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Adirondack Region Preview

Traveling from the beautiful Adirondack mountain range, this region is ready to make a statement at the New York State Regional Championships. While these players registered for the New York State Championship, we asked them what they love about the region they live in the most. We received some insightful answers, some funny ones, and some heart-warming responses to that question. We at the LILJ decided to share some of these responses while showing the rosters because the responses show what these players value. 

First, we will look at the boys teams for the Adirondack region. Along with the players, we will look at the regional directors and coaches for each team.


Director: Shawn Hennessey- Shaker Head Coach

2025 Team

Coaches: Sean McConaghy- Guilderland coach, John Holland- Shaker coach & Joe Chiara- Shaker coach


Vincent Goldman, Attack

Jensen Kohler, Attack

Hansen Peck, Attack

Michael Hennessey, Attack

Nicholas Martin, Attack

Jace Goddard, Defense

Noah Hickok, Defense

“My favorite thing about the region is the outdoor activities (lakes, hiking, fishing, and skiing”

Iggy Morton, Defense

Grayson Sisley, Defense

Graeme Teal, Defense

Cooper Bach, Defense

“Being able to meet and compete with so many kids from different schools and also for teams with them”

Shea Hegarty, Defense

Vincent Gaylord, FOGO

Christopher Landers, Goalie

Alex Petrangelo, Goalie

Lukas Burns, Midfield

Kyle Grevelding,  Midfield

Dillon Licht, Midfield

Anthony Long, Midfield

“Skiing at Gore Mountain”

Cooper McConaghy, Midfield

Reid Metler, Midfield

Cain Zyglewicz, Midfield

Nolan Emanatian, Midfield

Buck Delamater,  Midfield

Lucas Roberts, Midfield

“Fishing and being outdoors”

2024 Team

Coaches: PJ Williams- Niskayuna coach & Steve Abba- Niskayuna coach


Jack Conway, Attack

Frederick Hicks, Attack

Carter Hills, Attack

Peter Siracuse, Attack

Nathan Wolfe, Attack

Bryce Morin, Defense

Jameson Wilders, Defense

Jesse Buchanan, Defense

“Mountain lake swimming”

Conor Kisby, Defense

Quinn O’Connor, Defense-Midfield

Peter Resnick, Defense-Midfield/FOGO

Alexander Swinnie IV, FOGO

Benjamin Keens, Goalie

“It is the hub of the Northeast”

Billy Standaert, Goalie

Nicholas Bang, LSM

“It’s not Buffalo”

Atticus Garcia, LSM

Logan Linn, LSM

Javian Abdu, Midfield

Mason Carroll, Midfield

Dane Jones, Midfield

“Being able to play my two favorite sports, lacrosse and hockey, year-round”

Sam LoPresti, Midfield

Tanner Williams, Midfield

Braydon Goddard, Midfield

Colin Reinhart, Midfield/FOGO

“Lacrosse and the lakes”

Jackson Massaroni, Attack

2023 Team

Coaches: Eric Williams & Bobby Karl Sehnendahowa coach


Drew Bullock, Attack

Liam Manion, Attack

“Seeing my friends during the summer”

Brody Williams, Attack

Robert Fox, Attack

Eric Hennessey, Attack

Jake Baker, Defense

Zack Foro, Defense

David Trahan, Defense

Sean Kelly, Defense

Liam Johnson, Defense

“We work well together”

Mason Dils, Goalie

Dominick Zichelli, Goalie

Henry Picard, LSM

Carter Fort, Midfield

Matt Gleason, Midfield

Sean Dwyer, Midfield

Danny Johnson, Midfield

Michael Scuzzarella, Midfield

Logan Gansle, Midfield

Geno DeRubertis, Midfield

Easton Cahill, Attack

Troy Gottmann, FOGO

“Saratoga Lake”

Nick Bennett, Defense

2022 Team

Coaches: Douglas McIver Albany Academy coach & Stephen Sloma Niskayuna coach


Jayden Ashley, Attack

Kevin Carney, Attack

Owen Hampson, Attack

John Serina, Attack

Spencer Steinhardt, Attack

Thomas Tyksinski, Attack

Owen Wilson, Attack

“I love nature and being so close to the Adirondack Mountains”

