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LILJ Boy’s GOAT All-Long Island Watch-List 2021

As the end of the high school season approaches, we at the LILJ want to promote the best players on the island. With the help of coaches, fans, teammates, and our talent evaluators watching these players, we have created a watch-list of GOATs who are in the running for our All-Long Island teams. This list is already long, but we want you to comment below any names you think deserve to make it! Lastly, the LILJ recognizes 1 outstanding male on Long Island to receive the second annual Paumanok Award. Stay tuned for our Top 5 candidates which will be released shortly!

AJ Alexander, Attack at Syosset, Providence

Adrian Nowak, Attack at Kellenberg

Aidan McCaffrey, Defense at Comsewogue, Delaware

Aidan Mulholland, Midfield at Manhasset, Michigan

AJ Pascarella, FOGO at Wheatley

AJ Volkman, Defense at Mount Sinai, LIU Post

Albert Paniccia, Midfield at Friend’s Academy, Binghamton

Alex Fascilla, Goalie at Huntington, Babson

Alex Giacobbe, Attack at Manhasset, Amherst

Alex Zepf, Goalie at Chaminade, Notre Dame

Andrew Ciprian, Defense at Lynbrook, Palm Beach Atlantic

Andrew McAdorey, Midfield at St. Anthony’s, Duke

Andrew Robinson, Midfield at Port Washington

Andrew Rooney, Defense at Chaminade

Andrew Sellitto, Attack at Hauppauge, Muhlenberg

Andrew Tittmann, Goalie at Northport, Nassau CC

Andy Grover, Midfield at Harborfields

Anthony Caputo, Goalie at Riverhead

Anthony Denicola, Midfield at Carey

Anthony O’Shea, Goalie at Sewahnaka, St. Thomas Aquinas

Ari Mizhiritsky, Goalie at Wheatley

Ben Bonafede, Midfield at Chaminade, Bucknell

Ben Bruno, Midfield at Cold Spring Harbor, Amherst

Ben Ferrara, FOGO at Locust Valley, Boston U

Braeden Vieni, Attack at Calhoun

Branden Tello, Defense at Carey, Pace

Brandon Kessler, Goalie at Hills East, Aldelphi

Brandon Ventarola, Midfield at Mount Sinai, Colgate

Brendan McCray, Defense at Comsewogue, Army

Brendan Pedisich, Goalie at East Meadow

Brian Connelly, Midfield at MacArthur, FL Southern

Brian Russell, Attack at Kellenberg, Merrimack

Briggs Capobianco, Defense at Port Washington

Cameron Lee, LSM/FOGO at Sachem North

Cammy Ottimo, Attack at Cold Spring Harbor

Casmar Pierre, Attack/Midfield at Holy Trinity

Chase Cassagnai, Defense at West Islip

Chris Barry, Midfield at East Meadow

Chris Kavanagh, Attack at Chaminade, Notre Dame

Chris Perrone, Defense at Calhoun

Chris Simonton, Attack at Ward Melville

Christian Lembo, Defense at Farmingdale, SUNY Maritime

Christian Maisel, Midfield at St. John the Baptist, Rutgers

Christopher Cappelmann, FOGO at Smithtown East, Navy

CJ Dorr, Midfield at Riverhead

Cole Croston, Defense at Mount Sinai

Cole Dexter, Goalie at Wantagh, Arcadia

Cole Longo, Defense at Cold Spring Harbor

Colin Richards, Defense at Kellenberg

Conner Gallagher, Defense at Northport, Cortland

Connor McCormick, Defense at Bay Shore, Quinnipiac

Connor Postel, LSM at Sachem East

Conor Julich, Midfield at Islip, Wagner

Corey Watson, Midfield at Comsewogue, Nassau Community College

Craig Ackerman, Defense at Seaford, Cortland

Daniel Garone, Attack at Syosset

Daniel Koban, Midfield at Port Jefferson

Daniel McLoughlin, LSM/Defense, Farmingdale, Mercy

Daniel Mercado, FOGO at Shoreham Wading River, Wagner

Danny Bachety, Defense at West Islip

Danny Caddigan, Attack at Smithtown West, Colgate

Danny Zabbia, Attack at Hills West, Pace

Dante Quilca, Midfield at Lynbrook

David Kempner, Defense at Chaminade

Derek Tackas, Attack at Mount Sinai, Stony Brook

Devin Lefkowitz, Defense at Syosset

Dominic Ciaccio, Midfield at Farmingdale, Stony Brook

Dominic Genzale, LSM/Defense at North Shore, Stony Brook

Dominick D’Orazio, Attack at Sachem East

Elijah Edmonds, FOGO at Port Washington

Emilio Ramirez, Attack/Midfield at Holy Trinity

Ethan Cotler, Midfield at Syosset

Ethan Scully, FOGO at Bay Shore, New Paltz

Forrest Demetri, Attack at North Shore, Brown

Gavin O’Connor, Attack at Patchogue Medford

George Panagopoulos, Defense at Friends Academy

Grant Pearsall, Attack at Chaminade, Quinnipiac

Griffin Chernoff, Attack at Kellenberg, Binghamton

Harrison Crowley, FOGO at Riverhead

Hunter Gagne, Midfield at Cold Spring Harbor, Wesleyan

Hunter Harvey, Attack/Midfield at Newfield-Middle Country

Ian McGullam, Defense at Harborfields, Navy

Ian Votta, Defense at Levittown Division, NJIT

Jack Alletto, Defense at North Shore

Jack Clausen, Defense at Lynbrook

Jack Cornell, Defense at Island Trees, St. John Fisher

Jack Fiorillo, Midfield at Wheatley

Jack Krisch, Midfield at Huntington, UMass

Jack Murphy, Midfield at Sachem East, Mercyhurst

Jack Nichtern, Attack at Massapequa, Navy

Jack Nolan, LSM at Floral Park, Drexel

Jackson Maher, Defense at Mount Sinai, Union

Jake Deacy, Attack at Comsewogue, Marist

Jake Demert, Defense at Bay Shore, Brown

Jake Taylor, Attack at William Floyd, Wingate

Jake Wilson, Defense at Shoreham Wading River, Duke

Jalen Seymour, Midfield at St. Anthony’s, Notre Dame

James Araneo, Midfield at Ward Melville, Brown (Wrestling)

