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LI Lacrosse Star & Brown Commit, Luke Dellichichi Becomes His Best Self with AMP

Luke Dellichichi is no average player by any means. His speed, agility, and ability to get creative in order to get past some of the toughest defenders has earned him a spot in the 2022 class on the Brown University’s Division 1 lacrosse team. But just like any great athlete, Luke is always looking to improve. 

I would like to play with more pace in my game. Sometimes I find myself trying to do too much or make challenging plays. I think it’s important for me to not force as many passes or unlikely shots in games”. 


Luke doesn’t train like a regular athlete. In order to be the best, he pushes his mind, body, and willpower to the max, but he can’t do it alone. Luckily for Luke, he has the best facility, coaching, and training on the island to help him get ready for his college dreams. 


AMP has been the home of several lacrosse stars on the island, and they’re looking to help Luke follow some of the greats. It’s incredibly hard to find a facility that can compete with all the unique features that AMP brings to the table. The culture of the players and coaches is like no other, with everyone striving for the same goal of improvement. 


“AMP is a really special place. Everyone in there has a common goal in preparing themselves to get to the next level in whatever sport they play. Coach TJ, Coach Garret, and Coach Hannah have been a huge help in guiding me through strength training and taking care of my body allowing me to perform to my best ability.”


AMP isn’t just a training facility. They use science backed applications of performance training, recovery, nutrition, and mindset. Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it? Well even though AMP has worked with big name athletes, their goal is to help all athletes no matter the level they’re on or the sport they play. 


AMP has a large variety of different training methods in order to fit the needs of every athlete. They have individual training, team based training, and more. No matter how you train, the coaches at AMP build special connections with each and every player. When you join AMP, you’re not just an athlete, you’re part of a family that is going to get you to not only meet your goals, but exceed them. 


“At AMP you are surrounded by plenty of like minded individuals who are all working to get themselves ready for college. All of the coaches at AMP know exactly what each athlete needs to work on, and they put a lot of time into programming each session for each athlete”. -Luke Delli


AMP has been able to help Dellichichi not only improve his skills on the field, but off the field as well. The skills you learn at AMP are  crucial for sports, but also in everyday life. 


“College coaches are simply not going to take a kid because he scores the most goals in a summer tournament. They are looking for well- rounded smart players and even better people off the field”. 


There’s no such thing as a day off for student athletes. Their school work and sport takes over their lives and can be very draining at times, but AMP understands every player’s needs and knows how to help keep players athleticism and grades at their best consistently. 


“From a mindset perspective performance training has helped me grow as an athlete and student. It’s an hour or two each day where I can escape all distractions or responsibilities and just focus on bettering myself. I feel I can study and focus better at night after my workout which normally is right after school”. 


Wanna be able to be both a scholar student and incredible athlete like Luke Dellichichi? Join the AMP family and be ready to discover what you’re truly capable of on and off the field. You can get a free evaluation today at AMP by simply saying you found them through the LILJ.


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