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Nassau Region Preview

A region the LILJ is quite familiar with, Nassau will travel to Albany to showcase Long Island lacrosse. Many of you who followed the LILJ during the high school season may recognize these players, but you may not know what their favorite thing about living in Nassau is! We found that out and want to share the answers because it shows what the players value!



John Calabria: Syosset HS Head Coach

Joseph Baccarella: Farmingdale JV Coach

Brett Waxer: Syosset HS Asst. Coach

Doug Rigo: Island Trees HS Ast Girls Coach

2025 Team

Coach: Mike Chin


Kevin Burns, Attack

Hunter Gillis, Attack

“Beaches and fishing”

Troy Madden, Attack

Andrew Reinhardt, Attack

Roger Testa, Attack

Lukas Archer, Attack

Matthew Golia, Defense

Luke LeSueur, Defense

Michael Nicki, Defense

Declan Wuchte, Defense

Leo Cataldo, FOGO

Michael Mele, Goalie

“It’s home for me”

Scotty Nelson, Goalie

Cole Newman, LSM

Ryan Tesler, LSM

“The beach, pizza, and bagels”

Jack Geoghan, Midfield

Owen Wuchte, Midfield

Kevin Baumann, Midfield

Anthony Guarasci, Midfield

“It’s a close community”

Joseph Filocamo, Midfield

2024 Team

Coaches: Steve Dipietro & Tom Aiello


Michael Aiello, Attack


Luke Hartman, Attack

Sean Quirk, Attack

Owen West, Attack

Harrison Blair, Attack

Timmy Monzon, Defense

Patrick Mullin, Defense

Mitch Savalli, Defense

Andrew Schlipf, Defense

Athanasios Alafogiannis, Defense

“Good family culture”

William Greaves, FOGO

Luke Forde, FOGO

Michael Muscarella, Goalie

Sean Forde, Goalie

John Echezuria, LSM

Nick Filocamo, LSM

Cole DiPietro, Midfield

Jack Lozito, Midfield

“Playing sports with my best friends”

Kian McCoy, Midfield

Russell Difrancisca, Midfield

“All lacrosse players know each other and work together”

Charlie O’Connor, Midfield

Jack McCormack, Midfield

“Long Island Grit”

Ricky Geier, Attack

Sean Glynn, Midfield

2023 Team

Coaches: Tim Radomski


Raffe Katts, Attack

Liam Ledwith, Attack

Jack Miller, Attack

Christopher Bergersen, Attack

Matthew Cangelosi, Attack

Ryan Mayerhofer, Attack


Joseph Chimenti, Attack

“I love the competitive nature of Nassau lacrosse”

Matthew Pantorno, Defense

Christopher Moore, Defense

Matthew Capelle, Defense

AJ Zuleta, Defense

Ryan Rooney, Defense

Craig Mangio, FOGO

Carsen Kirchner, Goalie

“Living by the water”

Theo Torres, LSM

Logan Kelly, LSM

“Always ready for a game”

Trevor Gayron, Midfield

Ryan Goodman, Midfield

Patrick Radomski, Midfield

Tomaso Ramos, Midfield

Jack Mayerhofer, Midfield

Jayden Finkelstein, Midfield

Kevin Fiola, Defense

Joseph Cassese, Defense

Patrick Blum, Goalie

2022 Team

Coaches: Eric Dunne & Mike Scheuerer


Ryan Steckman-Buck, Attack

“Home of lacrosse”

Cameron Connolly, Attack

Billy Mohr, Attack

Jay Ottomanelli, Attack

“Every players passion for the game”

Joseph DiGiovanna, Attack

Jack DeTommaso, Attack

Cian Runyan, Defense

James David, Defense

Max Esposito, Defense

Timothy Haskell, Defense

Christopher Feathers, Defense

Joseph Sorok, Defense

“Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches…”

