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Presenting the LILJ Boys Class of 2024 Watch List

The time is now for the class of 2024. These young men have dedicated the entire spring and summer putting in the work on and off the field to get to September 1st which is the start of when they can officially begin being recruited by colleges all across the country as they aspire to take their talents to the next level. Throughout the coming weeks and months ahead many of them will be deciding which place they’ll call the next four years home at the conclusion of their high school careers. As commitments are made please DM the LILJ so that we can update the list of where players are committed. Here is the latest LILJ boys class of 2024 watch list!

First Last Position School Grad Year Commit
Aidan Garvey Attack New Hyde Park 2024
Aiden Payne Attack Patchogue Medford 2024
Alex Moloney Attack Farmingdale 2024
Alex Varga Attack MacArthur 2024
Andrew Danowski Attack Bay Shore 2024
Andrew Ottomanelli Attack Garden City 2024
Andrew Tudda Attack Seaford 2024
Andrew Connolly Attack Whitman 2024
Anthony Capitali Attack Lynbrook 2024
Antosh Borawski Attack West Babylon 2024
Ben Morris Attack Bayport 2024 Hopkins
Brady Mahler Attack Baldwin 2024
Brandon Berozi Attack Commack 2024
Brayden Arias Attack Comsewogue 2024
Brayden Black Attack East Islip 2024
Brendan Meskill Attack SWR 2024
Brendan Hughes Attack Ward Melville 2024
Brian Hrybenko Attack Huntington 2024
Brody Morgan Attack Ward Melville 2024
Cameron Lewis Attack Malverne/East Rockaway 2024
Carmine Jaconi Attack Sachem East 2024
Charlie Heffernan Attack East Islip 2024
Christian Ventuzelo Attack East Islip 2024
Connor Gately Attack Manhasset 2024
Daniel Barone Attack Seaford 2024
Dante Mansfield Attack Westhampton 2024
Dylan Rocchio Attack Comsewogue 2024
Dylan Frank Attack Smithtown West 2024
Enzo Barranca Attack Mt. Sinai 2024
Ethan Dalland Attack Commack 2024
Giancarlo Pecorale Attack Smithtown East 2024
Gradon Sosnowski Attack Huntington 2024
Griffin Sumwalt Attack Riverhead 2024
Griffin Mills Attack South Side 2024
Isaiah Lattanzio Attack Southampton 2024
Jack Garguilo Attack Massapequa 2024
Jack O’Connor Attack Plainedge 2024
Jake Davidson Attack Baldwin 2024
Jake Gallose Attack Connetquot 2024
Jake Anglim Attack Plainedge 2024
Jared Beschel Attack Manhasset 2024
Jayden Bonner Attack William Floyd 2024
JC Echezuria Attack Plainedge 2024
Jesse Bentrewicz Attack Hicksville 2024
John Rigletti Attack St. Anthony’s 2024
JoJo Souto Attack South Side 2024
Joseph Grottola Attack Middle Country 2024
JT Kelly Attack St. Anthony’s 2024
Justin Genatt Attack Hills 2024
Justin Westerlin Attack Sachem East 2024
Keith Leonard Attack East Islip 2024
Kieran Heaney Attack Garden City 2024
Liam Livingston Attack Chaminade 2024
Liam Williams Attack Mepham 2024
Liam Kershis Attack SWR 2024 Duke
Logan Kirchner Attack Baldwin 2024
Lucas LaForge Attack Mt. Sinai 2024 Michigan
Luke Hartman Attack Long Beach 2024
Luke Breslin Attack St. Anthony’s 2024
Luke Chitkara Attack Ward Melville 2024
