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LiLJ Girls HSSE Mid-Season Team Review- 10 Team Recap, Stand-Out Players, and Playoff Predictions!

Girls Mid-Season Recap

Happy Easter! To compensate for the lack of games this past weekend, we are going to take a quick look at each girl’s team and talk about their season so far. We will look at their records, key players, and upcoming match-ups to watch out for. I will also predict the final standing and record for each team. Enjoy!

Bayport (4-0)

Bayport is a scary team to play in this league. Not only do they have talent on offense, midfield, and defense, but this team plays together and has strong chemistry. This was evident in their 11-6 win over Montauk in week 3. That game was close in the first half, but once Bayport found its groove in the second half, Montauk couldn’t keep up with their offense or strong defense.

Looking at some key players for this team, both their goalies, Skyler Fig and Felicia Giglio are a large part of Bayport’s success. Making highlight reel saves every game just shows each player’s athleticism and preparation. On offense, Maddigan Miller leads the team in points with 15! She’s scored nine goals and has six assists on the season showing her versatility in their offensive scheme.

Bayport has also been tenacious in their riding game. Their deep zone ride forces teams to execute crisp, short passes to advance the ball up the field. No easy task!

Looking ahead in their schedule, their last game of the season against Huntington, which could be a preview of the championship game. Both teams have superb chemistry and I am extremely excited to watch the Miller vs. Jordan Forte match-up.

I predict that this team will finish first in the league at 6-0. They will have to scratch and battle against Huntington, but I see them winning a close one to secure the undefeated, Championship season.

Montauk (3-1)

The one girl’s free agent team, has collected an excellent group of talented girls. This team blew past their opponents in the first three games before running into Bayport, in a game they lost 11-6. Montauk didn’t have some key players that week, so hopefully they return after Easter. Even as a free agent team, Montauk has proven they are a top team in this league and will be looking to finish the season on top getting revenge on Bayport for Sunday’s loss.

Emma LoPinto shines as the team’s best all around player. She uses her court vision from basketball to help her see  the lacrosse field in different ways allowing her to find open teammates. She’s scored nine goals and assisted on nine this season just to show how balanced she is on offense. Grace Gately was a player they missed last week and it showed. She dominates from behind the goal and uses her height to find different angles to score or find her teammates. On defense, Jennifer Seebach has emerged as one of the best defenders in the league using her strength and communication skills to help her teammates play tough defense.

Looking ahead, Montauk’s next two games are against Islip and Sachem North, which are the two teams that missed last week’s action. Hopefully with the extended break, these teams can make a comeback to the league, but if they don’t, I am hoping for Montauk to run into Huntington during the playoffs to see an epic match-up.

This team is in a good spot to take the second seed in the playoffs at 5-1. Their last two games of the season are against young teams that might not be able to keep up with the experience and speed of this Montauk team.

Huntington (2-1)

We only got to see one Huntington game in Week 3, where they defeated Long Beach 16-11. This is the second season I’ve been watching this Huntington squad and they are one of the toughest team’s in the league. In this season, the team has focused on offense more than defense getting into high scoring shootouts with two of the teams they’ve played. The secret to their success in the box league was their defense, so once their full team is back watch out for their defense to step up.

We know who the key players for this team are. Jordan and Gianna Forte have came to play in this spring season. For Jordan, playing in a Stony Brook facility just gets her more excited to play for the Lady Seawolves in less than a year. Tess Calabria has also played well for this team and just gets better every weekend I watch her play. She is one of the most impressive freshman this island has to offer and she needs to play big for Huntington to reach the championship game.

In their last game of the season, Huntington will play Bayport in a potential game of the season. Both teams will have a lot to player for, Bayport will want to stay undefeated while Huntington would try to sneak in to the second seed past Montauk with a win. Comment down below how excited you are for this game!

I think Huntington will edge Stony Brook School, but lose to Bayport in a close one making their record 3-2. Depending on other teams, this could put them in third or fourth place in the league. Looking at Westhampton’s schedule, I think if Huntington loses to Bayport it could send them all the way to fourth place.

Westhampton (2-1)

The high powered offense of Westhampton has propelled them into the top three team discussion. Beating Huntington 13-11 in week 2, Westhampton can go against any defense and still find the back of the cage. Westhampton plays a quick paced game that could disrupt other team’s offensive schemes. Unfortunately, we only saw one Westhampton game last weekend, but they will come back fired up and ready to make a playoff push.

Leading her team with 12 points, Maureen Duffy leads the high powered offense with 10 goals. You may have also seen Duffy play for Montauk, but her first priority is playing for Westhampton and helping them win. Her plus Olivia Rongo and Jackie Amato create a big three of scorers that any defense will have trouble defending. But, Amat  is a defender and needs to help her defense improve to make the Championship.

On the last week of the season, Westhampton will take on Wantagh. This will be a good match-up for Westhampton because Wantagh forces a team to play slow thanks to their defense. Westhampton will have to adapt which is great practice for the postseason and the real school season at the end of April.

I think Westhampton will win their last three games pushing their record to 5-1.  

Stony Brook School (2-2)

The Stony Brook team is an interesting team to evaluate. In their first two games of the season, they beat Sachem North and Islip comfortably, but fell to Westhampton and Wantagh, two really good teams. To me, that shows this team has talent to run with the best of them, but they just are still getting used to playing together and adjusted to the speed/experience of the better teams in this league.