Luca Runyan, Defense

Ryan Collins, Goalie

Joseph Ulzheimer, Goalie

Luke Schwatzberg, LSM

William Peters, LSM

“Best Pizza”

Luke Galgano, Midfield

Mark Maniet, Midfield

Jonathan Caravello, Midfield

Danny Cappitelli, Midfield

Tyler Ippolito, Midfield

John Raucci, Midfield

Aaron Cho, Attack

“Right next door to the city”

Jeremy Poggi, Attack



Robyn Rooney-Pastuch – Wantagh Head Coach

Carol Rose & Tracy Weiner – Long Island Girls Director

2025 Team

Coach: Ryland Huyghue- LuHi Head Coach


Kelly Callaghan, Midfield

Juliana Cerasi, Midfield

Delaney Chernoff, Midfield

Sophia Curtone, Goalie

Kaylin De Jesus, Goalie

Kyle Finell, Attack

Riley Forthofer, Attack

Linden Frelinghhuysen, Attack

Micaela Gillis, Attack

Brooke Hopkins, Defense

“I live 20 minutes from the ocean”

Catherine Karman, Midfield

Sienna Koke, Attack

Rachel Louie, Defense

“The depth of Lax talent”

Mackenzie McGraw, Defense

Julia O’Connor, Defense

Shannon Steck, Midfield

Emma Toner, Midfield

Rita Tunney, Attack

Penelope Yaker, Attack

“Close enough to get to New York City and the ocean beaches”

Emma Shanahan, Midfield/Defense

2024 Team

Coaches: Vanessa Windsor- SB School Head Coach & Bridget Lincoln- Manhasset JV Coach


Neave Bowman, Attack

Avery Testa, Attack

Kaila Van Cott, Attack

Kate McConnachie, Defense

Emma Pagano, Defense

Emily Backlin, Goalie

Ava Ceglia, Goalie

“Long Island always rocks!”

Maeve Barrins, Midfield

Skyler Cohen, Midfield

“Great friends, great beaches, and great lacrosse”

Sienna Fox, Midfield

Kaylee Fravert, Midfield

Carly Greenbaum, Midfield

McKenna Jacobs, Midfield

Isabella Jensen, Midfield

Leah Kaufer, Midfield

Kaitlyn McGovern, Midfield

“I love living so close to the beach”

Lauren Perfetto, Midfield

Paige Selhorn, Midfield


Ava St. Jeanos, Midfield

Natalie Paul, Midfield

2022/2023 Team

Coaches: Rachel Ray- Long Beach Head Coach & Carolyn Morales- Locust Valley Head Coach


Hannah Kershis, Attack, 2022

Megan Kitagawa, Attack, 2022

Kylie McGovern, Attack, 2022

Isabella Dembinski, Attack, 2023

Tatum Goettelmann, Attack, 2023

Gabriella Lacerenza, Attack, 2023

Ella Timperio, Attack, 2024

“I can train on the beach”

Olivia Brodarick, Defense, 2022

“How everyone is close with one another and how everything is accessible”

Mikayla Danon, Defense, 2022

Gillian Will, Defense, 2022

“I love how we experience every season and all terrain. Because we’re on an island, we have water surrounding  us but mountains within diving distance and get the opportunity to play in every element”

Eliza Ritter, Defense, 2023

Mackenzie Creagh, Goalie, 2022

Sarah Gusler, Goalie, 2022

Erin Hickey, Midfield, 2022

Lily Johnson, Midfield, 2022

Anna Macchia, Midfield, 2022

Anita Macchia, Midfield, 2022

Mallory Ngitngit, Midfield, 2022

Erin Whitaker, Midfield, 2022

Nicole Dux, Midfield, 2022

“High level of lacrosse on Long Island”

Isabelle Kelly, Defense

Cate Miller, Midfield


One Comment

  1. Love our girls from OHS Mikayla Danon and Lily Johnson who kicked Butt in the Championship game vs Central. Way to rise up and meet the competition with speed and skill to achieve the Gold medal with class!!

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