Luke Barrera Attack West Babylon 2024
Matt Daversa Attack North Shore 2024
Matthew Rotolo Attack St. John the Baptist 2024
Maverick Chernoff Attack Long Beach 2024
Michael Felicetti Attack Kellenberg 2024
Michael Aiello Attack South Side 2024
Michael Romanelli Attack St. Dominic 2024
Michael Flynn Attack West Islip 2024
Michael Madden Attack Oceanside 2024
Nicholas Alicanti Attack Bay Shore 2024
Nicholas Cain Attack ESM 2024
Nicholas Uzakewicz Attack Hauppauge 2024
Nicholas Limberg Attack Luhi 2024
Nicholas Disipio Attack St. Anthony’s 2024
Nick Carretta Attack Mt. Sinai 2024
Owen West Attack South Side 2024
PJ Haskell Attack CSH 2024
Quentin Castellano Attack Chaminade 2024
Quinn Langton Attack St. Anthony’s 2024 Army
Reagan Reilly Attack CSH 2024
Ricky Geier Attack Massapequa 2024
Ryan Hannaford Attack Bayport 2024
Ryan Banaciski Attack Luhi 2024
Ryan Krudis Attack Luhi 2024
Ryan Meyers Attack Rocky Point 2024
Seab Quirk Attack South Side 2024
Sean Hoolan Attack Smithtown West 2024
Shane Von Kampen Attack ESM 2024
Stephen Rosano Attack Ward Melville 2024 Sacred Heart
Steven Cain Attack SWR 2024 Marist
Thomas Girimonti Attack Huntington 2024
Tim McLam Attack Northport 2024
Tim Kinahan Attack Smithtown East 2024
Tom Raccomandato Attack West Babylon 2024
Tommy Gaudio Attack Herricks 2024
Tommy Hyland Attack Smithtown West 2024
Tyler Diaz Attack Middle Country 2024
Will Drake Attack Westhampton 2024
Aaron Shapiro Defense Kings Park 2024
Aidan McMinn Defense Ward Melville 2024
Aiden Dinnigan Defense Connetquot 2024
Andrew Bella Defense South Side 2024
Andrew Schlipf Defense Garden City 2024
Anthony Avitabile Defense East Islip 2024
Anthony D’Anna Defense ESM 2024
Anthony Polito Defense Smithtown East 2024
Athansios Alafogiannis Defense North Shore 2024
Ben Fox Defense Chaminade 2024 UNC
Brady Cavanaugh Defense Harborfields 2024
Brayden Farhbach Defense Mt. Sinai 2024
Brayden Feeney Defense Smithtown East 2024
Brendan O’Brien Defense Chaminade 2024
Brian Fleck Defense Manhasset 2024
Bryan Avanzato Defense Sachem North 2024
Cain Carney Defense Huntington 2024
Carmine Vandenberg Defense West Islip 2024
Charlie Meringolo Defense Garden City 2024
Chase Dickinson Defense Bayport 2024
Chase Yaris Defense Syosset 2024
Chris Gentry Defense Portledge 2024
Chris Diez Defense South Side 2024
Christian Galvez Defense Farmingdale 2024
Christopher Guglielmo Defense Smithtown West 2024
Christopher Rentz Defense West Islip 2024
CJ Apuzzo Defense West Babylon 2024
Danny McGlaughlin Defense Farmingdale 2024
Dante Vardaro Defense St. Anthony’s 2024 UPenn
Deklan Drost Defense SWR 2024
Dominick Mezzanotte Defense Farmingdale 2024
Eamon Welch Defense Chaminade 2024
Evan Stern Defense Commack 2024
Evan Kazlauskas Defense Smithtown West 2024
Florence Campbell Defense Friends Academy 2024
Giancarlo Valenti Defense Northport 2024
Hugh Wilkinson Defense Malverne/East Rockaway 2024
Hunter Carbonara Defense Hills 2024
Jack Tenant Defense Chaminade 2024
Jack Morrison Defense Manhasset 2024
Jack Mulholland Defense Manhasset 2024 Dartmouth
