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LILJ Girls High School Spring Experience Team Previews

On Sunday, February 28th, the LILJ will be hosting the inaugural High School Spring Experience for girls and boys high school teams. This eight week league includes 10 boys teams and 10 girls teams battling for the inaugural title. The LILJ will live stream every game and cover each team to highlight the programs, promote the players, and grow the game on the island. Please be sure to tell a friend about the HSSE league so we can hype up all the amazing talent coming through this experience.

In this article, we will take a quick look at each girls team’s players to watch, key match-ups during the season, and who they are playing in their first game.

LILJ HSSE Girl’s Team Previews

Bayport Blue Point (Suffolk Class C)

Players to watch: Tessa Orgonas (Committed to LIU), Maddigan Miller (Stanford), Alex Fusco (Stony Brook University), and Alexis Niblock (USC).

Key Match-ups: Week 5 against Montauk & Week 6 against Huntington.

First game: Bayport will open this season against their rivals Shoreham Wading River in the first Epoch game of the week. Follow the LILJ on instagram @lilaxjournal to see some great content and updates from this match-up!


Huntington Blue Devils (Suffolk Class A)

Players to watch: Katie Browne (Bucknell), Lisa Martin (Sacred Heart), Jordan Forte (Stony Brook University), and Tess Calabria (2024)

Key Match-ups: Week 2 against Long Beach & Week 5 against Sachem North

First game: Huntington will start the season against Stony Brook School who will have a slight home-field advantage.


Islip Buccaneers ( Suffolk Class C)

Players to watch: Alexa O’Connor (2021), Deidre Kelly (2022), Melissa Romeyk (2022), and Olivia Piazzolla (2023)

Key Match-ups: Week 2 against Sachem North (Epoch) &  Week 3 against Huntington (Epoch) 

First game: Islip will take on Montauk in last game of the first week.


Long Beach Marines (Nassau Class B)

Players to watch: Reagan Martinsen (Central Michigan), Rivers Cunningham (Hofstra), Cate Miller (UMass), and Delaney Radin (2023)

Key Match-ups: Week 2 against Huntington & Week 3 against Montauk (Epoch) 

First game: Long Beach will face a familiar opponent in Wantagh after battling them during the LILJ girls winter box league.


Montauk HS Girls (Independent)

Before looking at this team, we have to look at how it was formed. This team is made up of “free agents” who wanted to participate in this league, but their high school was not entering the league. This team is a mix of girls from different high schools from across Long Island just looking to get a stick in their hands.

Players to watch: Emma LoPinto (University of Florida), Emily Lamparter (Maryland), Jenn Seebach (Stony Brook University), and Grace Gately (Villanova).

Key match-ups: Week 3 against Long Beach (Epoch) & Week 6 against Sachem North 

First game: Montauk will play against Islip to open the season.


Sachem North (Suffolk Class A)

Players to watch: Healey Torres (2021), Alexa Nuzzi (LIU), Grace Calabria (2022), and Delaney Keegan (2022)

Key Match-ups: Week 5 against Huntington & Week 6 against Montauk

First game: Sachem North will face off against Westhamptom to open their season.


Shoreham Wading River (Suffolk Class C) 

Players to watch: Alexa Constant (2022), Jillian Hobbes (2022), Samantha Serio (2021), and Maggie Harding (2022).

Key match-ups: Week 4 against Sachem North & Week 6 against Stony Brook 

First game: For the first Epoch Game of the Week, Shoreham Wading River will face off against their Class C rivals Bayport.


Stony Brook School (Bears)

Players to watch: Alexa Nuzzi (LIU), Madison Ratchford (2022), Riley Sheridan (2022), Nicole Matthews (2022), and Skylar Goodman (2022), Lauren Perfetto (Young Gun)

Key match-ups: Week 2 against Westhamptom (Epoch) & Week 3 against Huntington 

First game: Stony Brook School will open the season at Stony Brook University against Huntington.


Wantagh Warriors (Nassau Class B)

Players to watch: Jill Balkunas (Brown), MaKenna Boutin (Rutgers), Shannon Sullivan (Towson), and Shae Insigna (Sacred Heart), Emma Gonsowski (FL Southern), Olivia Benedetto (FL Southern), Leena Moussa (Mercy), Reilly Brady (Molloy), Eva Ingrilli (Young Gun)

Key match-ups: Week 4 against Montauk (Epoch) & Week 6 against Westhamptom (Epoch)

First game: To kick off the HHSE season, Wantagh will play against Nassau power Long Beach.


Westhampton (Suffolk Class C)

Players to watch: Olivia Rongo (JMU), Maureen Duffy (UVA), Casey Gallagher (La Salle), and Campbell Kast (Millersville)

Key match-ups: Week 2 against Stony Brook (Epoch) & Week 4 against Huntington (Epoch) 

First game: Westhampton will start the season playing against Sachem North.

Good luck to all the girls teams!


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