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LILJ Boys Box League - Boys

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  1. Team W L D G GA DIFF GPP
    Americans 7 1 2 70 42 28 7
    Turtles 4 5 1 45 50 -5 4.5
    Nationals 1 6 3 47 70 -23 4.7
  2. Points
    Player School Total Average
    Sanchez, Owen Americans 18 2.25
    Baronowski, Daniel Americans 15 1.67
    Baronowski, Steven Nationals 13 1.86
    Triolo, Scotty Nationals 12 1.33
    Casey, Rowan Turtles 12 1.33
    Lennon, Colin Nationals 9 1.29
    Skop, Aidan Nationals 9 1.29
    Scavone, Jojo Americans 9 1.13
    Terrone, Anthony Americans 9 0.9
    Perry, Hazard Turtles 7 0.88
    Player School Total Average
    Sanchez, Owen Americans 11 1.38
    Baronowski, Steven Nationals 11 1.57
    Casey, Rowan Turtles 11 1.22
    Baronowski, Daniel Americans 11 1.22
    Triolo, Scotty Nationals 10 1.11
    Terrone, Anthony Americans 9 0.9
    Skop, Aidan Nationals 7 1
    Perry, Hazard Turtles 7 0.88
    Power, Brendan Turtles 5 0.83
    Lennon, Colin Nationals 5 0.71
    Player School Total Average
    Sanchez, Owen Americans 7 0.88
    Scavone, Jojo Americans 5 0.63
    Lennon, Colin Nationals 4 0.57
    Baronowski, Daniel Americans 4 0.44
    McDevit, Michael Turtles 2 0.4
    Schalk, Ryan Americans 2 0.29
    Baronowski, Steven Nationals 2 0.29
    Valdivia, Delvani Americans 2 0.33
    Skop, Aidan Nationals 2 0.29
    Garritano, Luca Americans 2 0.5
    Player School Total Percentage
    Fallon, Will Nationals 56 55%
    Casper, Brogan Turtles 49 58%
    Labovitz, Mikey Americans 49 44%
    Amato, Jack Turtles 6 33%
    Faceoffs Won
    Player School Total Percentage
    Ground Balls
    Player School Total Average
    Lennon, Colin Nationals 14 2
    Brown, Logan Turtles 14 1.56
    Sanchez, Owen Americans 13 1.63
    Terrone, Anthony Americans 12 1.2
    Triolo, Scotty Nationals 11 1.22
    Campbell, Luke Americans 11 1.57
    Perry, Hazard Turtles 10 1.25
    Kaplan, Dylan Turtles 10 1.25
    Casper, Brogan Turtles 9 1.29
    Wyckoff, Greg Nationals 8 1.6
    Caused Turnovers
    Player School Total Average
    Triolo, Scotty Nationals 3 0.33
    Savage, Collin Turtles 2 0.4
    Wyckoff, Greg Nationals 2 0.4
    Terrone, Anthony Americans 2 0.2
    Dunn, Zach Turtles 1 0.33
    Korte, Luca Nationals 1 0.33
    Scavone, Jojo Americans 1 0.13
    Lennon, Colin Nationals 1 0.14
    LiPetri, James Americans 1 0.2
    Casey, Rowan Turtles 1 0.11
  3. Saturday, January 23

    Saturday, January 30

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