LILJ 2022 Girls Paumanok Award Candidates

The Paumanok award has returned for the first time since the 2019 lacrosse season. This award goes to the top Long Island player in the senior class. This player excels on the field and elevates the players around them to make their team successful. They are also looked upon as someone who shows characteristics of being a team leader. The winner will be announced this Thursday at the inaugural All-Long Island Games. Here are the candidates for this year’s Paumanok award. Comment below who you think should be this years winner on the girls side, and stay tuned for the 10 finalists which will be announced in the coming days.

Name School
Abby Lyons Carle Place
Abigail LoCascio St. Anthony’s
Alexa Carannante Mount Sinai
Alexa Constant SWR
Alexis Morton Manhasset
Alyssa Studdert Half Hollow Hills
Annalisa Massaro Manhasset
Ashley Newman Manhasset
Ava Biancardi St. Anthony’s
Ava Sumwalt Riverhead
Ava Tighe Cold Spring Harbor
Brigid Manning Sayville
Caitlin Boden Sacred Heart
Caitlin McNaboe Garden City
Caitlin Noack Center Moriches
Carla Curth Garden City
Carlie Cutinella SWR
Cate Miller Long Beach
Catherine Erb SWR
Christina Petras Manhasset
Courtney Quinn Ward Melville
Delilah Mile Mount Sinai
Despina Giannakopolous Manhasset
Elizabeth Schmutz Bay Shore
Ella Cabrera Northport
Emily Iacobellis South Side
Emily Scorcia Bay Shore
Emma Blloshmi West Babylon
Emma Kelly Plainedge
Erin Hickey Farmingdale
Francesca Viteritti Harborfields
Gretel Cassell Huntington
Isabella Germani Northport
Jessica Peluso East Islip
Jordan Deblasio Mount Sinai
Juliana Stanley Division
Kate Gilliam North Shore
Kathryn McAteer St. Anthony’s
Katie Browne Huntington
Kaylie Mackiewicz Northport
Kimberly Greenblatt Massapequa
Kylie Budke Mount Sinai
Mackenzie Creagh South Side
Madison Taylor Wantagh
Maggie Long South Side
Marina Bergin Harborfields
Mairead Kelly Bayport
Megan Kitagawa Syosset
Mia Delmond South Side
Natasha Yajadda Sayville
Nikki Mennella Smithtown West
Nina DeNicola Smithtown East
Olivia Rongo Westhampton
Shannon Smith Northport
Skyler Fig Bayport
Sonny Lionetti Sacred Heart
Tessa Orgonas Bayport




  1. Tracie says:

    Olivia Rongo is my pick!!☺️ She is a very talented midfielder and draw specialist with a high game IQ… Always has her head up… She is dangerous on both ends of the field… Olivia is a true team leader and is always looking to make those around her better… She puts the team first and is the biggest cheerleader for her teammates! Go Olivia!!👊🏻

  2. Lindsay says:

    Olivia Rongo for sure!! Best teammate and all around great player, really knows how to work with the girls around her and helps them reach their full potential on the field!

  3. Molly says:

    Olivia Rongo for sure,

  4. madilyn dackow says:

    olivia rongo

  5. Olivia Rongo says:

    Olivia Rongo should win

  6. Domenica Gjelaj says:

    Alyssa STUDDERT. The most unselfish player and great role model for tenacity and hard work!

  7. Christine WorkmanOwe says:

    I vote for Alyssa Studdert from Half Hollow Hills for this award

  8. Summer Oneill says:

    Olivia Rongo

  9. Riley says:

    Caitlin McNaboe

  10. Amanda Grimes says:

    caitlin mcnaboe

  11. Delaney says:

    Caitlin McNaboe

  12. Kate Gambino says:

    Caitlin McNaboe

  13. Mark Gjelaj says:

    Alyssa Studdert

  14. maureen arendt says:

    Caitlin Mcnaboe!!

  15. Molly S says:

    Olivia Rongo

  16. Melissa Pittoni says:

    Abby Lyons

  17. KT says:

    Emma Kelly from Plainedge !!

  18. Meaghan Kelly says:

    Emma Kelly

  19. Carlie Cutinella says:

    Carlie Cutinella

  20. Jojo Puckey says:

    Carlie Cutinella

  21. Bobby Puckey says:

    Carlie Cutinella

  22. Brianna Fischetti says:

    Carlie Cutinella leads by example, who gives 110% in everything she does on and off the field.

