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Jr. Riptide Fall Box League Week 2 Recap

The second week of the Jr. Riptide Fall Box League was another success! Players followed the same schedule as week one and came in on their assigned days and continued to get training in box lacrosse from NY Riptide NLL Professionals Callum Crawford, Coach Ryan Fournier, Bryce Tolmie, and Collegiate Assistant Lacrosse Coach Greg Miceli. The training that they received last week and this week will help them be better prepared to execute plays in the games, and learn box lacrosse as a whole. Once again each session began with players hitting the boards with some wall ball, followed by doing the shuttle drill and elite stick work stations.

The younger groups like the novice and peewee divisions spent time working on scooping up ground balls, making sharp cuts to the cage and creating separation from a defender to clear space to receive the ball and score. The coaches were set up as “dummy defenders” so the players had an actual body to push off of to create the separation and cut to the net to get the ball and score. Ball movement was also continuously practiced as players worked on the three-man weave. Three players were set up on each side of the field having to make three passes with the player in the middle being the first one to shoot the ball. Another ball would enter and the same drill was repeated for one of the players on either the left or right side to shoot. One more ball would be put in play and again three passes would have to be made, setting up a shot for the final player. Players then worked on the same drill, but with one player passing from “x”. This helped communication skills as it was up to the players to call out who was going to “x”. Like last week, after working hard, getting reps on the drills, each session ended with some fun, either playing a game or having a shootout!

The bantam and midget divisions primarily worked on setting picks on and off the ball, and live 2-on-1 and 3-on-2 offensive situations. In the 2-on-1 players made seven passes both across and up and once the seventh pass was made the drill became a live 2-on-1 break. The 3-on-2 needed five passes both across and up the field to before it became a live drill. The pick and roll game was also practiced in 2-on 2 situations, as well as the importance of swinging the ball across the field and setting another pick if the lane wasn’t open for the cutter. Players also worked on breakaways, and quick sticking which is getting a shot off without the use of cradling the ball. The quick stick reps were done in rapid fire fashion with one going right after the other.

Overall their was improvement all around from week one to week two and everyone seems to be more comfortable running the offensive plays. With the two weeks of training in the books, the teams will be created within each division and the games are set to the begin next week! It should be a great five weeks of epic games which will all be covered by the LILJ.



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