LILJ High School Winter 7s Semi-Finals Preview

In the first round of the playoffs in the High School Winter 7s the higher seeds all held serve in both playoff brackets. Today will be the semi-finals in the two pools for a chance to clinch spots in the championship games next weekend. In the first pool the four teams remaining are FLG 2027, Top Guns 2027, FLG 2024, and Liberty 2026. The remaining teams in the second pool are Manhasset, Team Pink, Shamrocks, and Sacred Heart. All teams that have been eliminated from postseason contention will still suit up and hit the rink in consolation games the next two weekends. Here’s a preview of the four semi-final games!

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Previewing the LILJ Junior Winter 7s Playoffs

Its five middle school teams competing for a championship in the LILJ Junior Winter 7s Playoffs beginning Saturday February 4th. The five teams represent the club programs of FLG, Yellow Jackets, and Empire. The quarter-final and two semifinal games will be this weekend followed by the consolation and championship games Saturday February 11th.  Continue Reading

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LILJ High School Indoor Winter 7s Playoff Preview

With the regular season wrapped up in the LILJ High School Winter 7s League, it’s time for  the first round of the playoffs. The playoffs feature two pools with eight teams in each pool competing to win the championship. The first round begins today followed by the quarter finals next weekend and the championship games on February 11th. Some of these first round games are rematches from the regular season while others will be the first time the two teams go head-to-head. Here is a preview of each of the opening round playoff games!

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LILJ Girls All-Winter League Teams

The 2022-2023 LILJ Girls HSWL was filled with many top tier varsity teams on the island as well as elite level club teams and JV teams showcasing the depth that programs have. With the winter league having come to an end and a bevy of players who played at a high level, the LILJ has put together a first and second All-Winter League Team along with honorable mentions. Despite some players not being able to play in every game, in the small sample size that they were on the field, they had a tremendous impact on the game and were still eligible for either of the teams. Each team has been created based on position and graduating year between the classes of 2023-2026. Check out each All-Winter League Team down below!

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2022 LILJ Big X Classic Preview

The Big X Classic is back once again this summer. On June 25th and 26th some of the top boys and girls lacrosse teams will be at LIU Post competing for the right to be called Big X champs. The boys divisions range from 2023 through 2025 and the girls divisions range from 2025 through 2031. The boys will play on both days and the girls will only play on Saturday. Checkout the teams competing this upcoming weekend. 


2023 Boys

Pool 1- FLG, Haymakers, Twenty 4 Chaos, Gaffer Elite, East Coast Elite 

Pool 2- MDP, Team Huntington, Recon Marine, Piatelli Central Isleib 


2024 Boys 

Pool 1- Haymakers, Recon Sharks, Twenty 4 Varsity Rage, Harlem HS

Pool 2- Turtles, Gaffer Elite, LI Rush, Twenty 4 


2025 Boys 

Pool 1-  Turtles, Haymakers, Team Twenty 4, Roar 

Pool 2- FLG, Piatelli Pioneer Kiernan, Express Davis, Team Huntington, Harlem, East Coast Elite 


2025/2026 Girls 

Pool 1- Jesters White 2025, Jesters White 2026, FLG 2026, FLG Blue Devils 2026


2027 Girls 

Pool 1- Jesters White, FLG Blue Devils, FLG White 


2028 Girls 

Pool 1- FLG Blue Devils, FLG White, Recon


2029 Girls 

Pool 1- Jesters Pink, GC Tradition Rossi, FLG Blue Devils 


2030 Girls 

Pool 1- Jesters White, FLG, YJ Mullen, YJ Bascelli, Liberty, Jesters Pink 


2031 Girls 

Pool 1- Jesters Pink , GC Tradition A, YJ Curcio 

Pool 2- GC Tradition B, YJ Martin, YJ Pirecca 2031/2032


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LILJ All-New York State Championship Team

After wrapping up the state championship games the LILJ has put together an All-State Championship team to recognize the top performers across the championship games that were covered by the LILJ. Here are the following players that have made the All-State Championship team.

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LILJ 2022 Girls Paumanok Award 15 Finalists

The LILJ is one day away from announcing this year’s Paumanok Award winner. After initially planning to narrow it down to the 10 finalists, we have expanded it to 15 finalists with so many deserving candidates. The award winner will be announced during Thursday’s inaugural All-Long Island Games. Here are the 15 finalists for the Paumanok award!

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LILJ 2022 Boys Paumonak Award 15 finalists

The Paumanok award for girls and boys will be announced tomorrow (June 16th) during the Girls All Long Island Games at Mount Sinai High School. After releasing the nominees for the award on Monday, the boys list has now shrunk. Checkout the 15 finalists that the LILJ staff selected for the Paumanok award and leave a comment below who you think should win. 


Alex Vieni (Calhoun)

Brendan Staub (Garden City)

Charles Balsamo (Chaminade)

Dylan Sagedar (Mount Sinai)

Henry Haberman (Port Washington)  

Jack Cascadden (Garden City)

Jameson Smith (Bayport)

Jesse Phelan (Cold Spring Harbor)

Joey Spallina (Mount Sinai)

Joey Terenzi (Manhasset)

Luca Accardo (Syosset)

Matt Perfetto (Manhasset)

Michae Leo (St Anthony’s)

Michael Meyer (Northport)

Tyler Kuprianchik (Northport)



LILJ 2022 Girls Paumanok Award Candidates

The Paumanok award has returned for the first time since the 2019 lacrosse season. This award goes to the top Long Island player in the senior class. This player excels on the field and elevates the players around them to make their team successful. They are also looked upon as someone who shows characteristics of being a team leader. The winner will be announced this Thursday at the inaugural All-Long Island Games. Here are the candidates for this year’s Paumanok award. Comment below who you think should be this years winner on the girls side, and stay tuned for the 10 finalists which will be announced in the coming days.

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2022 Girls All-LIC Teams Presented by LILJ

The 2022 Long Island Championships featured some unforgettable games. Win or lose many players had standout performances in what may have been the biggest game of their high school career. The LILJ has put together a first and second  All-LIC team based on the level of play specific to the LIC. Here are the players who have made the first and second team as well as the honorable mentions!

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