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LILJ Presents Boys 2023 End of Season Watch List

With the talent on the boys side of lacrosse seemingly impressing more and more, it’s no surprise that the 2023 boys have loads of talent. With the end of the season near, these young men have shown incredible abilities on the field. With some heading to incredible universities and others still finding their way, these amazing players will no doubt find their way at the next level and we can’t wait to watch what they’ll bring next year. Here is the 2023 boys end of season watch list! Please let us know by sending a dm to @lilaxjournal if there’s anyone that should be added to this list, as we are always looking to promote as many deserving players as possible.

Name Position High School Committed Class
A.J. Hagenbruch Attack MacArthur 2023
Aaron Boccio Attack Lindenhurst Kean 2023
Aidan Folkman Attack Ward Melville 2023
Aidan Valeiko Attack Ward Melville 2023
Aidan Zuhoski Attack St Anthony’s 2023
Alec Gregorek Attack SWR Navy 2023
Alex Siegel Attack Roslyn 2023
Andrew Belli Attack Ward Melville 2023
Andrew Cosentino Attack Hills East Towson 2023
Anthony Tsakos Attack Wantagh 2023
Braden Donnellan Attack Plainedge 2023
Brandon Lee Attack West Babylon 2023
Brandon Rosenblatt Attack Garden City 2023
Brayden Fitzpatrick Attack Massapequa 2023
Brendan Reilly Attack Chaminade 2023
Caden Morra Attack Plainedge 2023
Charlie Cavalieri Attack Middle Country Stony Brook 2023
Chris Bergersen Attack Farmingdale Mercy 2023
Chris Thorson Attack St. Anthony’s 2023
Christian Colantonio Attack Mount Sinai 2023
Cody Suhr Attack Sachem North 2023
Cole Marsala Attack Mount Sinai Quinnipiac 2023
Cole Sparks Attack West Islip 2023
Colin Orsino Attack Bellport Mercy 2023
Cristian Rodriguez Attack Chaminade 2023
Donald Mack Attack Manhasset 2023
Dylan Stadler Attack Syosset 2023
Henry Gibbons Attack Garden City 2023
Jack Spidell Attack St. Anthony’s 2023
Jack Trivato Attack Islip 2023
Jesse Erick Attack ESM 2023
Justin Ortiz Attack Sachem East 2023
Logan Postel Attack Sachem East 2023
Luca Pallagrosi Attack Chaminade 2023
Luke Meyer Attack Port Washington Dartmouth 2023
Max Zaransky Attack Bellmore-JFK 2023
Michael Finnerty Attack St Anthony’s UMass 2023
Michael Micena Attack St. Dominics 2023
Mike Durnin Attack Massapequa 2023
Nicco Barbero Attack Ward Melville Sienna 2023
Nick Bruckner Attack Ward Melville Harvard 2023
Nick Marriotts Attack St. Anthony’s 2023
Owen Duffy Attack St. Anthony’s UNC 2023
P.J. Shanahan Attack Bayport 2023
Peter Urso Attack Bay Shore 2023
Ronan Fitzpatrick Attack Sayville Towson 2023
Ronan Loughman Attack Chaminade Army 2023
Ryan Goodman Attack Hewlett 2023
Ryan Landolphi Attack Chaminade Navy 2023
Ryan Mayerhofer Attack South Side 2023
Shane Marconti Attack Sachem North 2023
Steven Cain Attack SWR 2023
Thomas Renner Attack Mineola 2023
Travis Acquilino Attack Plainedge 2023
Tyler Moore Attack Connetquot 2023
Ryan Rooney Attack Smithtown East 2023
Jack Ponzio Attack/Middie St Anthony’s Navy 2023
Scott Seymour Attack/Middie Miller Place 2023
Tyler McCarthy Attack/Middie Connetquot Syracuse 2023
Brady Dolan Attack/Midfield Lindenhurst 2023
Colin Gols Attack/Midfield St. Anthony’s Providence 2023
Adam Carroll Defense Westhampton 2023
Aidan Carrello Defense Huntington Georgetown 2023
