2022 Girls NYSRC Top Performers of the Week

Last week was the 2022 New York State Regional Championships where six different regions from the Empire State came together at SUNY Albany to represent their region in the classes of 2023-2026. Each region battled it out looking to take home a gold, silver, or bronze medal in their respective classes. Although not every team was able to bring home hardware, each team had some standout performers that showcased their talent and abilities throughout the three day tournament. Check out who the top players of the week were from each region and each class!



Lindsey McCulloch (Midfield)

Michaela Leonard (Defense)

Maeve Conway (Midfield)

Jenna Pollicino (Attack)


Avery Erick (Midfield)

Sarah Bette (Attack)

Emma Taylor (Goalie)

Erin Fariello (Midfield)


Ava Roemer (Midfield)

Kady Duffy (Midfield)

Emily Ciesinski (Goalie)

Macy Zeilman (Midfield)



Carlie Desimone (Attack)

Sophia Ianno (Defense)

Olivia Blanding (Attack)

Mia Pozzi (Midfield)


Caroline Smith (Midfield)

Sophia Watts (Defense)

Jade Doldo (Midfield)

Ava Giannuzzi (Defense)


Olivia Frazier (Goalie)

Kara Rosenberger (Midfield)

Gabby Putman (Midfield)

Mya Carroll (Midfield)


Mattingly Dorchester (Goalie)

Elizabeth Smith (Midfield)

Lana Alampi (Attack)

Taylor Novack (Attack)

Hudson Valley 


Sophia Colasacco (Midfield)

Tara McHugh (Defense)

Daniela Parisi (Goalie)

Kaylee Reaves (Attack)

Rebecca Sibley (Midfield)


Zoe Stonecipher (Attack)

Liv Castaldo (Midfield)

Lorena Rivera (Midfield)

Jaclyn Mahoney (Defense)


Michaela Fay (Midfield)

Beau Whaling (Attack)

Clare Nemsick (Defense)

Nevin Sullivan (Midfield)


2023/2024 Gray

Jenna Dempsey (Midfield)

Rory Meehan (Defense)

Ella Timperio (Attack)

Shannon Day (Midfield)

2023/2024 Navy

Kaylee Fravert (Midfield)

Avery Testa (Attack)

Eva Trimble (Defense)

Emily Backlin (Goalie)

2025 Gray

Leigha Zaman (Midfield)

Mia McCarthy (Defense)

Gwyneth Petersen (Midfield)

Lily Capobianco (Midfield)

2025 Navy

Delany Clark (Goalie)

Juliana Cerasi (Midfield)

Kiera Desmond (Goalie)

Kathryn Monaco (Midfield)

2026 Gray

Meadow Szillus (Midfield)

Ava Curtis (Midfield)

Catalina Suau (Defense)

Alexandra Backlin (Attack)

2026 Navy

Emma Speed (Attack)

Sophia Novelli (Defense)

Katherine O’Hanlon (Attack)

Michaela Molgano (Attack)


2023/2024 Gray

Hailey Kulesa (Defense)

Camryn Chamberlain (Attack)

Ashley Langdon (Goalie)

Kayden Meyer (Midfield)

2023/2024 Maroon

Ava Carillo (Goalie)

Jacqueline Sutherland (Defense)

Olivia Comerford (Defense)

Kate Spinks (Attack)

2025 Gray 

Ava Rivera (Attack)

Sabrina Boyle (Midfield)

Sophia Cangelosi (Midfield)

Natalie Psaltis (Midfield)

2025 Maroon 

Ava Meyn (Midfield)

Reese King (Midfield)

Lucy Livingston (Defense)

Jesss Black (Goalie)

2026 Gray

Francesca Tofano (Midfield)

Gianna Calise (Midfield)

Noelle Meenan (Midfield)

Mattea Vino (Midfield)

2026 Maroon

Sophia Buffardi (Midfield)

Caitlin Barnes (Midfield)

Ava Obloj (Midfield)

Jolie Weinschreider (Midfield)



Maddie Fitzgerald (Midfield)

Emma McGuigan (Attack)

Caroline Smith (Defense)

Grace Rund (Midfield)


Alison Baumgartner (Midfield)

Lucy Lederman (Midfield)

Paige Kidd (Midfield)

Katie Adams (Attack)


Nora Graff (Defense)

Carissa Schneider (Midfield)

Kaitlyn Toth (Defense)

Mikayla Mellenthine (Goalie)


Maci Mueller (Attack)

Cecily Kaul (Midfield)

Riley Hauber (Midfield)

Teagan Hudak (Midfield)


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