James Dearborn, Defense at Wheatley

James Kaprolas, Defense at Wheatley, Fairfield

James Laudenslager, Attack/Midfield at Chaminade

James Saragossi, Midfield at East Meadow

Jared Morales, Midfield at Port Washington, Stony Brook

Jason Flynn, Midfield at Ward Melville

Jason Iracane, Attack at West Islip

Jayson Singer, Defense at Syosset, Cornell

Jeffrey Lachenmeyer, Attack at Shoreham Wading River, Navy

Jensen Weingard, Midfield/Attack at Port Washington

Jezayd Hall, FOGO at William Floyd, Albany

Jimmy O’Connel, Attack at Carey, Boston U

Joseph Bueti, Attack at Syosset, Marist

Joe Constantino, Midfield at West Islip, Fairfield

Joe Giambald, Midfield at East Meadow

Joe Giovinco, Attack at Lynbrook

Joey Greco, Goalie at Syosset

John Escobar, Goalie at Holy Trinity

John Jude Considine, Attack at South Side, Hobart

John McPartland, Defense at Centereach-Middle Country

Johnny Maccarrone, Attack at St. Anthony’s, Ohio State

Johnny Schwarz, Midfield at Shoreham Wading River, UNC

JoJo Todaro, Defense at Carey, Johns Hopkins

Jordan Gangaram, LSM at Manhasset

Joseph Scopo, Defense at Middle Country

Joseph Shaughnessy, LSM/Defense at Port Jefferson

Julian Duque, Midfield at William Floyd

Kieran McKenna, Midfield at St. Anthony’s

Kyle O’Donoghue, Midfield St. John the Baptist, Navy

Liam Downey, LSM at Bayport

Liam Hasset, Midfield at Huntington, Siena

Liam Sargent, Attack at Manhasset, LaFayette

Logan Schanars, Defense at Hills East, Colorado Mesa

Lorenzo Ramos, LSM/Defense at Farmingdale, Binghamton

Lucas Brophy, Attack at West Islip

Luke Dellicicchi, Attack at Locust Valley, Brown

Luke Mangan, Attack at Sachem East, St. John’s

Mac Rodriguez, FOGO at Chaminade, Yale

Marc Leone, Midfield at Harborfields

Marco Tantillo, Defense at Lindenhurst

Mario Fischetti, Defense at Chaminade

Mason Oak, Goalie at Comsewogue, Quinnipiac

Matt Keegan, Attack at Sachem North, Binghamton

Matt Lonigro, Midfield at Miller Place, Union

Matt Lozito, Defense at South Side

Matt McPhee, Midfield at  Syosset

Matt Melkonian, Midfield at South Side, Franklin and Marshall

Matt Morales,  Midfield at Port Washington

Michael Amitrano, Defense at Westhampton

Michael D’Amato, Attack at Deer Park

Michael Faraone, Attack at Carey, Penn State

Michael Gillam, Midfield at Kellenberg

Michael Hardiman, Attack at Chaminade, Swarthmore

Michael Murro, Goalie at Longwood, LIU

Mike Morelli, Defense at Lynbrook

Mikey Heller, Midfield at West Babylon

Nate Stewart, Defense at Lynbrook

