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Western Region Preview

For our final region preview, we will look at the region traveling the farthest to prove they are the best in the state. Including Section 5 and 6, Western will play each region physically. During the tryouts, one of the Western directors,  Deven York told his team that college coaches love upstate players because of their toughness. Every other region has to prepare for the physicality that this region will bring. Now let’s look at what some player said was their favorite part of their region!



Deven York: Canandaigua Head Coach

Sol Bliss: FCA Upstate Director

2025 Team

Coaches: Peter Gibbons- Fairport Asst. Coach, Dave Gioseffi- Canandaguia Acad Asst. Coach, & David York- SUNY Geneseo Asst. Coach


Mike Belles, Attack

“Lacrosse hot-bed, great competition”

Ryan Bremer, Midfield

“We are TOUGH!”

Dennis Cole Jr., Defense

Brady Comella, Defense

Mason DePew, Defense

Jayden Mandarano, Attack

Miles McGuire, Attack

Ashton McNair, LSM

Brett Mersdorf, Midfield

Gavin Parks, Defense

“Keuka Lake and Bristol Mountains”

Braydon Pike, Midfield

Jake Polizzi, Midfield

Trevor Serve, Defense

Cameron Shear, Defense

Jack Stanney, Attack

Henry Walters, Attack

Drew Williamee, Midfield

Dante Pezzimenti, Attack

Teagan Fingar, Midfield

“Te friendships I’ve made across the region through sports”

Will Thompson, Goalie

“Keuka Lake”

2024 Team

Coaches: Mike Wright- Buffalo Lax Acad Director, Mike Carberry- Hilbert College Head Coach, & Drew Bellica- Hilbert College Asst Coach


Jeremy Askin, FOGO

Caden Brenner, Midfield

Jonah Carrier, Midfield

“All the different seasons and variety of sports”

Ben Cook, Defense

Cory Cummins, Midfield

“Chicken wings”

Anthony DeRosa, Midfield

“The physical play”

Ian Erskine, Attack

Braden Gioseffi, Midfield

Dominic Gullace, Midfield

Kieran Hughes, LSM

“Skiing in the winter; wake boarding in the summer”

Mason Lloyd, Attack

“Canandaigua Lake”

Nathan Macpherson, Defense

Brady Miller, Defense/LSM

Sean Olvany, Midfield

Bryson Paladino, Attack

Brenton Paladino, Defense

Ryan Pedro, Attack

Blake Preston, LSM

“Grit amongst the athletes”

Brady Quill, Defense

Nate Schilling, Attack

Daniel Urlacher, Defense

Casey Berns, Goalie

Dylan Rondeau, Goalie

“Upstate tough”

2023 Team

Coaches: Bill Buttaro- Spencerport Head Coach, Craig Lepianne- Hilton Head Coach, & Sean Doyle- Hilton Asst. Coach


Brady Alexander, LSM


Ethan Amidon, Defense

Tyler Bernarduci, Midfield

Ryan Brown, Attack

“Upstate lacrosse tradition”

Ethan Hamilton, Midfield

Makai Hillmon, Attack

Kaden Johnson, Defense

Matt Jones, Attack

Karl Khuns, Defense

Jackson McEnerney, Attack

“Teammates who are ballers”

Jacob Parzych, Midfield

“Buffalo Wings”

Daniel Roeder, Midfield

Mason Sherk, Midfield

Derek Torres, Midfield

Gavin Wellington, Midfield

“The Buffalo Bills”

Kyle MacKellar, Defense

“Buffalo waterfront”

Ben Steingass, Midfield

Dominic Pezzimenti, Defense

Cameron Mesh

Maxwell Barney, Goalie

“Boating on Lake Erie”

Jason Mosher, Goalie

“Fishing in Lake Ontario”

2022 Team

Coaches: Deven York- Canandaigua Head Coach, Kyle Stanney- Canandaguia Asst Coach, & John Herriman- Canandaguia Asst Coach


Alec Constable, Attack

“Being able to learn from so many great lacrosse players/coaches from the region”

Noah Gibson, Attack

Matthew Slowinski, Attack

Brett Seaman, Attack

Jamie O’Neil, Attack

Charlie DeBiase, Defense

Louie Germain, Defense

“Tradition, passion, and history”

Hunter Smith, Defense

Quinn Nolan, FOGO

“Repping hard-working blue collar lacrosse players”

Elliott Morgan, LSM

Brady Kustra, LSM

“The Buffalo Bills”

Killian Ceci, Midfield

Jaxon Grant, Midfield

Nicholas Hauman, Midfield

Sean Smith, Midfield

Justin Skelly, Midfield

Elijah Utz, Midfield

“The friendships”

Eric Platten, Defense

Brady Comella, Defense

Jackson Faiola, Goalie

Jackson Scherrer, Goalie


Director: Lauren York – Canandaigua Academy School

2025 Girls

Coach: Lucian Forcucci


Maya Griffin, Midfield

Mia Bradley, Attack

“Quaker Lax”

Lilli Rauch, Midfield

Claire Komosinski, Midfield

Ella Forcucci, Attack

Sadie Bellinger, Midfield

Theresa Vogt, Defense

Maihue Wiltberger, Midfield

Corrine Barden, Attack

“The Finger Lakes”

Irelyand Densnour, Attack

Savannah Hinchcliffe, Midfield

“The changing seasons in our area, love the fall and the scenery of the leaves changing”

Rebecca Hayes, Midfield

Morgan Whtye, Attack

Marion Wheeler, Goalie

Jordyn Hill, Goalie

2024 Team

Coach: Katie Tutac


Makenna Crouse, Midfield

Stella Huberlie, Attack

Eliza Blazak, Midfield

“Canandaigua Lake”

Julia Dickinson, Attack

McKenna Eckdahl, Defense

“All of it!”

Rose Heagney, Defense

Reese Borrell, Midfield

Abigail Cangemi, Attack

Alson Baumgartner, Midfield

Camryn Trybuskiewicz, Attack

Keelin O’Brien, Defense

Teagan Culhane, Goalie

Molly Urlacher

2022/2023 Team

Coach: Mike Butler


Katelyn Ikle, Midfield

“Seneca Lake”

Mackenna Brown, Midfield

Isabella Geesler, Attack

Whitley Easton, Attack

Elena DelCorvo, Defense

Riley Simpson, Defense

Koehler Nieman, Attack

Sienna Hinchcliffe, Midfield

“Our community and the support they give”

Emily Cawley, Attack

Annika Dence, Defense

Marley Hewitt, Attack

Natalie Mazza, Defense

Lindsey Townes, Midfield

Sophia Colasacco, Midfield

“Apple picking in the fall”

Sophia Corretjer, Midfield

“Close to NYC but very relaxing with beautiful mountain ranges and lakes”

Julianna Lorenzano, Defense

Ailish MacDonnell, Attack

“The history of the Hudson Valley”

Emma O’Callaghan, Attack

Ava Taboada, Defense

Lauren Belluci, Midfield

Peyton Curley, Goalie

Jadyn Jones, Goalie


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