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LILJ Boys High School Spring Experience Team Previews

Let’s look at the 10 different boys teams participating in the inaugural LILJ High School Spring Experience. We will identify the key players for each team, key match-ups, and who each team is slated to compete against in Week 1.

Calhoun (Nassau Class B)

Players to watch: Nick Lotito (Committed to Alvernia), Chris Perrone (Manhattanville), Alex Vieni (Stony Brook University), and Braeden Vieni (Tampa University)

Key match-ups: Week 2 against Smithtown East & Week 6 against Commack

First game: To open up the season, Calhoun will play Montauk Green. 


Cold Spring Harbor (Nassau Class C)

Players to watch: Ben Bruno (Amherst), Patrick Pisano (Dartmouth), Will Spehr (Middlebury), and Max Hawkinson (Rutgers), Jesse Phelan (Lehigh)

Key match-ups: Week 3 against Ward Melville & Week 5 against Calhoun

First game: In Week 1, Cold Spring Harbor will take on Smithtown East.


Commack (Suffolk Class A)

Players to watch: Jay LaMay (Fairfield), Ethan Dalland (2024), Ryan Smith (2023), and Cameron Clark (2023)

Key match-ups: Week 3 against Montauk Green & Week 6 against Calhoun 

First game: Commack will open their season against Syosset. 


North Babylon (Suffolk Class A)

Players to watch: Timothy Vine (Albany), Peter Crafa (2023), Connor Murphy (2023), and Liam Carbonaro (2023)

Key match-ups: Week 2 against Montauk Green & Week 6 against Cold Spring Harbor 

First game:North Babylon will play Montauk Pink in week one.


Montauk Green (Free Agent)

Before we discuss this team, we have to explain what type of team this is. Montauk Green and Pink are “free agent” teams. This means that players whose schools didn’t have enough players to join the league can join the two Montauk teams and still participate in this league. So, these two teams are a mix of different players from different high schools around the island.

Players to watch: Gavin Jacobsen (Binghamton), Jake Demert (Brown), Matthew Perfetto (Cornell), and Patrick Leder (2022), Jack Dellipizzi (2022),

Key match-ups: Week 2 against North Babylon (Epoch) & Week 3 against Commack (Epoch) 

First game: Montauk Green will play Calhoun in week one and see if they can work well as a team with limited practice together


Montauk Pink (Free Agent)

Players to watch: CJ Mangio (2023), Chris Bergersen (2023), Trevor Gayron (2023), Matt Pantorno (2023) SammyMac Arner (2023) and Alex Siegel (2023)

Key match-ups: Week 3 against Smithtown East & Week 5 against Montauk Green (Epoch) 

First game: Montauk pink will face off against North Babylon to open their season.


The Saints (Independent)

Players to watch: Cole Asheim (2023), Jack Ponzio (2023), Kevin Kearns (2023), and Owen Duffy (2023)

Key match-ups: Week 2 against Cold Spring Harbor & Week 4 against Montauk Pink 

First game: The Saints start the season playing against a tough opponent in Ward Melville for our first Epoch Game of the Week!


Smithtown East (Suffolk Class A)

Players to watch: Marcus Wertheim (Brown), Owen Carroll (Delaware), Andrew Donato (2022), Giancarlo Pecorale (2024)

Key match-ups: Week 2 against Calhoun (Epoch) & Week 5 against Commack (Epoch) 

First game: Smithtown East will play against Cold Spring Harbor in the first Epoch Game of the Week this season!


Syosset Braves (Nassau Class A)

Players to watch: Luca Accardo (Binghamton), Ethan Cotler (Connecticut), Joseph Bueti (Marist), and Aj Alexander (Providence)

Key match-ups: Week 3 against North Babylon & Week 4 against Montauk Green (Epoch)

First game: Syosset will play against Commack to kick off their season.


Ward Melville Patriots (Suffolk Class A) 

Players to watch: Nikolas Barbero (2023) &  Nick Bruckner (2023)

Key match-ups: Week 3 against Cold Spring Harbor (Epoch) & Week 6 against Montauk Pink 

First game: Ward Melville will play the last game of week 1 against the Saints.


Good luck to all the boys teams! Be sure to click the link below this Sunday to get access to the live stream!


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