Andrew Haight, Defense

Calvin Hicks, Defense

Rocco Mareno, FOGO

Tyler Manning, Goalie

Ryan Mazzariello, Goalie

Alexander Bang, LSM

Ben Fiori, LSM

Jackson Kain, LSM

Colin Meade, LSM

“It’s in the middle of everything: Boston, New York, mountains, and beaches”

Michael LaCouture, Midfield

Graham Allison, Midfield

William Fruscio, Midfield

Daniel Macchiarella, Midfield

“A lot of opportunities to become better lacrosse players”

Cole Nappi, Midfield

Colin Brant, Midfield

“Lake Placid”

Jack Scalise, Midfield

Dillon Blanchard, FOGO

Colin Bullock, Midfield


Director: Bill White- ADK Lacrosse

2025 Team

Coaches: Jenifer Kish- Holy Names JV Head Coach and Allison Anayav- South Colonie Head Coach


Allison Boler, Midfield

Claire Campana, Midfield

Natalie DeSanti, Midfield

“University of Albany is very close, and we are able to watch some amazing Division I lacrosse!”

Erin Fariello, Midfield

Catie Lanahan, Midfield

Clare Megahey, Defense

Riley Sweeney, Attack

Madeline Ward, Goalie

Kacie Pilla, Defense

Caitlyn Speck, Midfield

Elyssa Jonson, Midfield

“It’s easy to travel anywhere to participate in any sport so there are a lot of options. And, I have great teammates and coaches”

Molly Marra, Midfield

Madison LaCouture, Attack

Lucy Pauze, Defense

“The beautiful Adirondack lakes”

Ella Polsinelli, Mdfield

Josephine Higgs, Midfield

Brooke Eggleston, Attack

Cara Harrington, Attack

2024 Team

Coach: Greg Giombetti- Albany Academy Head Coach


Kaitlyn Barton, Midfield

Carrigan Bennett, Midfield

Katherine Boardman, Midfield

Avery Connolly, Midfield

Mikaela Dattilo, Goalie

Bayley Duffy, Goalie

Caroline Kogut, Attack

Mia Lamalfa, Defense

Lindsey McCulloch, Midfield

“Having the best at my fingertips in terms of nature in the Adirondacks, but also that of vibrant cities like Saratoga, Troy, Albany, and Schenectady”

Keegan Mcgaheran, Midfield

Chelsea Mesick, Defense

“Lake Champlain”

Eva Pflomm, Midfield

Lindsay Pilla, Defense

Kelsey Reagan, Midfield

Natalie Zhu, Midfield

Josie Bullock, Attack

Stella Van Sutphen, Defense

“The Adirondack Mountains and the sunsets at our camp!”

2023 Team

Coach: Katie Kerner- Burnt Hills Head Coach


Natalie Bennett, Attack

Erin Boler, Midfield

Hannah Compa, Midfield

Pasley Cook, Midfield

Emily DeVoe, Defense

“Sacandaga Lake & Gore Mountain”

Riley Donovan, Goalie

Micaela Leonard, Defense

“Spending time on Lake Geoge and being able to play multi-sports: lacrosse and alpine skiing”

Kate McFeeley, Defense

Abigail Mesick, Attack

Mckenzie Murphy, Defense

Jenna Pollicino, Attack

Katherine Rondeau, Defense

The seasons and different outdoor sports opportunities’

Emily Speck, Midfield

Cameryn Wilders, Midfield

Alexa Minissale, Attack

Kelly Augeri, Midfield

Ryan LaFrance, Midfield

Kendra Ballard, Midfield

2022 Team

Coach: Joe Pollicino- Shaker Head Coach


Olivia Ballard, Defense

Emily Bette, Goalie

Gressa Blomquist, Defense

“Lots of Wilderness!”

Isabella Boardman, Midfield

Sophia Boler, Defense

Morgan Brooking, Attack

Mackenzie Dahl, Attack

Phoebe Hosford, Defense

Lauren McCulloch, Attack

“It’s fun being ale to play with such great lacrosse players. We are also lucky to have a lot of outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and going to a lake all within an hour”

Madeline Morrison, Goalie

Morgan Nichter, Midfield

Sophia Renaud, Midfield

Kylan Rhude, Goalie

Lauren Shanahan, Attack

Emily Smith, Midfield

Bella Tatro, Midfield

“Love the mix of urban to rural areas all in the same place”

Emery VanHeusen, Defense

“High Peaks! Lakes! Fresh air!”

Delaney Donohoue, Midfield

Paige Miller, Defense


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