Jack Fredriksen Defense Rocky Point 2024
Jack Steimle Defense Mt. Sinai 2024
Jackson Hamilton Defense Harborfields 2024
Jacob Milano Defense Longwood 2024
Jaden Bowers Defense Middle Country 2024
Jake Furrer Defense Mt. Sinai 2024
Jake Anzelone Defense Seaford 2024 Navy
Jake Sudaley Defense Ward Melville 2024
James Tedeschi Defense Smithtown East 2024
James Sullivan Defense South Side 2024
James Coromilas Defense St. John the Baptist 2024
Jayson Cardenas Defense Longwood 2024
Jehu Ramsay Defense Huntington 2024
Jeremy Lauletta Defense Floral Park 2024
Jesse Demetriou Defense Harborfields 2024
Jesse Royals Defense Herricks 2024
Jimmy Millen Defense Mt. Sinai 2024
Johnny Giertl Defense North Shore 2024
Joseph Pace Defense West Islip 2024
Kevin Greabell Defense Kings Park 2024
Kevin Corcoran Defense Smithtown West 2024
Liam Allen Defense East Islip 2024
Liam Taylor Defense SWR 2024
Logan Mariotti Defense Kings Park 2024
Lucas Mundy Defense Chaminade 2024
Matt Calvo Defense MacArthur 2024
Matt Mitchko Defense Rocky Point 2024
Matt Kephart Defense Garden City 2024 Princeton
Max Julian Defense SWR 2024
Michael Riccardi Defense Ward Melville 2024
Mikey Luce Defense Bayport 2024 BU
Mitch Savalli Defense Mepham 2024
Nicholas Hink Defense Massapequa 2024
Nicholas Nicastro Defense Northport 2024
Nicholas Armato Defense Ward Melville 2024
Nick Pascarella Defense Farmingdale 2024
Noah Reed Defense Center Moriches 2024
Patrick Knieriem Defense Huntington 2024
Patrick Mullin Defense South Side 2024
Paul Durnan Defense Chaminade 2024
Robert Urban Defense St. Anthony’s 2024
Ryan Wieczorek Defense Massapequa 2024
Sam Myung Defense Kings Park 2024
Samuel Carioscia Defense Ward Melville 2024
Scotty Arnett Defense Bay Shore 2024
Sean Russell Defense West Babylon 2024
Thomas Breingan Defense Huntington 2024
Thomas Conway Defense Wantagh 2024 Air Force
Timmy Pisano Defense CSH 2024
Tom Snyder Defense St. Anthony’s 2024 UVA
Victor Parciak Defense Hicksville 2024
Vincent Bolignino Defense Harborfields 2024 Syracuse
Wally Crane Defense William Floyd 2024
Zachary Maggiacomo Defense Patchogue Medford 2024 BU
Samuel Cook Defense St. Anthony’s 2024
Tyler Shanahan Defense St. Anthony’s 2024
Aidan Stanton FOGO Massapequa 2024
Alex Choi FOGO Chaminade 2024
Cade Delgado FOGO Port Jefferson 2024
Cole Gibstein FOGO North Shore 2024
Dennis Hodge FOGO Bay Shore 2024
Flynn Klipstein FOGO Mattituck 2024
Frankie Rom FOGO Sachem East 2024
Jack Collins FOGO Middle Country 2024
Jack Cooper FOGO Southampton 2024
Jack Montagano FOGO Luhi 2024
Joe DiGennaro FOGO Chaminade 2024
Landon Silverstein FOGO St. Dominic 2024
Luke Forde FOGO Island Trees 2024
Madden Murphy FOGO Ward Melville 2024 Princeton
Michael Moon FOGO St. Anthony’s 2024 Brown
Mike Melkonian FOGO South Side 2024 Cornell
Necco Cottage FOGO Smithtown West 2024
Nolan Michalowski FOGO Westhampton 2024
William Greaves FOGO Wantagh 2024
Adam Waccholder Goalie Comsewogue 2024
Alexander Dircks Goalie Chaminade 2024
Brady Smith Goalie Bayport 2024
Brandon Klein Goalie Jericho 2024
Caiden Lung Goalie Lynbrook 2024
