LILJ Presents 2024 Girls End of Season Watch List

As we approach the girls Long Island Championship games this weekend the season has come to an end  for many teams on the island. Regardless of the overall team success the LILJ wants to highlight these ladies in the class of 2024 across the island for what they did for their respective teams and for what they will continue to do in the future as they begin their recruiting process. Here are the following players that have made the 2024 watch list. As always we are looking to grow the list to promote as many deserving players as possible, so please feel free to dm us on Instagram @lilaxjournal if you know someone that deserves being recognized for the season that they had.

Name Position School Year
Addison Labriola Attack Massapequa 2024
Alli Petrullo Attack Massapequa 2024
Amelia LoPinto Attack Manhasset 2024
Ashley Green Attack St. Anthony’s 2024
Ashlinn Kelly Attack Farmingdale 2024
Ava Andria Attack Islip 2024
Avery Testa Attack South Side 2024
Caitlin Haggerty Attack South Side 2024
Cameron Labriola Attack Massapequa 2024
Camryn Chamberlain Attack Mt. Sinai 2024
Carly Sgueglia Attack West Islip 2024
Casey Gilbert Attack Miller Place 2024
Caylin Luciano Attack ESM 2024
Christina Lauro Attack Northport 2024
Courtney Thornton Attack Sayville 2024
Elizabeth Darcy Attack Sacred Heart 2024
Elizabeth Kenney Attack Mineola 2024
Ella Hirsch Attack Middle Country 2024
Elle Archer Attack North Shore 2024
Emersen Evans Attack Huntington 2024
Gianna Vecchio Attack Miller Place 2024
Grace Mulham Attack Ward Melville 2024
Hannah Wise Attack Plainedge 2024
Isabella Dantuono Attack Smithtown West 2024
Isabella Recce Attack Farmingdale 2024
Jayden Piraino Attack Hills 2024
Jenna Soto Attack Smithtown East 2024
Julia Huxtable Attack Northport 2024
Kaelynn Sirizzotti Attack West Islip 2024
Kaila Van Cott Attack North Shore 2024
Kaitlyn McGovern Attack Carle Place 2024
Kassidy Miller Attack ESM 2024
Kate Spinks Attack Ward Melville 2024
Kayleigh Bender Attack Huntington 2024
Keira Fontaine Attack Long Beach 2024
Kristin Dee Attack Sachem North 2024
Maureen Arendt Attack Garden City 2024
McKenzie Moeller Attack Rocky Point 2024
Meaghan Fealy Attack Harborfields 2024
Neave Bowman Attack Massapequa 2024
Paige Selhorn Attack Carle Place 2024
Reagan Morra Attack Plainedge 2024
Shannon Lewis Attack Calhoun 2024
Shea Panzik Attack Manhasett 2024
Sienna Diglio Attack Wantagh 2024
Sienna Fox Attack Port Washington 2024
Sophia Minnion Attack SWR 2024
Taylor Metzler Attack Center Moriches 2024
Sienna Prisco Attack Sacred Heart 2024
Isabella Vieni Attack/Midfield Calhoun 2024
Sydney Serio Attack/Midfield SWR 2024
Allison Filosa Defense William Floyd 2024
Amanda Paci Defense St Anthony’s 2024
Brighid Smith Defense Wantagh 2024
Chloe Mosher Defense Westhampton 2024
Daniella Stek Defense Seaford 2024
Emily Ambrozy Defense St. Anthony’s 2024
Erin James Defense St. Anthony’s 2024
Hailey Kulesa Defense Hauppauge 2024
Julia Kroog Defense Bayport 2024
Kaitlyn Cole Defense Sacred Heart 2024
Katelyn Lee Defense Syosset 2024
Mabel Overbeck Defense Garden City 2024
Maddie Morris Defense St. Anthony’s 2024
Madeline Chun Defense Manhasett 2024
Madison Aristy Defense Farmingdale 2024
Madison Hall Defense Miller Place 2024
Olivia Comerford Defense Ward Melville 2024
Reese Rinaldi Defense Huntington 2024
Sara O’Sullivan Defense Sachem East 2024
Sophie Raimondi Defense Center Moriches 2024
Gabrielle Ramos Defense Mt. Sinai 2024
Morgan Harloff Defense South Side 2024
Kate Hearns Defense/Draw Commack 2024
Abby Warner Goalie Longwood 2024
Adriana Califano Goalie Bellmore JFK 2024
Alexandra Stec Goalie New Hyde Park 2024
Alexia Devivo Goalie Plainview Old Bethpage 2024