Alex Singh Defense Sachem North 2023
Benjamin Caccavo Defense Chaminade BU 2023
Billy Francois Defense Longwood Navy 2023
Blake Gately Defense Manhasset 2023
Chase Rogers Defense Islip Yale 2023
Cole Aasheim Defense St. Anthony’s UNC 2023
Cole Webber Defense Garden City Virginia 2023
Dalton Lawrence-Evans Defense Sachem North 2023
Dylan Zahn Defense SWR 2023
Ethan Buscaglia Defense Ward Melville 2023
Frank Pagnotta Defense Hauppauge 2023
Glenn Platania Defense St. Anthony’s Quinnipiac 2023
Jack Regan Defense Chaminade 2023
Jack Skarren Defense Long Beach 2023
Jaeden Jenkins Defense St. Anthony’s Penn State 2023
Jason Kassis Defense Sachem East 2023
Joell Spagnoulo Defense Miller Place Towson 2023
John Villella Defense Walt Whitman 2023
Jojo Provenzano Defense Hauppauge 2023
Joseph Cassese Defense Plainedge 2023
Joseph Sorok Defense Calhoun 2023
Kevin Kearns Defense St. Anthony’s Michigan 2023
Lars Hiemlich Defense Islip Fairfield 2023
Logan Kelly Defense South Side 2023
Luke Martin Defense St Anthony’s Johns Hopkins 2023
Matt Bove Defense John Glenn 2023
Matthew Hillman Defense Port Washington 2023
Matthew Pantorno Defense Farmingdale 2023
Matthew Petrie Defense Miller Place 2023
Michael Cassano Defense MacArthur 2023
Nick Jaferis Defense Mount Sinai Binghamton 2023
Noah Corwin Defense Wantagh 2023
Peter Thomann Defense Calhoun 2023
Ryan Fountain Defense Massapequa 2023
Ryan Kassl Defense South Side 2023
Ryan Thorne Defense Middle Country 2023
Shane Mosia Defense Plainedge 2023
T.J. Chadwick Defense Plainedge 2023
Thomas DiMondo Defense Middle Country 2023
Trevor Galgano Defense Walt Whitman Air Force 2023
Tristan Mullahey Defense Garden City Navy 2023
Tyler Giuliano Defense Sachem East 2023
Will Mandaro Defense Chaminade 2023
Zach Rabin Defense Bay Shore 2023
Anthony Annunziata FOGO Huntington Yale 2023
Brian Doherty FOGO Wantagh 2023
Cal Girard FOGO Manhasset Duke 2023
Joe Hobot FOGO Smithtown East Johns Hopkins 2023
Joseph Doyle FOGO Connetquot 2023
Matthew Rooney FOGO Chaminade 2023
Michael Zecchini FOGO Islip Adelphi 2023
Owen McIntee FOGO St. Anthony’s Stony Brook 2023
Jake Spallina FOGO/Middie Mount Sinai Syracuse 2023
C.J. Schwarz FOGO/Midfield West Islip Albany 2023
Collin Farrell FOGO/Midfield Middle Country 2023
Aidan Jones Goalie MacArthur 2023
Andrew Timpson Goalie St. Anthony’s 2023
Antonio Suarez Goalie Bellport 2023
Ben Greco Goalie Bellmore-JFK 2023
Ben Thayer Goalie Ward Melville 2023
Brayden Wilcken Goalie Mount Sinai 2023
Christian Scaffaro Goalie Center Moriches 2023
Cole Kleupfel Goalie Bay Shore 2023
Cole Orhosky Goalie Hauppauge 2023
Colin Maaki Goalie St. Anthony’s 2023
Connor Dobson Goalie Islip 2023
Giovanni Panicola Goalie Long Beach 2023
Matthew Jannotte Goalie Massapequa 2023
Matthew McCarthy Goalie Chaminade 2023
Michael Ippoliti Goalie St. Dominics Syracuse 2023
Nicky West Goalie Bay Shore 2023
P.J. Verdi Goalie Chaminade 2023
Sam Johnson Goalie Portledge 2023
SammyMac Arner Goalie Huntington 2023
Tommy Gentile Goalie South Side BU 2023
Zach Finkelstein Goalie Syosset Binghamton 2023
Eric Grahn Goalies Bayport Siena 2023
Andrew Macchio LSM Sachem North 2023
Andrew Miller LSM Northport Army 2023
Brett Spallina LSM Mount Sinai Syracuse 2023
Caden O’Connor LSM CSH 2023
Daniel Cosentino LSM Wars Melville 2023
Dylan Rail LSM Smithtown West 2023
Jake Wolf LSM Bellport 2023
