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LILJ Interview: Maureen Duffy of Westhampton Heading to Virginia

When she first stepped foot onto campus in Charlottesville, Maureen Duffy knew this was going to be her home for the next four years. After years filled with memories with her teammates and beating lacrosse rivals, Duffy is ready to leave it all on the field before she begins her college career as a Cavalier. 

I saw you and your brother were both selected for the Under Armour All-American Lacrosse Tournament. How was that experience? Do you feel like you have been a role model for him as he navigates playing high school lacrosse?

Playing in the Under Armour tournament with Owen was a great experience! Through all our years of travel lacrosse, it was our first tournament together on the same set of fields- so our parents definitely loved it! I wouldn’t say that I’ve been a role model for Owen because I think the two of us push and motivate each other more than him looking up to me. If anything I look up to him because of his crazy work ethic and confidence on the field.


I also saw you committed to the University of Virginia. Congrats! A few of my friends go to UVA, and they absolutely love it. What about the program that led you to commit there? Was it the coaches and players? 

I absolutely loved everything about UVA the moment I arrived in Charlottesville. Not only are the grounds beautiful and the academics prestigious, but the environment the coaches have created feels like a huge family and I felt beyond at home with the players.


During the age of COVID-19, the recruiting process has been shaken up. Were you able to visit the campus? What other schools were you deciding between, and what separated UVA from the rest of the bunch?

COVID-19 has certainly changed the recruiting process for so many. I was fortunate to visit schools in September of my junior year before we all knew too well the words pandemic and quarantine!


What are you most looking forward to accomplishing during the High School Spring Experience?

With all the chaos in the world right now I’m grateful to have any form of a season. I definitely want to leave everything I have on the field this year. It will be my 6th year on the team and I want to enjoy it with all my teammates!


What is your favorite lacrosse moment of all time? Was it in high school? Was it on a different team? If you do not mind, can you describe your favorite moment? 

Favorite lacrosse moment – that is a difficult question! Favorite moments have to include the friendships I developed with my Yellow Jacket teammates, beating rival teams like M&D and Skywalkers, and definitely being on the first Westhampton team to make it to the County Championship.


Overtime Question from Emily Lamparter and her overtime question was “what is the most memorable thing a coach has told you?

My dad actually coached me all throughout PAL so he’s been there since the beginning of my lacrosse career. One thing he told me that has stuck with me ever since is “Respect all, fear none”.


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