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LILJ & Press Sports Team up to Enhance Lacrosse within #1 Sports Social Media App

Press Sports is a new, innovative, and powerful app that’s going to change the way athletes catch the eyes of recruiters from around the country. This app is like no other, bringing an all new take on player highlights. 

As high school and college athletes, we were well aware of the stigma surrounding posting your highlights and athletic achievements on other social media. But, to build your recruiting brand, it was important to get your content out there for coaches to have access to so we knew there was a need for the product” -Conrad, CEO of Press Sports

Players are able to make quick, flashy highlights that showcase their best moments, making it so viewers get lost in all their content. This is an amazing opportunity for young athletes to make a name for themselves, build a following, and even get recruited to play on the next level. 

“Think of us as a blend of Instagram and LinkedIn. Our goal is to provide athletes, coaches, teams, and even fans, with a platform that can be used however you need to accomplish your goals in the Sports world, whether that be social-oriented or career-oriented.” -Conrad, CEO of Press Sports

As thousands of players begin to post their highlights to boost their careers, coaches have also wasted no time exploring this app in order to find their next big time play maker. Player content comes up on coaches feeds all the time, making it easy for coaches to find you. Instead of having to send out highlight after highlight to each individual coach, Press Sports allows the coaches to find you. 

“We have several hundred coaches active on the App every day. So just by posting, your video can get in front of a coach’s eyes and potentially get you recruited. Nearly all of our coaches have informed us that they have started recruiting an athlete they discovered on the Press Sports App.” -Conrad, CEO of Press Sports

However, Press Sports is looking to give more exposure to Lacrosse players across the island and all over the country, so they came to the right place.

“Getting involved in the Lacrosse community will help us continue to provide a platform for the Sports that do not receive nearly as much attention as they deserve.” -Connor, Head of Lacrosse at Press Sports

LILJ will be teaming up with Press Sports to provide the best coverage for lacrosse athletes and give them a chance to shine on this awesome platform. “From the get go, LILJ understood how we could provide value to the Lacrosse community and educated us on the best ways to go about it”.  LILJ plans to get lacrosse players engaged and pumping out the best lacrosse content possible. We are determined to get lacrosse associated with the Press Sports brand and get everyone the recognition they deserve. 

Let’s take a look at all the ways LILJ and Press Sports are going to change the way you see lacrosse: 

The LILJ will have their very own Press Sports page where we’ll upload all the best lacrosse content to help build awareness and engagement. Press Sports doesn’t have to be solely based on highlights. They encourage a wide range of creative content for athletes to post. 

“We encourage our athletes to post practice highlights, weight room clips, and lifestyle videos (things like “A Day in the Life of a Top Ranked Lacrosse Recruit”)” -Conrad, CEO of Press Sports

The LILJ and Press Sports will have exclusive interviews and Podcasts to discuss news, events, goals, and more exciting information. We can’t forget about featured articles on Press Sports athletes who are involved in the community and making great content. Be ready for our weekly LILJ Reveal articles that highlight all stories, features, partners, and updates on the game!

Also be on the lookout for some elite lacrosse talent from Long Island who are ready to make some noise in the Press Sports community. Players, fans, parents, and scouts will even have a chance to learn from the Press Sports team at our live lacrosse events so you can see firsthand how the Press Sports app can kickstart your own athletic brand and give you as much exposure as possible.

We’re pumped to be working with Press Sports and to be a part of this amazing platform that can change lacrosse highlights, exposure, brand building, and recruitment for the better! This app is a game changer and we plan on taking it to the next level. Stay up to date on all the LILJ & Press Sports news, players, and content by following us on social media and downloading Press Sports from the app store today!


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