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Announcement – LILJ Takes Over w/ Full Coverage of Top Long Island Club Recruiting Event!

This summer, the LILJ is excited to take-over and serve up full coverage of one of the most premier recruiting experiences on Long Island. The Big X Classic is a two-day, championship style recruiting tournament that gives top club programs on the east coast a chance to get tons of exposure in front of college coaches. These programs will travel to LIU Post on June 26th and June 27th, 2021 for an incredible weekend of lacrosse. Read all about what the LILJ will be doing to rejuvenate this long-standing recruiting event below!

The Coverage

For the first time, the Long Island Lacrosse Journal will be running and covering a team recruiting tournament. What does this mean for those in attendance?! Well, the LILJ will host the schedules, the scores, team statistics (record, seeding, goals for, goals against, goals per game average), player statistics (goals, assists, points, face-off wins, face-off percentage, caused turnovers, saves, and save percentage), playoff brackets, game coverage, accolades, stories, and championships coverage directly onto the LILJ website. Wow! That’s a lot to cover in one weekend.

Be sure to check out the NEW and IMPROVED BIG X Classic event webpage by clicking the button at the bottom of this release.

The LILJ is taking its experience covering Long Island High School lacrosse and its experience running leagues, and bringing it to the LILJ Big X Classic recruiting event.

Our goal is to rejuvenate the Big X Classic recruiting experience and set the standard for what players, teams, and programs should experience at a summer recruiting event. With the evolution of the LILJ media channels, and technology surrounding recruiting high school student-athletes, it’s a great opportunity to maximize usage of those tools at recruiting events. This will in turn give the athletes a better experience, more exposure, more engagement, and ultimately, more recruiting opportunities. -Corey Winkoff, Co-Founder Long Island Lacrosse Journal

Rejuvenating the lacrosse tournament experience will come naturally as the Long Island Lacrosse Journal rolls out the red carpet for all the athletes in attendance at the newly branded LILJ Big X Classic. Bringing everything you need to know about a tournament to 1 spot aka the LILJ website, will give players, families, fans, and college coaches an opportunity to easily follow the action pre-event, during event weekend, and post-event.

The Opportunities

Besides rejuvenating the experience for all, the amount of exposure and opportunities players at our event will receive from college coaches will drastically improve.

What we do at the LILJ is provide an integrated recruiting experience by giving players exposure to college coaches via multiple platforms, including: social media, traditional video streaming services, free recruiting apps, our custom lacrosse hub aka LiLaxJournal.com & an amazing live experience aka the Big X Class event itself. -Mike Winkoff, Co-Founder LILJ

Promoting players via social media has gone from something that’s an added perk, to something that’s become a legitimate source to promote, engage with, and follow-up with lacrosse recruits. The combination of what the LILJ does on social, online, in person, and through our partner recruiting services is what gives player’s unrivaled exposure in their personal recruiting process.

During event weekend, the LILJ will be reporting on these games with postgame interviews, quick game recaps, and live updates as well. This tournament will also have LILJ photographers and videographers capturing all the excitement for friends and family to watch. We will put together highlight reels of certain players or teams throughout the weekend.

Our partner for recruiting at the LILJ Big X Classic will be Sports Recruits. This company has evolved as recruiting has evolved. Each year, Sports Recruits has proven to get better at empowering student athletes to engage with college coaches and create more opportunities. This summer, the LILJ Big X Classic will be powered by the Event Beacon app, which will host every game and every roster from event weekend, for every college coach in the country to see. This gives players at our events an opportunity to get recruited whether a coach is at the event or not.

Game Play

Each team is guaranteed at least five games so every team will get an opportunity to get ample exposure over the course of the weekend. After pool player, teams will get seeded and compete to a Championship throughout the day on Sunday. It definitely pays off to make the Championship, as each of the 6 Championship games will be live streamed, with live event coverage from our trusted LILJ media team.

This year, we’ve got an elite line-up of club programs in attendance, and the list just keeps on growing. If you’re curious about who’s in attendance, be sure to click the link at the bottom of this article to learn more. If you’re interested in joining the action, tap the ‘Email the LILJ’ button below.

We at the LILJ are proud of the work we do to help these players through the recruitment process. The ultimate goal is helping players at our events accomplish their goals of getting more exposure and committing the school of their dreams. Circle the dates [Saturday, June 26th & Sunday, June 27th] on your calendar because you won’t want to miss all the new ways the LILJ will cover and run this tournament from beginning to end!


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