Stony Brook’s got a wave of solid upperclassmen who have really helped this team find success. Some of their key cogs include Ashley Bonitch, Abby O’Connor, Alexa Nuzzi, and Skyler Goodman in goal.

Don’t sleep on the two young guns for Stony. Aubrey Eisfeld has scored eight goals on the season and is showing us what kind of player she is. Her partner in crime, Alexa Spallina has really shown her versatility as a dodger, goal scorer, and spark on the offensive end

In the week after Easter, Stony Brook will get tested against Huntington. I’m very interested to see how Stony’s offense will execute against one of the toughest defenses in the league.

I think Stony Brook will finish 3-3,  putting them below Huntington as the 5th or 6th seed.

Wantagh (2-2)

Wantagh started the league off with a win over Shoreham Wading River in the first ever game of the HSSE. This team prides themselves on tough defense and unselfish offense. The way this team can control the tempo of the game makes them a scary opponent for any team.  This team has been missing some players week to week which makes it tough for them to string together wins, but they just strung together a quality win over the Stony Brook team this past week.

Wantagh uses their dynamic duo of Eva Ingrilli and Madison Alaimo to score at will on offense. Alaimo has 14 goals on the season and has seven. One of their most underrated players is Leena Mousa. Mousa has done it all for the Warriors. Another key contributor is Shannon Sullivan. As a midfielder, she has to play both sides of the field and she shines on the defensive side. She has scooped 12 ground balls on the season essentially giving her team 12 more possessions on offense.

Looking ahead to the week after Easter, Wantagh will play against Long Beach. This game has a lot of playoff implications. Wantagh will look to slow down the quick offense for Long  Beach and allow their dynamic duo to fill up the cage.

I think Wantagh will move past Long Beach with a win then lose to Westhampton in the final game of the season giving them a 3-3 record.

Long Beach (1-3)

This team came into the season looking very strong after a great display during the winter box league. However, they had to face Bayport, Montauk, and Huntington for their first three games of the season. Any team would have a tough time playing those teams in a row. After losing those three games, they bounced back against Shoreham Wading River in a 13-6 win. After starting the season slow, I expect Long Beach to play much better in the last two weeks of the season.

Super Sophomore Delaney Radin continues to show us her skills scoring 10 goals on the season. She started the season off a little slow, but she has picked it up in the last couple  of games even winning Epoch Player of the Game this weekend. Winter Box League championship game MVP, Alexis Morton has also played well for Long Beach scoring nine goals. Long Beach will look to these two players for their final playoff push.

In their next game against Wantagh, Long Beach will be ready to compete. They will need to win the next two games to finish 3-3 and take over the 5th seed in the playoffs. But, Wantagh will use their tough defense to prevent Morton and Radin from dominating the game so it will be a tough task for Long Beach.

I think Long Beach will lose to Wantagh then beat Islip bringing their record to 2-4. But, this team will be a dangerous playoff team thanks to their star power on offense, and excellent goalie play on defense. This team could upset any team they see in the playoffs!

Shoreham Wading River (1-3)

Shoreham Wading River has played tough games against their opponents in this league. They barely lost to Wantagh 11-8, and beat Sachem North 13-8. As a very young team, many players are looking to gain  experience from this league and aren’t concerned with the final score. Many young talents have shown up for this team to play hard and they are still an exciting team to watch.

One of those young players is GraceAnn Leonard who has scored four goals and scooped 14 ground balls on the season. She is a quick midfielder that takes ground balls and clears them herself. She is a sophomore who played varsity as an 8th grader so she has experience. Carlie Cutinella has also played well for this team scoring seven goals.

In their last game of the season, SWR will face off against the Stony Brook School. Winning this game will bring their record to 2-4 and a shot to crack the top 7 seeds going into playoffs!

I believe that SWR will finish the season with a 1-5  record and finish in the 8th seed of the playoffs. As a young team, they just want to see improvements from week to week. A lot of these girls will be thankful they got the experience of playing against older girls because it will prepare them for the season!

Islip (0-2) & Sachem North (0-2)

Both of these teams missed last week’s action. Back at this week, both teams will be rested and ready to rock.

Islip is an extremely young team starting a 7th grader in Caitlin Barnes who is tough. Olivia Piazolla leads the team with three goals and is the focal point of this offense. She usually touches the ball at least once during an offensive possession. Their next two games are against Montauk and a hungry Long Beach. I predict Islip to secure one of the bottom seeds and will be fighting their way into the Elite 8. Because of this team’s toughness and tenacity, I’ll never say never.

Led by their senior Danielle Scarfolgliero (aka Scarf), Sachem North has had a tough time getting acquainted to this league. They are usually missing players each week and it is hard to build chemistry like that. Scarf has six goals on the season and Alexa Nuzzi has three. Sachem will play Westhampton and Montauk in their next two games which is a tough assignment for most teams in this league. Similar to Islip, I expect North to secure one of the bottom seeds and will be fighting their way into the Elite 8.

As we move into the halfway point of the season, comment down below what your favorite moment of the girl’s game so far? Thank you for reading!


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