Joe Valenza LSM Hauppauge Siena 2023
John JT Villella LSM Walt Whitmna 2023
Kyle Cochran LSM Connetquot LIU 2023
Luke Gorman LSM SWR 2023
Marco Calise LSM Mattituck 2023
Matthew Mehling LSM Garden City 2023
Michael Aufiero LSM Wantagh 2023
Michael Stellwagen LSM Ward Melville 2023
Owen Murphy LSM Chaminade Lehigh 2023
Patrick Maloney LSM
St. John the Baptist
Theo Torres LSM CSH 2023
A.J. Molinari Midfield Calhoun 2023
Aidan Christie Midfield Massapequa 2023
Aidan Haggerty Midfield Manhasset Villanova 2023
Aidan Lough Midfield Chaminade Navy 2023
Alex Gatto Midfield Roslyn Michigan 2023
Austin Meyer Midfield Sayville 2023
Bradley Wyckoff Midfield Chaminade 2023
Cameron Clark Midfield Commack 2023
Chris Vanco Midfield South Side 2023
CJ Reilly Midfield Cold Spring Harbor Michigan 2023
Damiano Gambino Midfield St. Anthony’s 2023
Derek Varley Midfield Bayport
Dillon Mehta Midfield St. Anthony’s 2023
Drew Haugen Midfield St. Anthony’s 2023
Drew Mckittrick Midfield West Babylon 2023
Dylan Ruland Midfield Pat Med 2023
Garrett Mangels Midfield Smithtown East 2023
Garry Correa Midfield Chaminade 2023
Gavin Creo Midfield Chaminade Richmond 2023
Graeme Olsen Midfield St Anthony’s 2023
Grant Faber Midfield Hauppauge 2023
Hayden Calabretta Midfield
Cold Spring Harbor
J.J. Aiello Midfield Bayport Navy 2023
Jack Archer Midfield Garden City 2023
Jack Mayerhofer Midfield South Side 2023
Jack Murray Midfield Plainedge 2023
Jack Petersen Midfield Manhasset Harvard 2023
Jack Uvena Midfield St. Anthony’s 2023
Jackson Greene Midfield St. Anthony’s Harvard 2023
Jacob Zorcik Midfield Centereach 2023
Jake Lewis Midfield Calhoun 2023
Jake Perinchief Midfield Oceanside 2023
James Krieg Midfield Comsewogue 2023
James Reid Midfield Sachem North Albany 2023
Jayden Rotella Midfield Mount Sinai 2023
John McCarthy Midfield Port Washington 2023
Joseph Calandrino Midfield St Anthony’s Maryland 2023
Joseph Forchelli Midfield MacArthur Providence 2023
Joseph Granholm Midfield Holy Trinity 2023
Joseph Speziale Midfield Middle Country 2023
Jude Lynch Midfield Chaminade Holy Cross 2023
Justin Bonacci Midfield Comsewogue Stony Brook 2023
Liam Connor Midfield Manhasset Colgate 2023
Maclin Keyser Midfield Bayport 2023
Mark Griffin Midfield Kings Park Stony Brook 2023
Matt Cargiulo Midfield Manhasset UMass 2023
Matthew Ciofi Midfield Sachem North 2023
Matthew Gilbert Midfield St. Anthony’s 2023
Matthew McCarthy Midfield Pat Med 2023
Max Crane Midfield Bay Shore UMass 2023
Michael Fagen Midfield Lynbrook Richmond 2023
Michael Kitevski Midfield Ward Melville BU 2023
Michael Kline Midfield Huntington 2023
Michael Matthews Midfield North Babylon 2023
Mikey Klein Midfield Huntington 2023
Nick Meoni Midfield Sachem North Quinnipiac 2023
Nicky Cairo Midfield Oceanside 2023
Patrick Carragher Midfield St. Anthony’s Penn State 2023
Patrick Radomski Midfield Massapequa Siena 2023
Patrick Toughy Midfield St. Anthony’s 2023
Patrick Walrath Midfield Portledge 2023
Robert Gennari Midfield Hauppauge 2023
Ryan Booths Midfield West Babylon 2023
Ryan Herr Midfield SWR 2023
Shea Mullahey Midfield Mount Sinai 2023
Stevie Finnell Midfield Garden City Syracuse 2023
Tomaso Ramos Midfield Farmingdale Stony Brook 2023
Trevor Gayron Midfield Farmingdale 2023
Will Birney Midfield Massapequa Stony Brook 2023



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