Charles Serafin Goalie Harborfields 2024
Charlie Heller Goalie Roslyn 2024
Chase McCarthy Goalie St. Anthony’s 2024
Collin Santillo Goalie Connetquot 2024
Collin Dellomo Goalie Sachem East 2024
Connor FitzGibbon Goalie Connetquot 2024
Davon DiFede Goalie Ward Melville 2024
Denis Fargione Goalie Garden City 2024 Villanova
Dylan Bonasera Goalie Smithtown West 2024
Ethan Shulder Goalie Ward Melville 2024
Finn Meyer Goalie Port Washington 2024
Fred Giovanelli Goalie Hicksville 2024
George Meyer Goalie Port Washington 2024
Hayden Daniels Goalie Calhoun 2024
Jacob Goldberg Goalie Roslyn 2024
Jaden Galfano Goalie SWR 2024
Jake Kelly Goalie Bethpage 2024
Jake Cohen Goalie Syosset 2024
James Grego Goalie CSH 2024
James Treacy Goalie Kings Park 2024
Jimmy Caputo Goalie Farmingdale 2024
Kyle Conklin Goalie Wantagh 2024
Logan Hoenig Goalie Middle Country 2024
Luke Tideman Goalie William Floyd 2024
Matteo Cameron Goalie Glen Cove 2024
Matthew Im Goalie Manhasset 2024
Michael Romeo Goalie Mt. Sinai 2024
Michael Muscarella Goalie South Side 2024
Quinn Napolitano Goalie Northport 2024
Robert Govier Goalie West Islip 2024
Sal Caputo Goalie Chaminade 2024
Sean Forde Goalie St. Anthony’s 2024
Tim Navin Goalie Seaford 2024
Andrew White LSM Bay Shore 2024
Charles Kalinowski LSM East Islip 2024
Charlie Pisciotta LSM Locust Valley 2024
Chris Kazarian LSM East Islip 2024
Christian Smith LSM Middle Country 2024
Danny Higgins LSM St. Dominic 2024
Declan Sullivan LSM St. Anthony’s 2024
Demetri Boutis LSM Mt. Sinai 2024
Emmanuel Menendez LSM Middle Country 2024
Evan DiGilio LSM Bay Shore 2024
Jack Poller LSM Harborfields 2024
Jake Kenney LSM Oceanside 2024
James Dowd LSM Rocky Point 2024
Jaxon Parisi LSM Farmingdale 2024
Julian Vinch LSM ESM 2024
Kieran Clifford LSM SWR 2024
Liam Neimeth LSM Sachem East 2024
Luke Castillo LSM East Hampton 2024
Matt Mehling LSM Garden City 2024
Matthew Marchetta LSM Chaminade 2024
Michael Ferone LSM Floral Park 2024
Michael Nawojchik LSM St. Dominic 2024
Nick Filocamo LSM Island Trees 2024
Pedro Escobar LSM Hicksville 2024
Riley Spencer LSM Bayport 2024
Rowan Collins LSM Manhasset 2024
Thomas Cieleski LSM Long Beach 2024
TJ Wakely LSM Carey 2024
Trevor Thuma LSM Babylon 2024
Will O’Toole LSM Luhi 2024
Aaron Bell Midfield Baldwin 2024
Adam Lamendola Midfield Massapequa 2024
Aidan Considine Midfield Garden City 2024
Aidan Rubin Midfield Hills 2024
Aidan Donohue Midfield Rocky Point 2024
Aidan Hughes Midfield Smithtown East 2024
Aiden Kilduff Midfield Ward Melville 2024
AJ Carlo Midfield Sachem East 2024
Ajani Valerio Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024
Alex Clark Midfield Mattituck 2024
Alexander Kershis Midfield SWR 2024
Andrew Cooper Midfield East Islip 2024
Andrew Sarchese Midfield Port Washington 2024
Andrew Eaton Midfield Sachem North 2024
Anthony Prevete Midfield North Babylon 2024
Aydan DeLiso Midfield Connetquot 2024
Ben Dellafranca Midfield Babylon 2024
Ben Rose Midfield Carey 2024
Brendan O’Keefe Midfield Farmingdale 2024
Brendan O’bloj Midfield West Islip 2024
Brett Oppenheim Midfield Mt. Sinai 2024
