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Parochial - Boys

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  2. Team W L D G GA DIFF GPP
    St. Anthony's 14 2 0 241 112 129 15.1
    Chaminade 12 5 0 243 143 100 14.3
    St. Dominic 10 5 0 156 89 67 10.4
    Lutheran 10 7 0 194 147 47 11.4
    Kellenberg Memorial 8 8 0 154 117 37 9.6
    St. John the Baptist 7 10 0 116 158 -42 6.8
    Portledge School 5 2 0 82 47 35 11.7
    Holy Trinity 2 8 0 30 145 -115 3
    Stony Brook School 1 6 0 23 92 -69 3.3
    St. Mary's 1 8 0 30 112 -82 3.3
    Parochial A
    St. Dominic 2 1 0
    St. Mary's 1 1 0
    Holy Trinity 1 2 0
    Parochial AA
    Kellenberg Memorial 1 1 0
    St. John the Baptist 0 3 0
    Parochial AAA
    St. Anthony's 4 0 0
    Chaminade 0 3 0
    Lutheran 4 4 0
    Portledge School 0 1 0
    Stony Brook School 0 2 0
  3. Points
    Player School Total Average
    Caputo, Matt Lutheran 97 6.06
    Nowak, Adrian Kellenberg Memorial 79 4.94
    Balsamo, Charles Chaminade 72 4.24
    Duffy, Owen St. Anthony's 69 5.31
    Leo, Michael St. Anthony's 68 5.23
    Creo, Gavin Chaminade 64 3.76
    Speidell, Jack St. Anthony's 47 3.62
    Cacciabauda, Charlie Lutheran 41 2.93
    Limberg, Nick Lutheran 34 2.43
    McMahon, Justin Chaminade 32 2
    Player School Total Average
    Caputo, Matt Lutheran 58 3.63
    Balsamo, Charles Chaminade 49 2.88
    Nowak, Adrian Kellenberg Memorial 48 3
    Leo, Michael St. Anthony's 42 3.23
    Duffy, Owen St. Anthony's 39 3
    Creo, Gavin Chaminade 34 2
    Speidell, Jack St. Anthony's 34 2.62
    Cacciabauda, Charlie Lutheran 31 2.21
    McMahon, Justin Chaminade 25 1.56
    Carragher, Patrick St. Anthony's 21 1.91
    Player School Total Average
    Caputo, Matt Lutheran 39 2.44
    Nowak, Adrian Kellenberg Memorial 31 1.94
    Creo, Gavin Chaminade 30 1.76
    Duffy, Owen St. Anthony's 30 2.31
    Leo, Michael St. Anthony's 26 2
    Balsamo, Charles Chaminade 23 1.35
    Flaherty, Jack Chaminade 18 1.06
    Limberg, Nick Lutheran 14 1
    Speidell, Jack St. Anthony's 13 1
    Moran, Joe Kellenberg Memorial 12 0.92
    Player School Total Percentage
    Sergio, Rocco Lutheran 173 58%
    Flynn, Colm Chaminade 141 55%
    Villa, Charles Kellenberg Memorial 133 54%
    Snyder, William St. Anthony's 98 56%
    Verdi, Phillip Chaminade 27 68%
    Rice, Joseph St. Anthony's 12 63%
    Barrett, Kevin St. Anthony's 11 42%
    Chicas, Derek Kellenberg Memorial 9 82%
    Paz, Anthony Holy Trinity 7 28%
    Faceoffs Won
    Player School Total Percentage
    Rosellon, James Kellenberg Memorial 100 56%
    Filippelli, Noah Chaminade 98 56%
    Ball, William Chaminade 85 58%
    Terranova, Christian Kellenberg Memorial 40 40%
    Naso, Jordan St. Anthony's 13 57%
    Morrisey, Francis Chaminade 12 100%
    Miller, Liam Kellenberg Memorial 9 56%
    Fitzgerald, Owen Kellenberg Memorial 6 86%
    Flaherty, Jack Chaminade 2 67%
    Correa, Gary Chaminade 2 100%
    Ground Balls
    Player School Total Average
    Filippelli, Noah Chaminade 51 3.64
    Rosellon, James Kellenberg Memorial 47 3.92
    Terranova, Christian Kellenberg Memorial 45 2.81
    Ball, William Chaminade 40 2.67
    Foley, Ryan Kellenberg Memorial 38 3.17
    Flaherty, Patrick Chaminade 36 2.57
    Balsamo, Charles Chaminade 29 1.71
    Fitzgerald, Owen Kellenberg Memorial 25 1.92
    Pollina, Julian Kellenberg Memorial 25 1.56
    Correa, Gary Chaminade 24 1.6
    Caused Turnovers
    Player School Total Average
    Foley, Ryan Kellenberg Memorial 22 1.83
    Fitzgerald, Owen Kellenberg Memorial 14 1.08
    Terranova, Christian Kellenberg Memorial 14 0.88
    Sim, Colin Chaminade 9 1.13
    Villa, Charles Kellenberg Memorial 9 0.6
    Murphy, Owen Chaminade 8 0.67
    Balsamo, Charles Chaminade 6 0.35
    Collet, Connor Chaminade 6 1
    Fox, Benjamin Chaminade 5 0.63
    Flaherty, Patrick Chaminade 5 0.36
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