LILJ’s Partners with Revolution Athletics Long Island’s #1 Sports Training Facility

The LILJ is proud to announce their new partnership with Revolution (Revo) Athletics. Revo Athletics which is located in Bohemia N.Y. is a top of the line sports training facility that trains Long Island athletes across a variety of sports in proper movement to reach their highest potential both in their sport and as individuals. Revo was founded back in 2005 by Justin Kull is a former Division 1 AA football student-athlete who graduated from Hofstra University.

Revo provides training starting as young as the fifth grade and it is broken up into different programs based on age. The programs range from rookie which is fifth grade to seventh grade, and goes all the way up to college. In addition to one-on-one training, Revo also provides team training as well which facilities in building chemistry in hopes for having a successful season. Over the years the Revo team has trained over 20,000 athletes and has also trained athletes across all of the major professional sports leagues.

The mission is to make it known to the LILJ community the best athletes as well as those aspiring lacrosse stars on the island train at Revolution Athletics, while spreading Revolution’s mission in helping athletes achieve their highest potential by running the #1 school for speed, strength and agility on Long Island.

Revo Athletics will be the exclusive partner for strength, speed and fitness. The LILJ marketing team will make Revo the exclusive athletics company seeking to train, develop, and promote the top lacrosse players following and observing the Long Island Lacrosse Journal.

The LILJ will also make Revolution Athletics the exclusive combine partner for our Long Island lacrosse combines. The LILJ can push elite lacrosse players from around the island to Revo’s facility at least twice per year for the ultimate combine experience. Justin and his team can expose athletes to premier testing and training, giving top lacrosse players a feel for what it’s like to be a Revo Athlete. The LILJ can cover these athletes using video, photos, write-ups, and more!

Top plays across the LILJ leagues, events and coverage throughout the high school season will be connected to Revo, as the best play from the best players on the LILJ should be associated with the best school for speed and strength on Long Island. With the LILJ coverage now running 12 months a year, we can feature Revo all year round. The lacrosse community will  have insight into the type of elite athletes that train at Revo as we post across social media the top Revo commits. 


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