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LILJ Interview with Harvard University Commit: Jack Speidell

St. Anthony’s High School junior Jack Speidell is someone who will find every opportunity to improve his game. Ever since being introduced to the game, Jack has loved every aspect of it and his love for the sport grew. “My uncle introduced me to lacrosse when I was in kindergarten, so I used to play fiddle with him in the backyard. From there, it just started to grow, and my dad played in high school for a little bit and my love for the sport has grown.”

Due to all his hard work and passion for the game, Speidell has made the decision to commit to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. One reason he is playing for a high-level program is the versatility he has been using on the field.

“I think I am very strong with finishing on the inside, finishing on the outside as well, which has helped my game improve.”

One reason that Speidell has been able to be versatile and have a lot of success is the experience playing for Team 91.

“I started with Team 91 Bandits since third grade. I have known all the guys on the team for a long time. The competitiveness on the team is just incredible. We play the best teams in the country, and we are the best team in the country. All the coaches help tremendously.”

With the high level of competition and the success that Speidell has been having, a lot of college coaches wanted him to be a part of their program. However, he was not thinking about college until he received phone calls on September 1st.

“I tried to keep it out of my head till September 1st and just see whatever comes to me, take it all in, just be respectful, make sure I make the right option and consider every school.”

After considering all options, Speidell’s decision to attend Harvard and become a Crimson is something he is excited for since head coach Gerry Byrne was a big reason for his early commitment as a junior.

“Telling me he wants me to be here and be a part of the revolution. Him just saying that to me and having the chance to be a part of the revolution at Harvard is just incredible and I couldn’t pass that up.”

One of the biggest perks of playing for this big program is being able to play in Harvard Stadium in front of around 30,000 people. Even though that is a big crowd, Speidell is very excited about the opportunity to play in front of a lot of people.

“I feel like that will be incredible. The history behind Harvard is just incredible. The stadium itself is amazing.”

Another perk of playing for this program is being able to play against teams in the Ivy League conference. Speidell is really excited about this opportunity to play against competitive players.

“I wanted to able to receive high academics then also to play at high-level competition. This is something I want to be a part of.”

With Harvard’s incredible history, they are also a program that has won titles in the past. They have won four conference championships and Speidell wants to help win the fifth for the Crimson.

“Work hard with my teammates. Make sure everyone is on the same pace. Make sure everyone is working on and off the field, classroom, and the weight room. Wanted to be able to bring back with my team and family the national championship and the Ivy League championship.”

Until he can step onto Harvard campus as a student, Speidell has two more years left at St. Anthony’s High School and will do anything possible to leave a legacy of being one of the best players in the program’s history.


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