  23. Carlie Cutinella says:

    Carlie Cutinella SWRHS

  24. Kelli Cutinella says:

    Carlie Cutinella

  25. Bridget says:

    Carlie Cutinella SWR

  26. Ken Michaels says:

    Carlie Cutinella

  27. Stephanie Ambrosino says:

    Carlie Cutinella

  28. Susan Michaels says:

    Carlie Cutinella

  29. Sue says:

    voting for Carlie Cutinella

  30. Kayleigh says:

    Carlie Cutinella

  31. Jimmy puckey says:

    Carlie Cutinella

  32. Amazing player who was a team captain and motivator to her teammates. Because of her outstanding achievements on and off the field, Carlie was chosen as the student representative for Section XI.

  33. Thomas Johnson says:

    Carlie cutinella

  34. nope says:

    Abby Lyons

  35. Great player and student leader.

  36. Kiera walker says:

    Emma kelly

  37. Mary says:

    Carlie Cutinella is far and away the number one pick for this award! She’s an amazing friend, teammate and player!!

  38. blah says:

    alyssa studdert no question

  39. Lily Berchin says:

    Olivia Rongo 🫶🏻

  40. Lily Berchin says:

    Olivia Rongo

  41. Jenna Chapman says:

    Carlie Cutinella

  42. Carlie Cutinella says:

    Carlie Cutinella

  43. Frank says:

    Carlie Cutinella SWR

  44. Theresa Biegert says:

    Carlie Cutinella gives 100% on and off the field. An amazing athlete and student.

  45. Peter says:

    Carlie Cutinella is my vote. Great athlete and student who leads by example.

  46. Vanessa says:

    Go Emma Kelly your commitment and passion deserve a win

  47. Robert Johnson says:

    Carlie Cutinella. Talented and hard working, scholar athlete

  48. Kathleen Johnson says:

    Carlie Cutinella – SWR

  49. Kathy Johnson says:

    Carlie Cutinella – SWR

  50. marissa campbell says:

    Carlie Cutinella

  51. Theresa says:

    Olivia Rongo all the way !!!

  52. Dana McAllister says:

    SKYLAR FIG. Bayport

  53. Lindsay says:

    Emma Kelly! #PSU!!!

  54. Kevin says:

    Gotta be Cutinella here

  55. Strong says:

    Carlie Cutinella

  56. Matthew Byrne says:

    Skyler Fig is the only candidate if you’ve been watching girls lax at all this year

  57. Alison Mae Byrne says:

    Skyler Fig all day

  58. Bre Johnson says:

    Skyler fig, bayport !!!!!

  59. KM says:

    Caitlin Noack! She made us all better and definitely up’d our level of play. True team leader on and off of the field

  60. Angelina Anderson says:

    Carlie Cutinella

  61. John says:

    Caitlin McNaboe

  62. Thomas Johnson says:

    Carlie cutinella is my pick

  63. Maria Johnson says:

    Carlie Cutinella A team leader

  64. Maria johnson says:

    Carlie Cutinella. Gives 100 percent all the time

  65. Maria Johnson says:

    Carlie Cutinella swr

  66. Jovie Noack says:

    Caitlin Noack. Best goalie on Long Island and the most hardworking player I know. She never quits even when she’s exhausted and she’s always helping her team become better. She makes playing fun and competitive.

  67. Krystina D says:

    CAITLIN NOACK!!!- Center Moriches

  68. JD says:

    Caitlin Noack is for sure my pick!!

  69. carlee santoro says:

    delilah mile

  70. Mary says:

    Olivia Rongo!! Team first player who led her team to a County and Long Island Championship

  71. Erin Kidd says:

    Abby Lyons

  72. Jake Deacy says:

    Alexa Carannante

  73. Ryan McAllister says:

    Skyler Fig. From Bayport.

  74. I am nominating Caitlin Noack for the LIJL 2022 Girls Paumanok award. Caitlin is a great goalie. She is a great asset to the team they would never went as far as they did without her. She is the best. When she does something she puts her whole heart into it. You could not find a better person to give this award too.

  75. Melissa says:

    Caitlin McNaboe!!

  76. Lax says:

    Carla Curth

  77. Steven Gillespie says:

    Abby Lyons

  78. Theresa says:

    Carlie Cutinella

  79. Gianna says:

    Emily Scorcia for sure!!

  80. Brittany Grosskopf says:


  81. Charles'ONeill says:

    Great young women , hardest. worker in the classroom and on the field.

  82. Matt Ilchuk says:

    Emily Scorcia

  83. Lisa L says:

    Alyssa Studdert

  84. Thomas Johnson says:

    Carlie cutinella is the pick

  85. Maria Johnson says:

    Carlie Cutinella. Swr

  86. maggie mcmahon says:

    Alyssa Studdert

  87. Sophie schrader says:

    Alyssa Studdert

  88. Kristen A says:

    Emily Scorcia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Bay Shore

  89. Pete Blieberg says:

    Skyler Fig-Bayport
    Simply the best!

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