leder, Defense, Manhasset

#95: Michael Valentine, Defense, Massapequa

#94:  Dylan Sas, Attack, Hauppauge

#93: Tyler Ruffini, Midfield, Ward Melville

#92: Sean Druckenmiller, Defense, Bayport

#91: Jake Cenci, Attack, West Islip

#90: Will Feldman, Midfield, North Shore

#89: Tyler Flynn, Midfield, Ward Melville

#88: Jack Magilligan, LSM, Chaminade

#87: Rocco Sergio, Goalie, Lutheran, Merchant Marine

  • One of the top goalies on the island in his class, Rocco Sergio rarely lets a ball go through his 5-hole. He plays the bounce shots beautifully. Also, when he saves the ball, he keeps the ball in the crease for him to pick up clear to the midfielder for a quick transition. In a lesser known program, Sergio has helped Lutheran’s program improve.

#86: James Tyras, Defense, Chaminade

#85: John Basilee, Goalie, West Islip

#84: Sean Carlo, Midfield, Wantagh

#83: Ryan Downing, LSM/Defense, Smithtown West, Quinnipiac

#82: John Baum, Defense, Roslyn, Drexel

#81: Matthew Byrnes, Attack, Chaminade, Sacred Heart

#80: Gavin Takacs, Midfield, Mount Sinai

#79: Jonathan Lewis, FOGO, Islip

#78: Jack Halpin, LSM, Bellport, Albany

#77: Jordan Smikle, LSM, Farmingdale

#76: Richie Rindos, FOGO, Islip

#75: Owen Connelly, Goalie, Whitman

#74: Chris Allen, Goalie, Chaminade

#73: Tyler Davide, Defense, Sachem North, Fairfield

#72: Justin Robbert, Attack, Middle Country

#71: Gavin Locascio, Midfield, Bayport, UMass

#70: Luca Cutolo, Defense, Syosset, Quinnipiac

#69: Jason Kozak, Attack, Floral Park

#68: Liam Lennon, Midfield, Huntington

At 5’10, Liam Lennon uses his quickness to fly by defenders. His scoring ability means most teams focus on him, and he has the ability to find the open man for an easy shot. Lennon can also get physical on defense causing turnovers. His speed allows him to blow past defenders in transition creating easy shots for him and his teammates. He’s also a south paw, which always helps in this game.

#67: Victor Diaso, LSM, Manhasset

#66: Alex Vieni, Attack, Calhoun, Stony Brook

#65: Matt Nilan, Goalie, Bayport

#64: Max Hawkinson, FOGO, Cold Spring Harbor, Rutgers

#63: Will Peters, Defense, Garden City

#62: Spencer Will, Goalie, Cold Spring Harbor

#61: Kevin Radmann, FOGO, Comsewogue

#60: Dougie Rabin, Defense, Bay Shore

#59: Aaron Cho, Attack, Herricks, Boston

#58: Luke Schmitt, Midfield, Garden City

#57: Colin Delay, Midfield, Mineola, Binghamton

  • Colin Delay’s dominant hand is his left when playing. This means he can take unique angles that a defense may not practice to defend because most players are right hand dominant. Delay uses a quick jab to get the defender on his heels then he goes right by them for an easy goal or a nice assist.

#56: Tristan McMahon, LSM, Commack

#55: Timmy Vine, Goalie, Lindenhurst, Albany

#54: Luca Accardo, FOGO, Syosset, Binghamton

#53: Michael Katz, Attack, Comsewogue

#52: Jake Whitney, Defense, SWR

#51: Adrian Nowak, Attack, Kellenberg, St. John’s

#50: Hunter Panzik, Midfield, Manhasset, Air Force

#49: Alex Pfeiffer, Midfield, Sachem North, Albany

#48: Tyler Martini, Attack, Wantagh, Binghamtom

#47: Marcus Wetheim, Midfield, Smithtown East, Brown

#46: Brian Luzzi, Attack, Bethpage, Stony Brook

#45: Jack Delli Pizzi, LSM, West Islip

#44: Curren Johnsen, Midfield, Bellport, Lehigh

#43: Jack Flaherty, Midfield, Chaminade, Navy

#42: Henry Haberman, Attack, Port Washington, Loyola

#41: Tyler Kuprianchik, FOGO, Northport, Mt. St. Mary’s

#40: Patrick Pisano, Defense, Cold Spring Harbor, Dartmouth

#39: Jordan Naso, FOGO, St. Anthony’s, Air Force

  • Jordan Naso’s toughness can been seen just by his commitment to the Air Force when he finishes high school. As a face-off midfielder, Naso finds ways to overpower the opponent to win the face-off. At 5’11, he uses his strength to win, then his speed to fly down the field to set up the offense. There are multiple examples of him winning a face-off then immediately scoring after which makes him a game-changer for any team he plays for.

#38: Jay Ottomannelli, Midfield, Garden City

#37: Jack Sandrib, LSM, Northport, Siena

#36: Jesse Phelan, Defense, Cold Spring Harbor, Lehigh

#35: Daniel Eagers, Defense, Northport, Delaware

#34: Anthony Mollica, Attack, Massapequa, Hofstra

#33: Owen Carroll, Midfield, Smithtown East, Delaware

#32: Anthony Bilello, Defense, Farmingdale, Binghamton

#31: Gavin Jacobsen, Midfield, Port Washington, Binghamton

#30: Kevin Dolan, Midfield, Ward Melville, Fairfield

  • Kevin Dolan is a different type of midfielder. With his 6’4 frame, he has the unique ability to run through defenses. The biggest strength of his game is how strong he is when he drives to the goal. Smaller defenders bounce off of him when he drives. This means that defenses have to use multiple defenders to slow him down freeing up Dolan’s teammates for him to pass too.

#29: Dean Metzger, Midfield, Carey, Providence

#28: Anthony Bartolotto, Attack, Miller Place, Cornell

#27 : James Carretta, Midfield, Mount Sinai, Georgetown

#26: Danny Seaman, Goalie, Farmingdale, St. John’s

#25: Colin Langton, Defense, St. Anthony’s, Army

#24: Griffin Cole, Defense, Chaminade

  • Also at 6’4, Griffin Cole is not a defender most teams want to play against. He uses his size and strength to completely disrupt a whole offense. He uses his long stick to pin plays and push them away from the goal either forcing bad shots or poor passes. His size also allows him to intercept passes and start the transition. One of the best defenders on the island and has yet to commit, so keep an eye out for when he does!

#23: Austin Oppenheim, FOGO, Mount Sinai, Fairfield

Thanks for reading! Come back next Friday for the final 22 players on Long Island for the class of 2022.



  1. Karen Caramelli says:

    Nice job guys ! Well done.
    -Karen Caramelli

  2. Emma says:

    I hope to see Jameson Smith in the 22-1 list!!

  3. Fred says:

    Well deserved, Gavin Locascio!

  4. John says:

    Where’s Jameson Smith?

  5. Jackson says:

    Will there be awards for the girls like 1st team and 2nd team for box league like you had for the boys. That was really cool and nice for the boys. Girls deserve some love too

  6. Brendan says:

    Nice job completing a very difficult and daunting task.

  7. Connor says:

    Way to go boys!

  8. Henry says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

  9. Emily says:

    Such a talented class

  10. Haley says:

    Cant wait to see top 22!

  11. Jennifer says:

    Patiently waiting for the top 23.

  12. Oldbartman says:

    John Considine is missing….

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