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Epoch Lacrosse: The most Innovative Lacrosse Manufacturing Company

As lacrosse grows in popularity, different manufacturers are looking to improve equipment technology. We at the LILJ are proud to be partnered with the premier lacrosse manufacturing company in the country, Epoch Lacrosse. Some of the best lacrosse players in the country swear by Epoch’s patented technology like Advanced Carbon Layering (A.C.L) which allows shafts to bend, but retain their firmness and strength. In this article, we will look at new products offered by Epoch, as well as some of the technology that makes Epoch one of the best manufacturers out there.

It isn’t only the LILJ saying that Epoch is the best, but the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) and National Lacrosse League (NLL) are also partners with Epoch. Earlier this year, the Archer’s starting midfield all-star, Tom Schreiber, signed with Epoch. The two-time Tewaaraton finalist at Princeton said he loves how Epoch is changing the game.

“The technology in their equipment is absolutely second-to-none. The gear is truly innovative and performance driven.”

If you followed the LILJ during the Long Island high school lacrosse season, you will remember the Epoch Games of the Week. In bitter rivalry match-ups, or two teams fighting for the playoffs, the LILJ and Epoch wanted to make these games even more intense. Epoch sent us heads to award the Players of the Games. We at the LILJ didn’t solely focus on who scored the most, but who had the best game overall. We awarded defenders, goalies, and even FOGOs with these heads. Every position has a purpose on the field and Epoch understands that and makes their innovative equipment to help those specific positions.

In this article, we won’t be able to portray the type of technology used in Epoch’s gear quite like how Epoch describes it themselves. But, we will try our best. Visit Epoch’s website to truly understand their equipment and why they innovate the way they do.

Flex iQ

Flex iQ is a numerical system separated into three categories for shafts. The Flex iQ number can be found right on the shaft and will tell you exactly what that number means. Numbers 1-4 (Power Profile) on poles are for strong defenders who play tough defense and throw precise checks. The shaft is designed to be stiff for defenders who play close up against the attack.

Numbers 8-10 (Speed Profile) on poles are designed for offensive minded LSM and defenders. With a focus on making quick passes and shooting with power, the Speed Profile gives the player more flex when throwing, making the ball accelerate out of the head much quicker. In between the Power Profile and the Speed Profile are numbers 5-7 (Dynamic Profile). The lower the number, the stiffer the shaft will be, but the Dynamic Profile is for the all-around player.

Purpose 15 Degrees

On the girls side, Epoch also innovates, and their crowning achievement is the Purpose 15 Degree head. This head has changed the game for women’s lacrosse. Their innovative design includes a patent pending 15 degree bottom rail which forces the ball into the “sweet spot” of the head which gives the athlete better control when passing, cradling, or shooting.

Epoch was kind enough to send the LILJ Purpose 15 degree heads for us to hand out to the Epoch Players of the Games during the high school season. These girls that earned the award  will now get a head start with the future of girl’s lacrosse technology thanks to Epoch. Epoch explains this technology in depth on their website, so click the link above learn about the innovative technology that will change the girls game forever.

New Products

Epoch enjoys combining their innovative technology with a modern design that fits the theme of the time of year. One of their newest products is the Vineyard Vines Americana Dragonfly that came out on the Fourth of July. This design showcases the classic Vineyard Vines whales colored red, white, and blue all over the shaft. Like the majority of Epoch products, these shafts are made in America.

As fall approaches, spooky season will emerge and Epoch wants to stay current. That’s why Epoch released the Spooky Dragonfly Collection. These four collectable shafts fit the theme of Halloween with scary bats, skeletons, spiders, and trick-or-treaters covering the shafts. Epoch’s design teams nailed the spooky look on these shafts.

Epoch offers so much more than shafts and heads. Check out their website for more high tech lacrosse gear like coffee grounds, infused elbow pads and gloves. Yes, I am serious, Epoch uses S. Cafe coffee grounds in their protective equipment control the odor of the gear. Learn all about their equipment on their website by clicking here, thank you for reading!


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