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LILJ Interview: Emily Lamparter, Maryland Commit

Choosing the University of Maryland was not only about the lacrosse program for Emily Lamparter. The senior from Mount Sinai will be joining the currently ranked 17th team in the country, but for her, it is more than just athletics in her decision to become a Terp. 

I went to the University of Maryland for my freshman year of college. It is a beautiful campus, and the academics are top-notch. Congrats! What led you to choose Maryland besides the lacrosse program? 

Lacrosse program aside, I chose the University of Maryland due to its wide variety of majors, so if I don’t end up loving my major I’ll always have something to fall back on.

Have you been following Maryland’s lacrosse season? They currently rank #17 in the country. What are you seeing from the team that makes you excited to join them in the fall?

Watching Maryland lacrosse this year, I definitely am impressed with how well all the underclassmen have stepped into their roles and gained experience in the college lacrosse landscape. I’m definitely excited to play with one of the top defenses in front of me, and to continue help them perform.

Entering the High School Spring Experience, your team is filled with “free agents.” Have you played with these girls before? What are you most excited about playing in the High School Spring Experience?

I’m so excited to start playing in the High School Spring Experience, because a lot of these players are people that I’ve played with on my Yellow Jacket team, and others I have played with on the Long Island Under Armour team in the past. I think this league is a great opportunity for me to gain back some game experience before the spring season starts.

This is going to be your last year playing high school lacrosse. As the season is coming up, what is something you are most looking forward to accomplishing during your senior year?

For my last season at Mount Sinai, I want to get as far as we possibly can in this shortened season. We were given the number one seed in our division and we are working hard to show why we deserve it. This season personally, I want to strengthen my skills in the net and as a communicator on defense as much as I can before I leave for college. I’m also hoping I get the opportunity to play in the senior All-American game, which has been a dream of mine ever since I started playing goalie.

What is your advice for future lacrosse players?

One piece of advice I can give to younger players is to always find and utilize extra popularity to play. Whether that’s staying after your game to fill in a spot for another team, or staying after practice and taking extra shots. I’ve always believed you get what you put into things.

Overtime Question: Calhoun Attackman, Alex Vieni asked –  “What has been the biggest game-changer for you this offseason?”

The biggest game-changer for me this off-season is the extra month that has been given to us before our season starts due to COVID. I’m definitely going to be using this extra time to my advantage to be prepared as possible for this upcoming season.


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