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Want to be the best? Join GLE Performance to help achieve your Lacrosse goals!

Located in the middle of Long Island, GLE Performance was built by lacrosse players to help train the next generation. GLE uses their state-of-the-art training facility in Hauppauge to host summer camps, private trainings, and can be rented out for teams to use. In this article, we will look at GLE’s summer camp schedule and anything else coming up in the summer.

Summer Camps

GLE hosts seven different summer camps for boy’s lacrosse players. The camps started on July 5th for the Juniors age group which includes players graduating in 2028 and 2029. Each age group runs for three days, then the next age group comes in for their summer camp. The other age groups are Youth (2030 and 2031) and Elite (2026 and 2027). Currently, the Youth age group is playing in their last available summer camp which ends on August 5th. Next, the Elite age group will participate in their last summer camp from August 9th-12th.

These summer camps run for the day and include individual skill work, different trainings, and fun activities! The players will learn from college level coaches and the camp concludes with a tournament play to showcase the growth from each player. The kids will even receive a lacrosse head with a mesh kit to learn how to string their own stick. Any parent wants their kids to know how to string to save money! The camps are quickly coming to an end for the summer, so make sure to click here to see how to register for the next one!

Training Sessions

GLE now offers a membership to college and high school level athletes to train in their facility. This is a new feature that GLE is providing to athletes so spots are filling up fast. Members can train in their state-of-the-art weight room during the week. Members can also pay more for custom workout plans and a consultation meeting to create some goals for the membership.

Other than a membership, athletes can schedule a 60-minute training session with a trainer. The trainer will run the workout, but GLE wants the athlete to tell the trainer what aspect of their game they want to work on. One of the most important skills an athlete can have is self-awareness. Having the ability to look at yourself in the mirror and understand what you need to improve upon is one of the best ways to improve that skill. These trainings are offered to boys and girls from 2nd grade, to college level athletes. Click here to see how to sign-up.

Finally, GLE allows teams to use their facilities for different training sessions. If the coaches want, the GLE staff will run the practice, conditioning, and training so the players can get the best training experience on the island. The indoor turf is climate controlled and large enough to fit a team to condition or scrimmage. Renting out this facility is a great opportunity for the coaches, and will be a great experience for the players, so click here for more information!

Social Media

GLE loves to showcase their athletes working out to be the best they can be. On GLE’s Instagram, you will find different videos of kids pushing themselves to the limit. For example, on their story today they showed kids playing egg toss at their summer camp which may seem out of place. But, they use their lacrosse sticks to catch the eggs and this will teach them to catch the ball with finesse even though the drill may be a little silly.

GLE also posts flyers for their followers to know when certain events are going on. If you paid attention during the high school lacrosse season, you will remember that GLE was kind enough to partner with the LILJ for the GLE Top 10 Plays of the Week. We at the LILJ are happy to be partnered with GLE because we also want to see the next generation of players learn from the best at GLE.


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