Brian Knapp Midfield Chaminade 2024
Brian Kraemer Midfield Oceanside 2024
Brody Donohue Midfield Rocky Point 2024
Bryce Wylie Midfield Bethpage 2024
Caden Lennon Midfield Farmingdale 2024 Bryant
Cameron McDougall Midfield Malverne/East Rockaway 2024
Carmelo Pace Midfield Smithtown West 2024 Army
Carson Kraus Midfield Garden City 2024
Carter Heuer Midfield Patchogue Medford 2024
Charles Corwin Midfield East Hampton 2024
Charlie O’Connor Midfield Chaminade 2024
Chase Bedell Midfield West Islip 2024
Chris Grover Midfield Huntington 2024
Cole Milani Midfield Smithtown East 2024
Cole DiPietro Midfield South Side 2024
Connor Haggerty Midfield Hauppauge 2024
Connor Terrell Midfield Locust Valley 2024
Connor Larkin Midfield MacArthur 2024
Cooper Kraus Midfield Garden City 2024
Daniel Odell Midfield ESM 2024 Army
Daniel McNulty Midfield Huntington 2024
Danny Aiello Midfield Bayport 2024 Navy
Danny Fountaine Midfield Connetquot 2024
David Disque Midfield Syosset 2024
Derek Vassallo Midfield Northport 2024
DJ Blankenship Midfield William Floyd 2024
Domenico Moscato Midfield Plainedge 2024
Dylan Fusco Midfield Hicksville 2024
Eddie Bullard Midfield Hauppauge 2024
Gregory Lempin Midfield Bay Shore 2024
Gunnar Anderson Midfield CSH 2024
Heath Sumwalt Midfield Westhampton 2024
J.T. Kelly Midfield Hicksville 2024
Jack Connolly Midfield Chaminade 2024
Jack Cooper Midfield East Hampton 2024
Jack Kalinowski Midfield East Islip 2024
Jack Maguire Midfield Luhi 2024
Jack Voelker Midfield Manhasset 2024
Jack McCormack Midfield Mineola 2024
Jack Lozito Midfield South Side 2024
Jacob Faison Midfield Patchogue Medford 2024
Jaden Taylor Midfield Malverne/East Rockaway 2024
Jadyn Gilliard Midfield Hills 2024
Jake Martini Midfield Wantagh 2024
Jake Mangano Midfield Ward Melville 2024
James Kelton Midfield Sachem East 2024
Javier Fuentes Midfield Malverne/East Rockaway 2024
Jayden Lovell Midfield Commack 2024
Joe Fazio Midfield Huntington 2024
Joe Braunshweiger Midfield Port Washington 2024
Joey Zink Midfield Huntington 2024
John Tully Midfield Chaminade 2024
John Flynn Midfield Kings Park 2024
John Savino Midfield Smithtown West 2024
John Dolezeal Midfield William Floyd 2024
Jonathan Granito Midfield Huntington 2024
Jordan Brewster Midfield Patchogue Medford 2024
Kaeden West Midfield Comsewogue 2024
Kevin Keaveney Midfield Plainedge 2024
Kian McCoy Midfield Island Trees 2024
Kole Lemke Midfield Hauppauge 2024
Kyle O’Connor Midfield Lindenhurst 2024
Kyle Bilello Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024
Liam Brennan Midfield Garden City 2024
Liam Gregorek Midfield SWR 2024 Navy
Liam McGuire Midfield SWR 2024
Luca Petruccelli Midfield Manhasset 2024
Luca Elmaleh Midfield Northport 2024
Luke Aasheim Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024
Maclin Keyser Midfield Bayport 2024
Matthew Baldino Midfield East Islip 2024
Matthew Mcintee Midfield East Islip 2024 Syracuse
Matthew Ferraro Midfield Islip 2024 BU
Michael Cuddeback Midfield Chaminade 2024
Michael Anzelone Midfield Kellenberg 2024
Michael Hendrickson Midfield Lynbrook 2024