Nicholas O’Shea, Midfield at Sewahnaka, Adelphi

Nick Belvedre, Attack at Miller Place, Manhattan

Nick Colantonio, Midfield at Mount Sinai

Nick Cowen, Defense at Carey

Nico Severino, Midfield at West Islip

Nicolas Accardo, Midfield at Syosset

Owen Beran, Midfield at Shoreham Wading River

PJ McGoldrick, Defense at West Islip, Fairfield

Parker Reilly, Attack at West Islip

Pat Oswald, Goalie at Deer Park

Patrick Dempsey, Attack at Sewahnaka, Molloy

Patrick Kenny, Goalie at Port Washington

Patrick Selhorn, Attack at Wheatley, Stony Brook

Peter Traina, Attack  at Westhampton, Stony Brook

Rick Kabuto, Midfield at Lutheran

Rob Moore, Attack at Westhampton, Fairfield

Robbie Trovato, Goalie at Islip

Robert Troyano, Goalie at Shoreham Wading River

Ronan Sanchez, Attack at Floral Park, Tampa

Rory Connor, Attack at Manhasset, Colgate

Ryan Baci, Midfield at Calhoun

Ryan Behrens, Midfield at West Islip, Brown

Ryan Bell, Attack at Smithtown West, Providence

Ryan Dalland, Midfield at Commack, Hartwick

Ryan Durnin, Defense at Massapequa

Ryan Kiernan, Defense at Chaminade

Ryan McCarthy, Attack at Northport, Siena

Ryan Ott, Defense at Commack, Misericordia

Sean Gillespie, Defense at Massapequa

Sean Miller, FOGO at Shoreham Wading River

Sean Wallace, Goalie at West Babylon, Misericordia

Shane Murphy, Attack at Long Beach, Rutgers

Stephen DeStefani, Midfield at Syosset

Stephen Markowski,  Attack at Harborfields, Providence

Steve DiCarlo, Midfield at Farmingdale

Steve Salica, Midfield at Sachem North

TJ Sheehan, Attack at South Side, Denver

Thomas Decker, Midfield at Farmingdale, Albany

Thomas Flavin, Midfield at Oceanside, St. John’s

Thomas Kelly, Midfield at South Side

Thomas Sluka, Defense at Kellenberg

Tim Morrow, Midfield at Massapequa

Timothy Doyle, Midfield at Newfield-Middle Country

Tommy Casey, Midfield at Chaminade

Tommy Corcoran, Attack at West Islip

Torin Bogard, Midfield at Huntington, SUNY Geneseo

Trevor Dunn, Midfield at Ward Melville

Tyler Gatz, Midfield at Mount Sinai, Utah

Tyler Schwarz, LSM at Shoreham Wading River, UNC

Vincent Fowler, Defense at Chaminade, Duke

Vinnie Giordano, Defense at Sachem North, Arcadia

Ward Tucker, Goalie at Harborfields, Union

Will Lynch, FOGO/Midfield at Chaminade, Notre Dame

Will Spehr, Midfield at Cold Spring Harbor, Middlebury

Winston McLymont, Defense at Cold Spring Harbor

Zach Kroog, Attack at Bayport, St. John’s

Zander Katslas, Defense at Bayport


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