Parochial Boys Players That Impressed presented by E.A.S.T. LI Fitness

See who’s stepping up in the parochial league this 2024 season…

Ryan Banaciski (Dickinson Commit), St. John the Baptist, 76 Points. Ryan Banaciski is a fiery lefty attacker for SJB. Bana is an electric dodger from just below GLE, getting underneath, through and around defenders at will. With not much room needed to shoot, Bana uses deception, creativity and pure will to get some big goals for his team. Excited to see this young man’s big season continue. 

Luke Breslin (Lehigh Commit), St. Anthony’s, 40 Points. Brez is a man amongst boys. Competing for St. A’s, who is in the midst of the most challenging schedule nationally, Breslin continues to put up points in big moments. Strength, IQ, and pure skill are just a few words to describe this rising star. Lehigh’s getting a good one. Until then, Breslin continues to disrupt HS defenses on the weekly. 

Quinn Langton (Army Commit), St. Anthony’s, 40 Points. If Breslin is Batman, Langton might be his Robin. Langton is a strong righty dodger out of St. A’s. Langton is great at attacking from X and is lethal off-ball. Expect Quinn to play his best ball now that it’s May.

James Gillis (2026), Chaminade, 33 Points. Gillis leads the Flyers in points and for good reason. This Super Soph is as smooth as butter. Gillis has a slingshot on the run. His 1-2 combo of being a smooth lefty and being silly creative makes him a problem on the offensive. I’m sure James will be getting some incoming calls come 9/1/24. Fly on JG

James Jenet (Muhlenberg), St. Doms, 37 Points. Jenet is a big body and uses his size effectively on the offensive end when dodging. He’s leading Doms in points so far this season and continues to contribute week after week. Better get #5 on your scout, he can play.

Mikie Felicetti (Siena Commit) Kellenberg, 16 assists. This 6’ 2” lefty has a big upside. Skilled, high IQ and great vision, Mikie continues to dish for swishes in 2024. Felicetti has a good feel for the game, making him an effective dodger, feeder, and off-ball finisher.

Sean Forde (Utah Commit), St. Anthony’s 55%. Forde is having some season for the Friars. An athletic stopper who’s great at tracking the ball and making some ridiculous saves, Forde has become the back-bone of his Friar defense in 2024. Excited to see what’s to come for Forde as he pursues the D1 dream. 

William Shaw (F&M Commit), SJB 134 Saves. Shaw is on pace to surpass his save total from 2023, which as over 160 saves! Shaw is a super active stopper who can bate you and deflate you. He can straight up steal goals from you if you so choose to let it fly from the outside. Eager to continue covering Shaw this season.

Jack Montagano (Tampa Commit), SJB, 155 F/O Wins. This senior star has been absolutely crushing it at the face-off X in 2024. Montagano is a pure technician who puts on clinics against opponents at the X. Monty is wired to win and that he continues to do. He’s got over 150 F/O wins and counting. Keep it up young man. 

Stephen Kiernan (LIU Commit), Kellenberg 27 GBs 11 CTOs. Kiernan is a Junior defender from Kelly and has had a monster year thus far. Racking up GBs and causing havoc for opponents, Kiernan is a long, righty defender who is skilled, competitive and great on-ball. Kiernan has a big upside and expect to read-up on this young man this year and the years to come. 


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