Michael Mondiello Midfield Manhasset 2024
Michael Weigand Midfield Massapequa 2024
Nathan Smith Midfield Harborfields 2024
Nicholas Mirenda Midfield ESM 2024
Nick Doreste Midfield Hills 2024
Nick Mistler Midfield Patchogue Medford 2024
Nick Serrano Midfield West Babylon 2024
Nico Markowski Midfield Harborfields 2024
Noah Sulpizio Midfield Mt. Sinai 2024
Owen Hickey Midfield Hicksville 2024
Owen Azevedo Midfield Syosset 2024
Pat Flaherty Midfield Chaminade 2024 Navy
Patrick O’Doherty Midfield Lynbrook 2024
Peter DeBusschere Midfield Chaminade 2024
Peter Sellitto Midfield Hauppauge 2024
Philip Terrell Midfield Locust Valley 2024
Preston Vinch Midfield ESM 2024
Quinn Reynolds Midfield Northport 2024
Riley Royals Midfield Herricks 2024
Russell Difrancesca Midfield South Side 2024
Ryan Naslonski Midfield Bay Shore 2024
Ryan Button Midfield Comsewogue 2024
Ryan McGloin Midfield CSH 2024
Ryan Giambone Midfield Longwood 2024
Ryan Fitzgerald Midfield MacArthur 2024
Ryan Cash Midfield Northport 2024
Ryan Cormac Midfield Smithtown East 2024
Ryan Wilson Midfield SWR 2024
Sal Posillico Midfield Farmingdale 2024
Sam Giarraputo Midfield CSH 2024
Sam Stewart Midfield Luhi 2024
Sawyer Deseve Midfield North Shore 2024
Sean Sullivan Midfield Middle Country 2024
Sean Kling Midfield Mt. Sinai 2024
Sean Glynn Midfield South Side 2024
Shaun Walters Midfield Calhoun 2024
Stephen Trama Midfield West Islip 2024
Steven Braunshweiger Midfield Port Washington 2024
Thomas Girimonti Midfield Huntington 2024
Thomas Cassar Midfield Kings Park 2024
Thomas Carlo Midfield Wantagh 2024
Thomas Murphy Midfield Ward Melville 2024
Tommy Esposito Midfield Garden City 2024
Tyler McTaggert Midfield Baldwin 2024
Vincent Pittito Midfield St. Anthony’s 2024
Will Tolliver Midfield Carey 2024
Will Graziano Midfield Comsewogue 2024
Xander Megias Midfield Calhoun 2024
Zachary Brittman Midfield Ward Melville 2024
Zachary Herrmann Midfield Ward Melville 2024


  1. Johnny Webber says:

    i feel like Aidan Garvey out of New Hyde Park needs to be on. 78 points as a varsity sophmore. He was top in Nassau with points…

  2. The Lamendola family says:

    Thank you! Love the site. ❤️💪🥍

  3. Suzanne Dillmeier says:

    Why is Kurt Dillmeier not on your list? He is an LSM from Manhasset. Played on manhasset varsity as a sophomore and currently goes to Lawrenceville.

    1. The Long Island Lacrosse Journal Promotes LI High School Players’ who attend the High School’s on Long Island.
      We wish your son, the best of luck with his lacrosse endeavors, but our mission is to promote Only the Player’s who play for LI Schools once they get to the HS Age.

  4. DS says:

    Hello how can I add a name to watch list

  5. DS says:

    Can u please add a player
    Jack Steimle defense mt Sinai 2024

  6. Corey Klein says:

    Can you please add Brandon Klein to the list. He is in Jericho HS 2024. He has been the starting goalie for the past two ( 2) years. 9th and 10th grade. He has been a rock in goal. He plays for Shore 2 Shore.

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