Ashley Langdon Goalie ESM 2024
Ava Carillo Goalie Ward Melville 2024
Ava Ceglia Goalie Syosset 2024
Emily Backlin Goalie Long Beach 2024
Erin Fels Goalie Smithtown West 2024
Grace McDonald Goalie Smithtown East 2024
Hannah Rubin Goalie Manhasset 2024
Lexi Zenk Goalie St. Anthony’s 2024
Mary Ford Goalie St. Dominic 2024
Ryann Gross Goalie West Islip 2024
Stella Quilty Goalie St. Anthony’s 2024
Abby Metz Midfield SWR 2024
Adriana Mavlios Midfield St. Dominic’s 2024
Alexandra Ruggero Midfield SWR 2024
Alexis Savage Midfield Stony Brook School 2024
Allie Given Midfield Smithtown West 2024
Amanda Sweeney Midfield ESM 2024
Amelia Bentley Midfield CSH 2024
Amelia Pirozzi Midfield Ward Melville 2024
Andie Pedatella Midfield Bellport 2024
Angela Taddeo Midfield North Babylon 2024
Anna Wood Midfield Rocky Point 2024
Annie Madden Midfield South Side 2024
Ava Bensutti Midfield Middle Country 2024
Ava Main Midfield Long Beach 2024
Ava St. Jeanos Midfield Manhasset 2024
Bella Blasi Midfield Kellenberg 2024
Brooke Long Midfield St. Anthonys 2024
Carly Greenbaum Midfield Syosset 2024
Carly Mullins Midfield Islip 2024
Charlotte Browne Midfield Sacred Heart 2024
Ella Galjanich Midfield Bellmore JFK 2024
Ella Timperio Midfield Long Beach 2024
Emilia Retzlaff Midfield Ward Melville 2024
Emily Haugen Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024
Emily Markovina Midfield Farmingdale 2024
Emma Hendry Midfield Commack 2024
Emma Mclean Midfield ESM 2024
Grace Balocca Midfield Ward Melville 2024
Hannah Lewis Midfield Calhoun 2024
Holly Hardwick Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024
Holly Newman Midfield Manhasett 2024
Jamie Demert Midfield Bay Shore 2024
Jane Callery Midfield Huntington 2024
Jena Binkis Midfield St. Anthonys 2024
Jenna Kessler Midfield CSH 2024
Julia Fusco Midfield Bayport 2024
Julia Lopez Midfield New Hyde Park 2024
Juliana Mahan Midfield SWR 2024
Kayden Meyer Midfield William Floyd 2024
Kayla Gilmore Midfield William Floyd 2024
Kayla Vazquez Midfield Bayport 2024
Kaylee Fravert Midfield Sacred Heart 2024
Kayleigh Corr Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024
Kayleigh Schaeffler Midfield Calhoun 2024
Kayli Carranante Midfield Mount Sinai 2024
Kendal Morris Midfield Garden City 2024
Kennedy Radziul Midfield Northport 2024
Lauren Perfetto Midfield Manhasett 2024
Leah Kaufer Midfield Syosset 2024
Mackenna Jacobs Midfield St. Dominic 2024
Madison Dunleavy Midfield Northport 2024
Mary Jane Timpanaro Midfield Ward Melville 2024
McKenna Farrell Midfield Sayville 2024
Meg Felker Midfield Massapequa 2024
Megan Kenny Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024
Melina Sarlo Midfield East Hampton 2024
Nicole Giannakopoulos Midfield Manhasett 2024
Nicoletta Tsiamis Midfield Manhasset 2024
Olivia Coffey Midfield Miller Place 2024
Payton Imhof Midfield Bay Shore 2024
Peyton Choma Midfield Mount Sinai 2024
Riley Hetman Midfield Sachem North 2024
Riley Zusi Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024
Skylar Cohen Midfield Friends Academy 2024
Sofia Ingenito Midfield Miller Place 2024
Sofia Knudsen Midfield Mattituck 2024
Sofia Zumbrunn Midfield Sachem North 2024
Sophia Conti Midfield Babylon 2024
Tess Calabria Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024
Isabella McGahan Midfield/Attack Connetquot 2024
Riley Murtagh Midfield/attack Huntington 2024
Rory Meehan Midfield/Defense Mineola 2024
Caitlin Kenney Midfield/Draw Mineola 2024
Casey Rhine Midfield/Draw Roslyn 2024


  1. Na says:

    Adriana Mavlios leading points in the private league

  2. MaryKate says:

    Kayleigh Corr Played with our daughter at St Ants and was a strong contributor

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